Multi-day viewing has (finally) arrived

Good news. Viewing your data from more than one day at a time has finally arrived. The calendar icon in the top right corner has been replaced by a new drop down menu that you can see in the screenshot directly to your right. The default options should please most of you, although we'd like your feedback definitely. It is still a work in progress but is well enough along that we want everyone to start using and enjoying it.

More "full months" will be available once that data has been fully summarized, which happens about every 8-10 days. We also plan to add in a "More..." link right below "Two days ago" that lets you select a specific date, maybe the old calendar will popup when you click that? Not sure yet. There will also be a "Custom..." link at the bottom which will take you to a page and let you select your own date range. URL hax0rz should be able to create their own custom date ranges already, no problem, but currently data is only available back to April 25 or so.

This feature works great with the dashboard. For example, try selecting June 2007 on your dashboard, and the range of dates shown for visitors, actions etc will change to the selected range, and the "top 10" will change to the top 10 for that time period instead of just one day.

The only thing you CAN'T do (yet) is filter your visitors by referer domain or search query from more than one day, as that is not fully optimized. So if you're viewing your dashboard for June and click "" from the incoming links list, the visitors you see as a result will only be for the "latest" date in your range, in this case that would be June 19 instead of June 1 through 19. This should be fixed in the near future, we hope.

Multi-day viewing is available to everyone right now, but in a few weeks or so it will become a premium only feature. Do enjoy, and we welcome your feedback.
17 comments |   Jun 19 2007 8:47am

Visitors vs Unique Visitors

You may have noticed your visitor count jump up a bit today. This is because it's now just showing total visits (sessions) instead of unique visitors. Unique visitor numbers will soon be back, when we introduce our new dashboard. In the meantime, changing it to just visitors makes the dahsboard load significantly faster, particularly for higher traffic sites. This is because we can tally new visits throughout the day with a simple +1, whereas "today's" unique visitors needs to be calculated everytime you load your dashboard, because some of them will be repeat, some not. The new dashboard will show visits by default, but have the ability to see unique visitors as well with one click.
10 comments |   Jun 18 2007 10:37am

WordPress plugin update

A new version of our WordPress plugin is available here. It now has a friendly interface to manage the options, instead of having to manually edit the plugin code (yuck). Many thanks to Clicky user Douglas Karr who coded the majority of this update, he knows a lot more about WordPress than I do.

If you have a previous version installed, be sure to remove that before upgrading. If you have any problems, please report them here, and BE SPECIFIC! Don't just say it doesn't work, that gives us no indication of what could be going wrong. Enjoy!
8 comments |   Jun 14 2007 1:03pm

Updates to RSS, Spy, and more

Few updates for you. IP tagging and custom data tracking have been fully integrated into both the visitors RSS feed, as well as Spy. This feature now feels much more complete. IP filters have also been integrated into Spy, so anyone you are filtering should stop showing up in there as well.

We've also added a percentage column next to the value column when viewing your "popular" data (searches, links, etc). The percentage shown is calculated from ALL of the data for that day, not just what's shown (the top 50). Screenshot. I know, I know, this seems obvious and is about as exciting as Google's announcement today that their Analytics service now makes URLs for your site into clickable links. Whoopee! I know. What can I say? :) Just happy to finally have it in the service. It does give you a much better picture of how popular a given item is. This will be even more true once aggregate data is complete.

Speaking of which....aggregate data is in progress. I don't think it will be ready by the end of this week though. Maybe this weekend, but probably Monday or Tuesday. I am a very thorough tester, so I'm taking my time making sure it's rock solid. It's going to be a great addition to the service. Perhaps another one of those "gee, about time" features, but again, what can I say. Just know that it's coming, and you'll love it.
3 comments |   Jun 14 2007 10:30am

Up to the minute stats not as up to the minute

Stats won't be quite as "live" over the next few weeks, as some automated processes run in the background to go through all of your sites' history and summarize the data in highly optimized ways. At most points in the day, your stats will be fine! But when these new processes are running (once every 4-5 hours), the live stats updating takes a breather to let these run at full speed.

The choice is either, these two different processes compete with each other and slow each other down and hence make the site drastically slower for everyone, or a few times a day your stats lag a bit behind (by an hour at the most) but in turn the site is fast. I like the second choice better and hope most of you agree. I know one of the best things about Clicky is that the stats are never more than a few minutes behind real time, but this is something that we have to do! Trust me, the results will be worth it! You will start noticing a HUGE speed increase in the dashboard load time starting early next week, especially for those of you with higher traffic sites.
3 comments |   Jun 08 2007 9:24pm

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