Mega Spy now in public beta

Mega Spy is now in public beta, which means all users have access to it.

Go to your Spy page, then click the "test the mega spy beta" link to check it out. It still has some issues and is not yet feature complete, but we've drastically increased the performance since the original beta was released on Friday. It now runs very fast on all browsers, including MSIE. This will also really help you out if you have a slow computer.

By this coming weekend we plan to add in support for goals and campaigns, and maybe organizations and hostnames, if the performance hit on the server end isn't too bad. We'll also be trying to add a nice highlight effect on the popular data view, so you can more easily tell which data is actually changing when it refreshes.

Free accounts also have access to both versions of Spy during the beta period. Once you get a taste, we think you'll have a hard time resisting that upgrade. Mega Spy will be a Pro-only feature when the final version comes out. Blogger accounts will only have access to the old Spy. Sorry, but all the new stuff that the new Spy is doing is quite intensive on the server end. If we could offer Clicky for free to everyone - we would!

Please leave all feedback as a comment on this post. Enjoy!

28 comments |   Mar 16 2009 11:53pm

Mega Spy preview + private beta

Mega Spy has taken longer than planned to develop but I promise the wait will be worth it. We're still not quite done, but we know how eager you are, so we're releasing a beta version to get feedback before we finalize the 1.0 release.

Mega Spy will be a Pro-only feature, but during beta it is open to all users. To be eligible for the private beta (we'll open it up to everyone else in the next 3-5 days), all you need is an existing Twitter account with at least 10 followers. To apply, simply tweet the following message: is the best web analytics service on the planet!

Or, make up your own tweet, and tag it with #megaspy. For example: - live web analytics FTW! #megaspy

We will be monitoring for these tweets via Twitter's search engine, and will send a direct message (tonight or tomorrow) to the first 50 eligible participants with instructions for accessing the beta.

UPDATE - private beta is now closed, invites have been sent out to everyone.

Mega Spy still has some bugs, and it needs some speed optimizations, so keep that in mind! It has been tested with Firefox 3, IE7, Opera 9.5, Safari 4, and Chrome 1.0, and works in all of them. Any lesser version may or may not work. A lot more things are going on in the background compared to the old Spy, so a browser with stellar Javascript performance will enrich the experience. MSIE is pretty bad, Firefox and Opera are decent, Safari and Chrome fly. Once Firefox 3.1 comes out though it should fly as well.

Here's a couple screenies to whet thy appetite. The second screenshot shows my absolute favorite feature of Mega Spy - seeing what pages on your web site people are looking at RIGHT NOW. As people move around your site, the values update on the fly. It's a blast to watch. You'll also notice that you can filter the data you want to see by many different criteria. When filters are applied, the entire view is relative to those filters. You can also filter down to a single visitor to watch just them navigate your site, but that's not shown here.

31 comments |   Mar 12 2009 2:14pm

Filter visitors by page, better segmentation - and more!

We just released an update that's been two months in the making. On the surface, there are only a couple of major differences you'll notice, but they are very cool ones for sure. What took so long was designing and implementing an entirely new system for how we store page URLs, and converting all of the existing data into that new format (many hundreds of millions of database rows). This fixed a couple of annoying problems we've had with the system from the beginning, and let us build some awesome new features on top. Let's get to it.

Filter visitors by page!

You can now filter your visitors by a page they have viewed. This has been a big request. Works in the API too, just use the parameter "href" with the "visitors-list" type.. You should only be sending the path and query (e.g. everything AFTER ""), unless the page you want to filter by is on a mirror or sub-domain, or it's an outbound link. For example here's how we'd grab all visitors who saw our /users/ page, and all visitors who clicked our company's web site in our footer (

New visitor segmentation!

When you filter your visitors by anything, the only type of summary data you used to see was basically everything from "the basics" dashboard module, but applied to these visitors. But now you can see anything you want about them - top searches, top countries, etc. This is particularly useful when filtering by page. Now you can see the top searches hitting any page on your site for example. We plan to add on to this quite a bit this coming week, so for now it's slightly rudimentary, but it performs its purpose well. Click on the red "View these visitors..." link (shown below) to choose what type of data you want to see. This feature is for Pro members only.

Links so hot you'll want to eat them!

Links to external content now hide the protocol by default, which saves precious space (particularly on the dashboard). We've also changed it so it highlights the domain name and the rest is slightly faded. This is inspired by the Google Chrome address bar - I really like how easy it is to pick out the domain when looking through links now.

Also, when viewing your visitors list, there is now an icon next to the referrer to indicate which type of referrer it is (search, social media, etc).

Links to external content have changed!

Used to be when you viewed your "links" or your "content", clicking on an item would take you directly to the external page. That's useful but inconsistent with how the rest of the site works, where clicking on anything else (search, country, etc) would instead filter your visitors by that item. Links and content have been changed to match this behavior in all areas of the site. Now, anytime there is an external link, there will be this arrow next to it. Click that arrow to be taken to the external link. You can see this in the screenshot above.

Much better support for sub-domains and mirrors!

If you had multiple domains pointing to the same site, or had the same code on a bunch of sub-domains for one site, you couuld still track that fine, but the "content" we tracked was never linked to the right domain that it was actually viewed on. Now, we'll store the domain it was viewed on, if it's anything other than what you have in your "hostname" field in your site prefs. Example:

No more dupes!

The new pages system gets rid of the dupe problem for your content. Unique pages used to be determines by a combination of the URL and the title. This resulted in a lot of duplicate entries for the same page, because of reasons like the visitor having Javascript disabled (no title), the visitor using an old browser sending us the title formatted slightly differently, etc. This will happen no more, although it will only affect your stats from this point forward.

In conclusion!

That covers all the new features that are obvious on the surfage. We hope you love them like we do, but as always leave your feedback, good or bad, below.

Also, there are a few gotchas that might catch you off guard. Let me cover that. First, pages will not have any titles until they get a page view under the new system. This is related to getting rid of the dupes problem. Give it a few days and almost all of your content will have titles again. Obviously your popular content should already.

Second, filtering by page may not work right away for all of your pages, because there were so many duplicate IDs. If "your" ID for a URL was not the "first" ID for that URL in our system (on your database server), then they don't match up right in the database. So filtering by a page URL may only work for some of your pages from "this point forward" (as I seem so fond of saying). I do have an idea of how to fix this so filtering will work for all pages, for any date, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow so I can test it.

Last, the new segmentation drop down menu doesn't work right in MSIE. I could not figure out the problem before release, but I will try my hardest to get it fixed on Monday.

Ok, now go enjoy the new features!
25 comments |   Feb 22 2009 7:46pm

What are your top 3 feature requests for Clicky?

We'd love to hear your top 3 feature requests for Clicky. This service has been in non-stop development for almost two and a half years, and there are still a billion things we want to do. Our todo list is 10 miles long, so it's hard to decide what to do next sometimes. That's where you come in.

Excluding all the stuff that's coming on our March roadmap - which includes things like filtering visitors by page URL, per-page analysis, and super mega ultra spy - what are you top 3 feature requests?

UPDATE This isn't a poll because we don't want to restrict your choices. We want to know exactly what you want, even if it's absolutely ridiculous.
59 comments |   Feb 18 2009 8:11pm

Feedburner has been fixed

All of you who have moved to the new Feedburner "platform" have been noticing that Clicky can no longer access your Feedburner data. I'd like to rant about the embarrassingly awful job Google did with this migration, but I'll save my efforts for something more useful. What matters is that it should be fixed if you are on the new platform. If you continue to have problems, please contact us or leave a comment here - but it should be working for everyone now!

UPDATE One of our users asked about why their FB data from more than a few months ago (around when they migrated) had disappeared. I just want to clarify this is a side effect of your migration. When you move from the old Feedburner to the new one, your data doesn't carry over - you start fresh, as if you had just signed up. I mean, that would just way too convenient, wouldn't it, to have your data carry over? Surely you weren't expecting them to spend the 15 minutes it might take to write a script that exported your data from the old database and imported it into the new one?
22 comments |   Feb 16 2009 4:13pm

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