Can anyone recommend a good advertising service? Google Adsense doesn't count

In January we moved to a third party ad system instead of selling own own text ads, but we're not happy at all with the company we signed up for - The Rubicon Project. They are like a middle man and serve ads from various other advertising companies like Google, Yahoo, Active Response Group, CPX Interactive, etc, and theoretically optimize them over time based on each network's performance to earn us the most money. That optimization is a fairy tale unfortunately, and doesn't so jack diddly. Plus we've had two major problems with the service, including them not paying us for our first month even though we had earned WAY above the minimum threshold, and both times their customer service sucked big time. And the ads are extremely irritating anyways, and that's not at all what we want.

This company has a raised $18 million in funding which is just unbelievable. There's no way they're using any more bandwidth or resources than Clicky is (they're still in private beta), and we started on essentially zero dollars from our own pockets and have taken zero funding and have zero debt.

So we're looking for a new service. We don't want Google Adsense because it doesn't work well at all with our type of site, since there isn't any good content for them to spider. We have Adsense activated with Rubicon right now and all it does is advertise other analytics products, in particular Google Analytics. Gee, thanks :P

Between and our Freewebs partnership site, we have close to 20,000 visitors and 150,000 page views per day, so I think that makes us eligible for pretty much anything. We'd prefer to do text ads, and have them CPM based rather than CPC/CPA. We'd be ok with graphic banners too as long as they aren't super annoying, but we definitely like text better. It would be really sweet to be able to pick our own keywords for the ads to be based on, or very specific categories (not "Technology" which is the only thing even remotely close to us with Rubicon). We have a VERY targeted user base (people who run web sites, mainly blogs or business-related) so I know there's something out there waiting for us that will surely bring in billions, it's just a matter of finding it. Any recommendations would be very appreciated.
39 comments |   Feb 01 2008 6:49am

Reminder - some new features expire Sunday for free users - save 33% if you upgrade in the next 24 hours

Some of the features of the new Clicky are for premium members only, but we let everyone have access to them for seven days to play around and see everything that's new. This is just a reminder that the features listed below expire after Sunday for all free users.

- Hostnames
- Organizations
- Bounce rate
- Most active visitors
- Visitor analysis when you have filters applied.
- Visitor comparison analysis (comparing two subsets of visitors ("Pro" only))

We're having a sale!

From now until ~8pm Sunday night USA PST, all premium upgrades are 33% off your first payment, including yearly payments. That means you can save up to $33. You can upgrade your account here.

Update Sale's over! Thanks to everyone who signed up :)
0 comments |   Jan 26 2008 4:31pm

The Clicky API and documentation have been updated with the new data types and filters

We have a much bigger API release coming relatively soon, but in the meantime we wanted to get all the new data types from the new Clicky integrated into the API so you can immediately start using them. The person who originally developed our awesome widget (the first one on that page) is already hard at work on updating it to include these new features. Update: The new widget has been released! It may take a few hours before you see it though because of caching reasons...

I just activated the new API so it's good to go as of now. The API documentation has been updated to reflect all the new data types that are available, as well as the filters that you can use with visitors-list and actions-list types (there are a lot of them!). The new data types available are below. Enjoy!

* bounce-rate
* searches-recent
* searches-unique
* links-recent
* links-unique
* visitors-most-active
* clicks
0 comments |   Jan 24 2008 6:45pm

Clicky is now perfect for tracking interactions with Ajax and Flash sites

The new version of Clicky introduced some new functionality into our tracking code that make it absolutely perfect for tracking visitor interactions on Ajax and/or Flash sites. This is something we have wanted to track for a while on, as we obviously make heavy use of Ajax on the dashboard, and some other areas too. But without getting into our raw Apache logs (yuck), we had no idea how often people were clicking the dashboard module subtabs, or the trend links, or the site and date selector menus. We figured it was a pretty high number, and thanks to the new Clicky, we have discovered we were right. Yay, progress!

Since we implemented this into our javascript interface code (search for "clicky.log"), our daily action count jumped from almost 50,000/day to almost 70,000/day. This is a huge metric we were missing out on, and it's added a ton of value into our own understanding of how all of you are using our site. You can see our click counts here:

I have just updated our customized tracking documentation in the help section that details everything you need to know to integrate this type of tracking into your own Ajax or Flash web site. I know some of you have been waiting for this, so I hope it meets your needs!
11 comments |   Jan 22 2008 3:57pm

db1 is back online

But, the transformation on this server is not yet completed. We have elected to temporarily halt the final stage of this process in favor of letting you all back in. We're jumping right back in to real time. Traffic from about 10PM Friday to 2AM Sunday USA PST (the time this server has been inaccessible) has not been processed yet, but we have it, and it will be processed soon. Individual visitor data from about the beginning of November through 10PM Friday has not been converted to the new format yet, so it will be blank. Well, what I mean is, you will still see the visitors in your list, but they will have no information associated with them other than an IP address. We will be converting this traffic in chunks every few hours and will be done within a couple days. (All other data like popular searches, number of visitors, etc, is all completed though - the only thing missing is visitors and actions).

Clicky is much more about "right now" than anything else, so we hope this is an acceptable solution for most of you. We of course did not want it to happen like this, and are very sorry about any inconvenience, but we feel not having ANY access to your data is far worse than temporarily losing access to the last few months but still being able to get the here and now.
20 comments |   Jan 20 2008 1:51am

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