Goal and campaign updates

We just released some updates to the recently announced real time goal and campaign tracking.

But first, an unrelated announcement. Custom data can now be logged incrementally, instead of all at once. Previously when you wanted to attach custom data to a visitor, we only let you do it once. This wasn't a huge issue for most people but we certainly received complaints about it. So now this restrictions is removed. You can log custom data to visitors incrementally as needed throughout a session, which I know will be really helpful to some of you.

Ok, onto the goal stuff:

New features

  • Goals and campaigns have been added to the API, the mobile/iPhone services, email reports, and Spy.

  • Conversion rates for goals without funnels are now calculated using the total number of visitors from that date/range

  • Unique icons for goals and campaigns! The icon you choose is shown in the dashboard modules, in the main goal/campaign pages, in the visitors list (where it is most useful), and in individual visitor details.

  • In the visitor's list, we were using a blue flag to indicate a completed goal, and a red flag for an incompleted goal. Adding unique icons made us change this however. Now an incomplete goal has the same icon as the completed goal, but it's faded out. Example:

Bug fixes

  • Case insensitive matching was only working for wildcard matching, and not exact matching.

  • Trend calculation on main goal page was always -100%

  • Removed dollar sign next to monetary values (not all of you use dollars after all)

  • Revenue totals were incorrect for total amounts greater than 1000.

Two features that didn't quite make the cut: First I was trying to make a better dashboard module that showed you more info about goals, but I just couldn't make it look good. I'm a big believer in aesthetics and until I can get it up to my standards I'm not going to release it. Second, we've had a few requests for supporting manual goal completion via ajax/onclick events. This proved more challenging than I thought because our tracking script on the receiving end always expects there to be a page view or other action in there somewhere, which wouldn't be the case here necesarrily. It's a bit complicated to explain.

I really wanted to get these other fixes and new features out though, especially the new icons, so we went ahead with this release anyways. We'll try to add these two things into the next update!
7 comments |   Oct 22 2008 2:30pm

Real time campaign and goal tracking

The wait is over. I locked myself up for 2 weeks and did nothing but work on goals and campaigns. Seriously, I'm about to pass out here. We're really happy to have them out, but we're also really excited because Clicky is the ONLY service that offers either of these features in REAL TIME!

These features are for Pro and trial account holders only. We made them as efficient as possible to process, but there is still a good amount of overhead involved. Until we can gauge how much this affects performance when we have a bunch of sites using it, we are limiting each site to a maximum of 7 goals and 7 campaigns. This limit will be raised in the future. Quick breakdown:


  • Real time campaign tracking!
  • Can be triggered by landing page or referring domain.
  • Wildcards supported for matching
  • Campaigns can be funnels for goals
  • Visitors who are attached to a campaign will have this icon next to them in your visitors list
  • Dashboard module and dedicated tab
  • More information (excuse the marketing speak)


  • Real time goal tracking!
  • Multiple funnel types: page URL, campaign, external search query (e.g. "clicky"), external referring domain (e.g. "google.com")
  • Track revenue and costs: per site, per goal, and per visitor
  • Can use Javascript tags to force a goal to be completed (good for complex scenarios), and customize the revenue for an individual visitor (documentation is on the goal setup page)
  • Visitors who have completed a goal will have this icon next to them in your visitors list
  • Visitors who have gone through a funnel but NOT completed a goal will have this icon next to them in your visitors list
  • A visitor can't go through a particular goal more than once per session, but they can go through multiple unique goals per session
  • Wildcards supported for both the goal page, and the funnel
  • Dashboard module and dedicated tab
  • More information (excuse the marketing speak)

Ooh, added bonus: We've widened all /stats/ pages by an extra 100px, so there's now quite a bit more rooom for your data. Yay progress!

Campaigns and goals aren't yet in the API or iPhone/mobile services, but will be by week's end! Enjoy everyone, and please give us your feedback!
21 comments |   Oct 09 2008 1:29am

Updates to iPhone service

We just released some updates to the iPhone service. First, we added some new types: regions, clicks, and referring domains. Second, we removed some excess padding and margins so there is more room for the data. Last, we now properly support landscape mode, so the strings aren't as truncated. Changing between portrait and landscape mode on the fly works really well. I prefer browsing in portrait mode normally, but for some things, being able to change to landscape mode for just that page to see more data is super great. Hope you like it, this has been the biggest request we've had.

Up next for Clicky is campaigns and goals, which are coming along real well. They should be available by the end of next week!

2 comments |   Sep 25 2008 2:15pm

We got a map

We re-organized things a bit, you may notice a new "Locale" tab. This is where all the country, city, language etc stuff has been moved to. We also added a new sub-tab, called "Regions", but data only started tracking yesterday for it. When you first click the Locale tab, you will see a new map that we've added to the system:

The darker a country is, the more visitors you have had from that country, for the selected date range. You can mouse over any country to get the number of visitors. You can also click on a country which will zoom into that region:

We wanted to add zooming into individual countries, but the API for this product (FusionMaps) is so terrible and inconsistent that it would literally take about 5000 man hours of work to do that. Unless we wanted to spend a billion dollars, there are surprisingly few products of this nature. This one was has the most features and is by far the best looking so it's what we chose. If only the API was a bit more friendly...

We did however add in support for zooming into the United States, as we do have a lot of US customers. And there was actually consistency here, between the Maxmind database and the API, so it was easy to do. Looks pretty good, although I'm not so sure our international customers will be happy with us only supporting our own country. Sorry :P

States are part of the "Regions" data mentioned earlier, so you can't view data for this prior to Sep 18.

For everyone dying from anticipation for goals and campaign tracking, they are already in progress, don't you worry about a thing now.
15 comments |   Sep 19 2008 3:46pm

iPhone Clicky now has Spy; Generic mobile version also released

We just released a more generic version of the mobile interface for other mobile phones. It is available at the same address, m.getclicky.com. The iPhone site has been moved to i.getclicky.com. For all of you who have already bookmarked m.getclicky.com on your iPhone, we automatically detect if you have a WebKit browser and redirect you to the iPhone page. We're doing WebKit detection instead of iPhone/iPod detection, since any WebKit browser (such as Android's upcoming release) should have the same features as Safari on the iPhone.

The interface for the generic mobile site isn't the prettiest thing in the world, because cell phones have such a wide variety of quality when it comes to the web browser. So it's just really basic, but it has all the same features/data available as the iPhone. I'll probably add a little CSS in the future to make it prettier, but it gets the job done for the moment.

We also just added "Spy" to the iPhone version! It doesn't fade in new actions like the normal Clicky does, but it's just as "live", so you can leave it open and see new stuff as it's happening, without having to manually reload.
13 comments |   Sep 09 2008 3:43pm

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