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Everyone, we finally have updated our Goodies page to include all but one of the widgets that were announced as winners in our contest last month (the last widget will be coming soon). Plus, we have a new submission for iGoogle that mimics to near perfection the Clicky dashboard. It's very well done and is my favorite by far. Unfortunately the developer didn't know about our contest last month! Really though, check this out. Don't you want this on your web site immediately?

So, head over to Goodies, and grab some widgets to put on iGoogle, Netvibes, or your own web site. And if you're interested in developing your own widget, here are some relevant links:

API documentation
Submission guidelines

22 comments |   Sep 11 2007 5:39pm

Dashboard updates

Some new Dashboard functionality for ya. If you edit your dashboard, you will see three new options. One of them is to hide the graphs, and another is to hide the trend data. I think the dashboard looks a bit boring without this data but it does give more room to the names of the items themselves, which is a small problem with the existing setup.

There is also a new option for calculating trend data. Previously you could just do "previous day" or "same day last week". Now there is a new option, "7 day average", and it is the new default for anyone who hasn't edited their dashboard up to this point. It is a bit more useful in my opinion than the other 2 options, but that's why they're call preferences - you might disagree completely!
2 comments |   Sep 11 2007 5:34pm

Clicky API version 2 released

I am happy to announce the release of version 2 of the Clicky API. It has a unique URL from the old version to ensure that existing applications continue to function as expected. There are a few changes that are not backwards compatible, although these changes are very minor and should not take more than a few minutes to implement within existing applications. Juicy details are available in the API documentation, but here's a brief run down of what's new:

* new "actions-list" data type, includes ability to filter by session_id
* relative date formats ("5 days ago", "last 10 days", "last month", etc)
* a limit of "all" for every data type
* shorter cache times
* more consistent naming schemes for both data types and data values
* null values excluded by default (saves memory and bandwidth, can be disabled)
* new "total time" data type
* some new parameters: session_id, null_values, app
* CSV output (this was supported before, but undocumented)
* and more...

I know some people were hoping for more filters in the new version (such as filtering actions by title or url, or filtering visitors by referer domain or search query), but I just haven't been able to optimize them enough yet to allow this. But do note that we plan to have this functionality at some point in the future.

The API is now officially out of "beta" status. When it was first released many months ago, it was stated that there would be some restrictions for non-Pro users at a later date. (Pro is our upper tier premium package). These restrictions have changed to be much more relaxed, but please note that they are now in effect for all non-Pro users:

* Limited to 100 results per request
* Limited to "today" and "yesterday"
* 30 minute cache times

An important note to developers: The "Base API URL" is no longer provided or supported. This is to ensure that you are always in control of which version of the API is being used with your application. More information about this is in the docs.
1 comment |   Sep 09 2007 3:16pm

Three free Pro accounts

Smashing Magazine is a great resource for web developers and designers the world round. If you read digg you probably see them on the front page at least once a week. They're also a Clicky customer! They're celebrating their first year anniversary by giving away all sorts of goodies, including three 1-year Clicky Pro accounts (worth $50 each)!

To enter, you just need to leave a comment answering this question: "What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear 'Smashing Magazine'?", and indicate which prize number you want (Clicky is #13). Of course, there may be something else you want more instead, so choose whichever prize you want. But if you want a free Pro account, choose lucky number 13! Contest is open through September 13.
2 comments |   Sep 05 2007 1:13pm

New servers

Our new database servers are good to go and the you may notice the service is flying again. That's because we emptied our entire bank account on these things, and they're awesome in every sense of the word.

After a month+ of pain, we now have a lot of breathing room, and I can finally get back to working on the web site itself. Yay! First up are some updates to the dashboard, API version 2, and some updates to the RSS feeds... coming soon!
9 comments |   Sep 04 2007 9:39am

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