JW Player tracking, and other recent changes

Since we released video analytics last year, the number 1 request has been to add a library for tracking JW Player. Well, we just did that. You can find it on our video help page.

We've also been fixing a bunch of bugs recently, and adding a few minor new features. We don't normally make a blog post just for this type of junk, instead preferring to piggyback on top of another post, so here we go:

- NEW: Checkbox on the tracking code page to disable affiliate badge (for paying members)
- NEW: Email reports are now in your selected language, instead of English for everyone.
- NEW: go.mail.ru is a search engine, not a web mail domain - yes, we hear you :)
- FIXED: Tracking code "pings" now end at 10 minutes as stated in the docs, rather than 8 minutes and 40 seconds (this was a math fail on our end)
- FIXED: The "Flashy" widget was broken.
- FIXED: After editing site prefs, you may have seen a message about your site being disabled.
- FIXED: Y-axis text in charts was getting truncated for values over 6 digits.
- FIXED: Loading a site, changing to a different site, then choosing "Bigscreen" would load that for the FIRST site.
- FIXED: Non-paying users who use our Wordpress plugin, viewing stats within the WP admin area didn't count as a "login" so they were getting disabled after 60 days of no logins. Now we count that as a login, even though "technically" it is not, to avert this problem.
2 comments |   Aug 16 2011 11:26am

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