Twitter followers removed

For about a year we have had a feature that showed you how many followers you had in Twitter, and it was integrated nicely into the stats. This data is provided by a third party, As that service has grown a lot, the data has become somewhat unreliable because they can only hit twitter's API so many times in a day. With probably more than a million people checking their follower history on that site, they just can't update every person's follower count every day, so some of the data becomes stuck or out of date.

We have plenty of experience with Twitter's API ourselves, and the limits on their API can be very frustrating. This has also lead our own Twitter Analytics feature to become less reliable than it used to be, with most searches only being updated once or twice per day rather than every 30 minutes as it used to be. Don't worry, we are about to fix this by distributing the load for our API hits across 4 servers so we can do 4 times as many per day.

Anyways, I'm not putting the service down in anyway (I know the owner - Hi Boris!) but the problem is that this feature leads to a TON of support emails to us, and that takes a lot of our time. With this being completely out of our control, it no longer makes sense for us to have this feature. So as of today, it is no more.

I'm sorry, I know a lot of people liked it, but I hope you understand why we are doing this. We may code this feature ourselves in the future if enough people want it back.
14 comments |   Jan 06 2010 12:34pm

Make it load faster, ma!

Some of you with a large number of sites justifiably complain that the user homepage can take a while to load. This is because we have to lookup traffic data for every single site in your account before we display the page. Unfortunately we do not have a way to make this data lookup faster, but we can make the page load faster by just not looking it up at all, right?

So we've just added a new option on the userhome customization page to "make it load faster". Checking this box will disable all data lookups and instead just show you your list of sites. It should load very fast, no matter how many sites you have in your account.

We've also changed the homepage so when you first come to Clicky, if you are already logged in, you will be automatically redirected to your user homepage. However, clicking any link on our site (such as the logo) will actually take you to our homepage. It's only when you first come to the site via bookmark or by typing in "" that you will be automatically redirected to your user page instead.

What's next

Other than answering emails, we basically took this entire month off for some much needed relaxation. But January will bring some exciting features. We're planning to add the following new things next month:

  • IP tags/filters - These will become global so they'll apply to every site in your account automatically. We'll also be adding wildcard support (123.123.123.*) and the ability to import them from a comma-seperated list.
  • Favorites - flag the items you are most interested in so they'll always show up at the top of your reports (pages, searches, countries, etc)
  • Urchin / Google Analytics campaign compatibility - we're going to keep our existing "manual" campaign system, but we're also going to add compatiblity with Google's campaign tags (utm_campaign, etc). This will have two benefits. First, there will no longer be any need to setup a campaign manually in our system. They will be completely dynamic, so there will be no limits of them. Second, many people that use Clicky also use GA, so their existing campaigns will just automatically start working with Clicky without having to do anything (except pay for a Pro account!)
  • Android widget - one of our users made a basic Android widget. We were planning to commission this starting next month, but now that he's laid a basic foundation we're just going to pay him to make it do exactly what we've been dreaming about.
8 comments |   Dec 30 2009 5:19pm

Clicky turns 3

Clicky launched on November 28, 2006. I can't believe it's been three years, but the calendars don't lie. Clicky is now tracking over 155,000 web sites, powered by over 30 servers chugging along in the background. We never expected it to get this big. We greatly appreciate everyone who has supported us throughout the years and told your friends and colleagues about our service - Clicky has spread purely by word of mouth and that's the best kind of marketing anyone can ask for. Thank you for everything.
21 comments |   Nov 28 2009 2:16pm

New global marketshare reports

We've just released our new global marketshare interface, and it adds a ton of new features. Previously, we only reported on global browser and OS family marketshare. Here's what's new:
  • All data available both globally, and by country
  • Breakdown of browsers and OS by version
  • Compare top overall versions (e.g. Firefox 3.5 vs MSIE 7.0), or the top versions for one specific family (e.g. just Firefox or just Windows)
  • Search engine marketshare
  • Desktop vs mobile data for browsers, OS, and search engines.
  • Mobile phone marketshare
  • Video game console marketshare
  • More accurate - data is now calculated from all traffic coming into Clicky, rather than a small sample of it

And the best part, like Clicky, it's updated in real time. You don't have to wait until December to see November's marketshare - it's there as it happens.

We just started tracking most of this data last week, so most of the reports only have about a week of history right now. Because of this, there is not currently a date range picker, but we'll be adding one once we have a few months of data.

So... go check it out!

2 comments |   Nov 23 2009 12:47pm

New segmentation features: landing/exit pages, number of actions

We're launching some really great new segmentation features today:
  • Filter by landing page
  • Filter by exit page
  • Filter by number of actions (exactly 1, greater than 10, etc)
  • View top pages, landing pages, and exit pages for any segment of visitors
  • This is of course all available in the analytics API too

Let's run through an example for's traffic. Note that some of these screenshots are edited to save space.

First, let's analyze our home page. Before this new update, all we could do was filter by visitors who had seen home page at any point during their session, like this:

But now we can filter down to only visitors who actually began their visit on our homepage. These are who we really want to look at. This is more likely to be "new" visitors, as they wouldn't be coming from bookmarks to pages within our site or anything like that:

Based on the average actions and time per visit for this second group, it's obvious these people aren't as engaged as the first group. Perfect, that's who we want. Ok, let's look at the top exit pages for these visitors, which will show us where we lost the most visitors:

But is this the data we really want? This includes people who came to our homepage, perhaps logged in and viewed 1,000 reports, then logged out and left. We don't want these people included here. So, let's add a "number of actions" filter and set it "less than 5". This will now mainly be people who are not engaged with our web site at all.

As you can see, the average time and actions is now way less than it was before. Now let's look at the top exit pages. It's about the same, actually. The numbers have gone down on all of them, but the actual top exit pages, and their order, is about the same. But that's fine - we can still look at specific data for this segment of visitors, such as top goals completed, or goals started but incompleted, to get some more data from them. Or even view the individual visitor sessions that interest us.

I won't go any further with this example, but as you can see, the paths of exploration are endless from this point. I hope it gives an idea of the powerful filtering you can do with these new features.

Here's one other quick example: Top landing and exit pages for everyone who arrived via search.

The pricing page is still a big deal for exits though. Gonna have to work on that one :)
6 comments |   Nov 04 2009 12:40am

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