New global marketshare reports

We've just released our new global marketshare interface, and it adds a ton of new features. Previously, we only reported on global browser and OS family marketshare. Here's what's new:
  • All data available both globally, and by country
  • Breakdown of browsers and OS by version
  • Compare top overall versions (e.g. Firefox 3.5 vs MSIE 7.0), or the top versions for one specific family (e.g. just Firefox or just Windows)
  • Search engine marketshare
  • Desktop vs mobile data for browsers, OS, and search engines.
  • Mobile phone marketshare
  • Video game console marketshare
  • More accurate - data is now calculated from all traffic coming into Clicky, rather than a small sample of it

And the best part, like Clicky, it's updated in real time. You don't have to wait until December to see November's marketshare - it's there as it happens.

We just started tracking most of this data last week, so most of the reports only have about a week of history right now. Because of this, there is not currently a date range picker, but we'll be adding one once we have a few months of data.

So... go check it out!

2 comments |   Nov 23 2009 12:47pm

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