The new Clicky lands Saturday, Jan 19. Here's a sneak peak

It's here (for some of you anyways)

The new version Clicky is finally done, and it will be released on Saturday, January 19. We're still polishing parts of the interface, but it's feature complete and good to go. To whet all your appetites, I wanted to give a sneak peak of one of the best features, which is the visitor filtering and analysis interface. This is not your grandmother's filtering system, and it leaves the old, boring, and extremely unwelcoming interface running home to mommy, tears streaming down its face. The new filtering system also works across multiple dates, which previously it did not because it was not optimized to do so. Look closely at these shots, and you'll see fragments of some of the other features that are part of this release.

When you first hit the visitors page, you'll see this box at the top:

Click anywhere in the box, and you're presented with this menu:

When you select any of those options, it loads the top 7 items for your site via "AJAX" for the type you have selected. You can click on one of the top 7, or type in your own option instead at the bottom:

Now let's say you selected "The United States". This is where things get a lot more interesting, because we don't just fitler down the list to US visitors like we used to do, but we'll also give you some juicy details about this subsection of your visitors:

You can add more than one filter, just click the green + icon again and add another. Here we are looking at visitors in the US who came to our site via This screenshot also shows how you can change and remove filters on the fly, the menu shown is what has popped up after clicking on "The United States":

Now what about that "All visitors" link in the top right corner? What, you thought you would only be able to compare this visitor segment against your site totals and averages? Ha! No way. You can compare this segment of visitors against any other segment you want, combining multiple filters in each one. However, this part of the filtering system is for "Pro" users only, because it starts getting pretty expensive (in terms of CPU and hard drive access), even with the amazing optimizations we have made.

So, you click the "All visitors" link, and you are presented with another menu, although you will find it quite familiar:

Let's say we're interested in the difference between US visitors from Google (, and UK visitors from Google ( We can easily compare them here!

Hmm, the average UK visitor from Google performs less actions, spends less time, and has a higher bounce rate than the average US visitor. This data is very actionable and will help you improve your site's appeal to the visitors who aren't spending much time on it. These are literally infinite combinations of filters you can apply to compare any two subsets of visitors. It's really a lot of fun to use.

Well, that's it for the preview. Come Saturday, you'll be able to use this new filtering interface, along with many other new features too. There will be downtime as we perform some transformations on the database. The users who were affected Monday by the database server problem, you will probably have close to 24 hours of downtime, because of how big that database is. Our other 2 database servers are much smaller (since they're newer) so they should be down 8-12 hours at most. The downtime will start Friday night (US time) and go until it's done. Unfortunately this is unavoidable. Sorry! But that's why we do it on the weekend.
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Problem on database server 1 - UPDATED

If your site ID is below 15,000 or so, you have probably noticed that all of your visitors have 1 action, and no referrers. There is a corruption on the actions database table that has prevented new data from being logged in this table since about 12 hours ago. We are working to fix it as soon as we can. Because of the size of this table, however, it will likely be several hours before it's done. The database will have to be taken offline during this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Update 10:15am PST I have to make a trip to our data center to fix this, which is 90 minutes away. Thanks for your patience.

Update 3:30pm PST We have run into an extremely irritating problem with MySQL and have to re-import the actions database into a new file to fix it. There are hundreds of millions of entries, this will take approximately 8-12 hours. We are very sorry about this and will get this database back up as soon as is humanly possible.

Update 11pm PST The problems have been resolved and the server is processing the 12 hour backlog of traffic. This will probably take a good 6 hours. We're really sorry about this. These things happen, thanks for understanding.
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Love Clicky? Vote for us in The Crunchies

TechCrunch and a few other high profile blogs have started an award competition for internet startups, dubbed "The Crunchies". If you love Clicky, we would appreciate your vote! The voting page just asks you to type in the name of the startup. For consistency, I would suggest everyone use "". You can vote here.

There are a lot of categories, we'd like to think we're eligible for:
- Best bootstrapped startup - we are 100% self funded
- Best design (user interface) - our simple and clean interface is key to our success
- Best overall - hey why not?
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A year ago today...

How many of you remember this logo? It's what I managed to whip up in Photoshop when Clicky launched a year ago today at It was only 6 weeks in the making at that point and rather scant for features, but one thing we did well from the beginning was showing you every visitor to your site and every action by said visitors. People loved that, and even today, there are still very few affordable products on the market that show you that level of detail per visitor. This remains one of our biggest selling points for a majority of people.

In one year's time, we've had 20,000 sites register on, and tracked almost 600 million clicks for those sites. We've partnered with Performancing and FreeWebs to bring our product to their userbase of 40,000+ and 17,000,000+, respectively. (Plus one other company with over 150,000 users, but that has not launched yet so I can't talk about it). We've had 4 buyout offers - 2 laughable, 2 reasonable - but we turned all of them down. Hard to believe there's still only two of us running this thing. At this rate, that's likely to change soon.

And what would be a year without controversy? We've had three big ones. First was when we announced pricing. We were open about this from the beginning (e.g. it was mentioned on the registration page that Clicky was "free while in beta"), but a lot of people were caught off guard and we got torn a new one. This was when people started saying "Google does the same thing for free", which I still hear plenty today, and which still makes me extremely irritated every time.

(I love Google and their analytics product is really good - BUT, it is vastly different in functionality than Clicky and has a much different target market. Saying that they are the same except that one is free is completely inaccurate! Does Google Analytics have an API? RSS feeds? FeedBurner subscription data? Detailed visitor information? Widgets? Visitor labeling? Custom data tracking? Outbound link tracking? Download tracking? Tag Clouds? Real time data? In case you were wondering, the answer to all of those questions is NO! Likewise, Google's product has some great features that we don't, particularly with trend data and segmentation - but our upcoming release will address some of that!)

Second big controversy was when we were trying to pick a new logo. Here is our first logo, and here is the logo we ended up choosing ("choice 2" in the blog post, images are broken for some reason). We were dirt poor at the time and could only rely on our users to submit their entries in exchange for free premium service. I liked the new logo at the time but it started to feel too dark and evil after a while. That's when we switched to our current look, that was in May or so.

And the last controversy was when we launched the new dashboard in July. (Check out screenshots of the old school dashboard: first one, second one). Most people absolutely loved it, but there were a few users who were extremely vocal about how much they hated it. That post had 90 comments - our most ever by far.

(I found a few other old screenshots too. Our original visitors page looked like this, but soon after changed into this, which is still quite similar to what it is today.)

So it's been a year and we're having a blast. But what about this new version of Clicky I've been yammering about recently? Unfortunately, it's not ready yet. I was trying my damndest to have it ready by today for our one year anniversary, but alas, there was just too much to do. The launch is still several weeks away. The wait will be worth it though, trust me!
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Scheduled downtime this weekend


Our scheduled database maintenance has been delayed, probably until next weekend (11/24). We didn't get quite enough done in time to make the changes today. And it absolutely must be done on a Saturday, so as to inconvenience the least amount of people, and then also give the system enough time to catch back up with real time before the week starts again.


In preparation for our upcoming release, we have to make some structural changes to the database. The web site will be unavailable during this time, as the database is unusable while changes are being made. We'll still be logging traffic, though!

The plan is to start early Saturday morning (USA PST) and go until it's done, or we collapse from exhaustion. We expect this process to take about 24 hours and involve many, many pots of coffee.

The new version of Clicky is still weeks away, so you won't notice any differences when it comes back up. Sorry! But it's coming soon and it will rock your world.
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