IMPORTANT! We're moving to a 'real' CDN soon. Depending on how you've set up tracking, you may need to take action

JUNE 30 UPDATE: This post has caused a lot of confusion. Chances are 99.9% you don't need to do anything. If you're unsure, just grab a fresh copy of the code from your tracking code page (in your site preferences) and replace the existing code on your site with the fresh copy.

You only potentially need to update your code if you are self-hosting a copy of the tracking code on your own server (and if you are, you would have had to take extra steps to do this, so you should know if you are), OR, if you are exclusively using the NON-javascript code (e.g. for craigslist or myspace). (There's also the internal API but very few people are using that so if you're confused by this post, chances are 100% that that doesn't apply to you!)

Self-hosting has never been officially supported, even though we tried our best to do so. This is a perfect example of why it was never supported though - sometimes we have to make major changes to the way things work and the only way we can guarantee that things continue to function is if we have control over the code!


  • If you have been using Clicky since at least mid-2009, AND...
  • You're self-hosting a copy of the tracking code on your own server, OR...
  • You're using the image-based, NON-javascript tracking code, OR...
  • You're using our internal data logging API

Then please read this post! Otherwise, you don't need to.

Building a custom CDN still ranks up there as one of the most enjoyable projects I've ever worked on. However, this year our growth has accelerated quite a bit and we're outgrowing it. Also, I'm getting pretty sick of managing it. It's 99% automated but that last 1% is just a serious PITA. The costs have also gotten quite a bit higher than I am comfortable with.

So, we're moving to a real CDN. One of the main reasons we built our own was that we were trying to make it a 2-way network, meaning these servers would also log all of the incoming data which would then be relayed to our home base tracking servers. That didn't work too well.

However, that is still used to some degree, but only on an as-needed basis. And that's the reason for this post. What happened was, early in the life of Clicky, before we had any CDN, we just used one domain ( for both hosting the tracking code and logging incoming data. It just pointed to the same servers as did at the time, but we figured we'd eventually be moving to some kind of CDN in the future, so that's why we used a different domain. What I didn't take into account at the time however was that sending incoming data to the same domain wouldn't work with a true CDN. That domain should have been different from the beginning, and at least 2 years ago we did change that to be instead.

So, as mentioned in the beginning, if you have been a member since at least mid-2009, there are 3 potential scenarios that might apply to you. We're estimating that only 1-2% of this pool of users will be affected. If you are affected, please take action as soon as possible, as detailed below. This transition will be completed within the next 4-7 days.

  • Self-hosted tracking code - We don't officially support this, but if you are doing it, you'll need to download a fresh copy so that it points its data logging to (Or, edit the code you already have, and do a search/replace for
  • Non-javascript tracking code - The non-javascript code is unfortunately hard-coded to a specific domain in your HTML. Prior to mid-2009 this pointed to If yours is setup this way, just update that to be instead.
  • Internal data logging API - If you're using this, check what domain you're sending requests to. If it's, you just need to update it to point to instead.

None of these steps are complicated. All you need to do is change "static" to "in", and that's only if any of the above scenarios apply to you.
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