Some bugs are so stupid

Note to self: The hour from 2am to 3am is a BAD time for a critical cron job, because this hour doesn't exist on the day Daylight Savings kicks in. Doh :(
10 comments |   Mar 10 2008 9:11am

White label updates - API, better transparency, lower pricing, and more

The past 7 days of my work has been dedicated to nothing but vastly improving our white label service. We've got a ton of great new stuff here:

  • The new White Label API allows you to fully automate user and site management from within your own web site or application. This has been in huge demand and I'm so glad to have this out the door.

  • Official support for masking our tracking domains with your white label domain (we used to still use etc). This is now done automatically when you grab the tracking code for any site. Existing white label customers that want to update their sites with the new tracking code, simply go to the same page and your domain will be in place of the old one automatically.

  • iframe support that automatically hides the header/footer of your white label so you can easily integrate the stats into your own web site in a much cleaner fashion.

  • Option to change our javascript tracking code variable name to whatever (defaults to "clicky" otherwise). This change is reflected in all help documentation as well. This, along with the tracking domains, is really the last step towards 100% transparency with your customers. There will be NO mention of "clicky" ANYWHERE on your service.

  • Lower prices. We now sell several different packages with prices as low as $0.75 per site per month. Used to be a flat $2 per site month beyond the initial 20 sites.

  • The admin interface has been refined quite a bit and now shows you up front how many users, sites, and traffic you are consuming and how much of each you have left for your level of service. Before, this was a mystery to you.

  • Existing white label customers will be happy to know that they will no longer be automatically redirected to their white label when they login to This was an issue because some things are only possible on the real, and not the white labels (such as checking your affiliate account). This also allows us to support more than one white label service per user account, which has been an issue for two of our customers. Now all of your white labels are displayed on your user homepage, and clicking on any of them will take you directly to them.

Well that's it really! Enjoy.
0 comments |   Mar 09 2008 1:14pm

DB1 experiencing slowdowns

About an hour ago, DB1 (our first database server) started acting up and going REAL slow, and we ended up rebooting it. It ran a self-check on the database which delayed it another 45 minutes, but now it is done and processing traffic normally. However, it will take a while to catch back up with real time.

All site IDs below 15,000 or so are on this server. For future reference, to find out what server any of your sites are on (each one could theoretically be on a unique server), hit your site preferences page. It's one of the items listed on that page.
11 comments |   Feb 12 2008 10:23am

Advertise on Clicky with Project Wonderful

We are testing a new advertising company called Project Wonderful. They have a very unique ad system and I hope it works well for us. We create spots on our site where we want ads and tell PW how many ads we want in those spots, and how big. Then people bid on those spots to have their ad there. Whoever is the highest bidder for any of the 3 spots will have their ad shown until they are outbid.

You bid in terms of how much you want to spend per day, e.g. you want to spend $5/day for an ad on our site. You can also limit how much you spend daily. So you could bid say $240/day but limit your daily spending to $10 - in this case, your ad would be shown for 1 hour per day, unless somoene was bidding more than $240/day. I also really like how the ads can be text or graphical. We want to go the text link only route but will see how this works for now with a mix.

The ads will shown on all stats pages to all free users, on both and (which is a dedicated version of Clicky for the 17 million Freewebs users). Combined, these two sites get almost 20,000 visitors and 150,000 page views per day. To see a screenshot of where the ads are located, click here.

Click here to bid for a spot on our site!
Bidding starts at $0 (aka, free).
12 comments |   Feb 04 2008 3:04pm

Can anyone recommend a good advertising service? Google Adsense doesn't count

In January we moved to a third party ad system instead of selling own own text ads, but we're not happy at all with the company we signed up for - The Rubicon Project. They are like a middle man and serve ads from various other advertising companies like Google, Yahoo, Active Response Group, CPX Interactive, etc, and theoretically optimize them over time based on each network's performance to earn us the most money. That optimization is a fairy tale unfortunately, and doesn't so jack diddly. Plus we've had two major problems with the service, including them not paying us for our first month even though we had earned WAY above the minimum threshold, and both times their customer service sucked big time. And the ads are extremely irritating anyways, and that's not at all what we want.

This company has a raised $18 million in funding which is just unbelievable. There's no way they're using any more bandwidth or resources than Clicky is (they're still in private beta), and we started on essentially zero dollars from our own pockets and have taken zero funding and have zero debt.

So we're looking for a new service. We don't want Google Adsense because it doesn't work well at all with our type of site, since there isn't any good content for them to spider. We have Adsense activated with Rubicon right now and all it does is advertise other analytics products, in particular Google Analytics. Gee, thanks :P

Between and our Freewebs partnership site, we have close to 20,000 visitors and 150,000 page views per day, so I think that makes us eligible for pretty much anything. We'd prefer to do text ads, and have them CPM based rather than CPC/CPA. We'd be ok with graphic banners too as long as they aren't super annoying, but we definitely like text better. It would be really sweet to be able to pick our own keywords for the ads to be based on, or very specific categories (not "Technology" which is the only thing even remotely close to us with Rubicon). We have a VERY targeted user base (people who run web sites, mainly blogs or business-related) so I know there's something out there waiting for us that will surely bring in billions, it's just a matter of finding it. Any recommendations would be very appreciated.
39 comments |   Feb 01 2008 6:49am

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