Flash detection with Javascript to disable line graphs automatically

Hey everyone, today I added in something to automatically disable the Flash line graphs if we detect that your browser does not have Flash installed. We think this will be particularly useful for those of you who check Clicky constantly on your iPhone, since it doesn't support Flash. This way, when you look at Clicky on your iPhone, it will use our old school bar graphs, but then on your normal browser, it will show the line graphs again, without you having to change the preference back and forth manually.

There are a billion flash detection Javascript libraries for download, but they're all huge because they do a billion things. I just wanted something that detected if Flash is supported at all, or not. So, I cooked up my own script. As usual, MSIE made doing something useful as complicated as possible. What would have taken me maybe 15 minutes turned into multiple hours of testing, testing, testing for MSIE.

It seems to be working really well, but I only tested it on fairly modern browsers. If anyone has any problems with this script (e.g., you have Flash, but it's not letting you use it), please let me know.

Also if there are any Javascript experts in the hiznat, please take a look at my code and let me know if you have any suggestions: http://static.getclicky.com/inc/javascript/flashcheck.js. FYI, I'm only setting the cookie for 1 day, so that if there any problems and I release updated code, the problem will solve itself in 24 hours. Once I'm positive this is working as expected, the expiration time will be much longer.
8 comments |   Aug 27 2008 6:35pm

New widget: Recent visitors

Yesterday we launched a bunch of widgets. Today, we're releasing another one that shows your recent visitors. I've attached it to the bottom of this post. Showing personally identifying information such as IP addresses would probably scare off your users, so instead this just shows their time of visit, location (name and flag icon), landing page, and referrer (if any).

Clicking on the time of the visit will take you to Clicky to view the session. Clicking on the landing page or referrer will take you directly to those actual pages.

If anyone has ideas for additional widgets, please do let us know.

Also, these widgets are now available for all of our white label customers, too. They are of course branded with your own product name instead of "Clicky".

4 comments |   Aug 26 2008 1:12pm

Tons of great new widgets to put on your web site

We've been hard at work on some great new widgets for you to put on your web site, and we just released them now. For a demo of all of them, check out the new goodies page. These widgets are available to all users.

I've embedded three of them below. They're all highly customizable and designed to be placed on a public web site to showcase any of your stats as you see fit.

To configure any of these widgets for your web site, simply click the "get widgets" link at the top of your Clicky dashboard. There is also a new sub-tab in the site preferences for setting up widgets.

The first 10 people who put any of these on their public web site and post a link in the comments get a free 1 year Blogger account, or $20 via Paypal if you already have a paid premium account.

20 comments |   Aug 25 2008 12:56pm

The most amazing feature EVER!

You are going to be blown away when you feast your eyes on this bad boy. That's right, Clicky now offers you the ability to delete a web site yourself. OMG!!!

Ok, really I'm just poking fun at myself for not having implemented this in the 21 months that Clicky has existed. There was a good reason for not allowing you to do this, but it's not really valid anymore. It got to the point where I was getting 5-10 requests per day to delete a site for someone that they're no longer tracking. It was starting to get ridiculous.

So now, I am happy to present to you, the ability to delete any of your web sites yourself. You can do this from your site preferences page. Mark your calendars. This day is historic. I look forward to my daily email load dropping by a good 10-20%.
8 comments |   Aug 21 2008 1:30pm

Clicky now has email reports and they rock

Professional users can now get email reports for any and/or all data types on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis. They are sent in a split HTML/plain format so if you have a good email client they will be nicely stylized. They're completely customizable so you only get the data that you want to get. Each report can be sent to up to 10 unique email addresses.

To setup a report for any site, go to that site's preferences area. There's a new sub-tab called email reports, which is where the magic happens.

Here's a picture of the configuration screen. What you can't see at the bottom is the section that allows you to send the same report for any of your other registered sites (you pick which ones). This allows you to create and manage just one report and then assign it to any of your other sites with a single click.

And here's what the report looks like in Gmail:

Google Analytics probably has the best email reports of any service, because they are basically just screenshots of the actual service. That's really cool, and not something we're capable of doing at the moment. But Google aside, I think our email reports best any other service out there.

Let's take Statcounter for example. They are the #1 "indie" statistics service, in terms of number of sites tracked. Here's the configuration screen you get with Statcounter. The only data you can get is your visitors and page views count, and the only configurable option is whether you want it weekly or monthly (not both):

And here's what a Statcounter report looks like:

I think we've raised the bar.
14 comments |   Aug 11 2008 4:07pm

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