24-hour time formatting and smarter defaults for new sites

We have finally added a 24 hour time formatting option, so you'll see e.g. "15:30" instead of "3:30pm". This change should affect everywhere you see time within a site's reports, but if we missed something, let us know. You can change this setting in your site preferences.

The defaults when registering a new site also just got a lot smarter. Those of you with lots of sites probably get annoyed with how many preferences you have to change every time you register a new site - particularly if you are not on the west coast of the US. Now, any time you register a new site, we'll grab the following preferences from the last site you registered and make them the default for the new one (which you can of course change if desired):

  • Time format (12/24 hour)
  • Time zone
  • Daylight savings
  • Anonymous IP logging
  • Hide hostnames in visitors list
  • Hide ISPs

    3 comments |   Oct 21 2011 2:42pm
  • utm_custom: a new URL parameter to attach custom data to visitors

    One feature that gets requested a lot is to be able to set a variable in the URL that could then be attached to the visitor as custom data. This would be particularly useful for things like email newsletters, so when someone clicks through, they can be identified automatically.

    The variable name needed to be generic because of our white label program, and since we pictured this being used with "campaign activity" more than anything else, we decided to call the variable utm_custom (related to Google/Urchin's utm_campaign etc variables).

    You can see full documentation here. Because custom data requires a Pro or higher account (upgrade), this variable will also only be processed if you have a Pro or higher account.

    utm_custom is an associative array so you can set multiple key/value pairs on a single page. (It must be an array with at least one key/value pair, or it will be ignored). For example, if you sent a visitor to this page:


    You would see this in your visitor's list:

    And this when viewing visitor/session details:

    We've had requests for this countless times over the years so we know many of you will find it quite useful :D
    3 comments |   Oct 20 2011 7:41pm


    Hmm... did anyone actually read the announcement that Google made today? This isn't "real time Google Analytics", this is a single report in GA that is real time. The rest of GA remains the same. This is more akin to Chartbeat, to be used as a real time compliment to a standard analytics package, rather than a full standalone real time service like Clicky is. But I guarantee you Chartbeat will be just fine, as will everyone else. We've all had, and continue to have, plenty of advantages over GA other than real time data.

    If anything, I'm glad Google has done this, as it will bring more awareness to the concept of "real time web analytics" in general. This will inevitably lead to more people searching about it, and we just so happen to have the #1 organic result for this search on both Google and Bing (and hence Yahoo). Everything is going to be just fine!
    32 comments |   Sep 29 2011 1:59pm

    Multiple dashboards and custom dashboard modules

    Paying members can now create up to 5 unique dashboards for each site, allowing you to have multiple birds-eye views of your analytics - all a click a way in the sidebar (as seen to the left).

    This is especially handy because you now have the ability to create your own dashboard modules. For example, if you want to see both top countries and top cities at the same time, you could create two new boxes, each one having one of these pieces of data. Previously, dashboard modules were categorized, so you could only view countries OR cities, but not both at once. You can add more than one data type to each module too:

    And a much requested feature is the ability to assign a default dashboard to each of your sub-users. This allows you to create things like "boss mode", where he will see only the things he cares about, but you, the analytics junkie, can see everything you want.

    11 comments |   Sep 21 2011 3:10pm

    New option to anonymize IP addresses

    We just added a new site preference to log IP addresses anonymously, which takes the last octet and changes it to 0. For example, would become And we're not just hiding the last octet from you - we remove it before storing it, so it should comply with laws in places like Germany where it's technically illegal to log the full IP address of a visitor.

    This preference is available to all users. You can find it in your site preferences, under "advanced".
    6 comments |   Aug 26 2011 12:28pm

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