IP tagging, and tracking other custom data

IP tagging has arrived! You can add a name to any IP address and those visitors will be identified by that name instead of their IP address when you are viewing your visitor and session log. If you click their name, it will show more details (including their IP) and all visits from that visitor, as it has before. Here is a screenshot. - notice the 'username' at the top!

Currently, it is still grouping this data by the current IP instead of their "user name". The plan is to test out grouping it by that user's name instead, but the performance may be poor. I'll keep you updated.

To start using this feature, click the new 'IPs' link from your user homepage. This has replaced the old 'IP Ignore' link, and instead those two features have been combined. Meaning, when you add an IP to your site, there is a checkbox indicating whether or not you want to ignore the IP address or just name it. Note that IP tagging is a premium only feature!

A related but much more important announcement is you can now track an unlimited amount of CUSTOM data on a per session basis. User names, cookie values, session ids, shopping cart ids, ad campaigns... you get the idea. Anything you want associated with a visitor, can now be logged to Clicky. This data will be shown to you when you view the details of a session (as indicated in the screenshot from above, which is actually just a simplified version of this more advanced full data tracking). We have been testing this within our own getclicky.com stats for a few days, you can see the results here.

There is a lot more information here, including how it works and code examples. Please note: if you are doing the "self hosted tracking code" thing, you'll need to grab an updated copy for this to work.

We are open to your suggestions on how to improve it. We considered doing this on a per ACTION level as well, in fact it is already designed to be flexible enough to add that in easily, but there is definitely some concern with data storage if we were tracking that much additional data on your visitors. If there is a demand for such a feature, we may decide to implement it.

Note that full custom data tracking is PRO only. (Our upper end premium package). However, all users who signed up for our normal premium package before May 11 (as indicated here) have access to this feature as well.

Interested in upgrading? You can do so here!

As an aside, we are aware that performance recently is getting a bit slower when viewing your stats, particularly for high traffic sites. We have had an explosion of new users recently, which is a contributing factor. I am working on some optimizations to help fix this issue.

We are also outgrowing our current web host in terms of how much traffic we are now taking in, and how much support they can give us. Hence, we are looking for a new place to host the service. We need a company that leases high end dedicated servers (64 bit, 4GB+ RAM, 250GB+ RAID1 mirroring) with root access at a decent price (less than $300/mo), including support. If you know of such a company, and have personal experience with them, please help us out by dropping a comment or contact us directly via our contact page on getclicky.com.
18 comments |   May 30 2007 2:12pm

Thank you

Thank you to all of our sponsors we have acquired over the past two months. These people and/or companies have helped us pay the bills, and allow us to offer our free service to some of you and our cheaper-than-we'd-like-to-charge premium service to the rest of you. So a big thank you to everyone listed here!

We previously announced that we would no longer have any graphic sponsors as of May 1, to help clean up the site a bit and keep that clean feel. But Gary Vaynerchuk, an avid Clicky user for several months now, made us a very generous offer. Already being a fan of his show, we couldn't refuse. Gary is the man behind Wine Library TV, a near daily video podcast about wine. He is very enthusiastic about what he does, and his show is both interesting and funny. If you like wine, check it out! He is also behind WiiTube, a social networking and video site for Nintendo Wii fanatics. He asked me to mention his brother, AJ Vaynerchuk as well.

PayPerPost is an easy way to make some money with your blog. You can "get paid to blog about the things you love," as the slogan goes.

Spania Sommer is a Dutch site about renting property in Spain.

Help Desk Software Central provides solutions for support and help desks for any organization.

The Sports Trader is "The Diary of a Betdaq Trader". Ray chronicles his daily "bet exchanges" and his wins and losses for all to see.

App-O-Rama provides "a strategy of completing multiple [credit card] applications at the same time. The goal is to get as many bonus offers and new credit lines as one desires, in a quick and convenient way."

Richard Butler, The Success Coach helps his clients "discover, achieve and surpass their potential." Some of his clients his clients include individuals from Coca Cola, Pepsi Co, Kerry Foods, and Aib.

Click2Map is the easiest way to build your Google Maps online. Their innovative rich internet application helps anyone create Google Maps with customized points of interest without writing a single line of code.

Charlotte Web Design will not only build a professional website for you, but will also help your website to be noticed. Their marketing services will ensure that you hit the search engines with flying colors.

Marketing Land is a Dutch B2B Marketing and Sales Blog.

We never expected to reach this many sponsors so quickly, so we have decided to stop taking new sponsors at this time, until some of these expire. We have three links that are set to expire in June, and any of those spots that are not renewed will be up for grabs at that time.
7 comments |   May 21 2007 4:53pm

Maintenance today

Sorry about the necessary maintenance today. We will be down for a good 4 or 5 hours probably. Your data is still being logged, so don't worry about that. Although when we come back online, it will take a while for your stats to catch back up with real time.

With the recent redesign, a few big sites in China wrote about us, and in turn a few days later a few big english sites wrote about us, so we have had a LOT of new traffic, both from people using the site and also logging their sites' traffic.

There have been a few database optimizations I've been wanting to do for a while, and all this new traffic hit home that it couldn't wait any longer. Unfortunately when you have a database as big as ours (over 200 million rows and 10GB data including indexes), changes take a LONG time. Right now it's already been 2 hours since I took the site down, and things are going a bit slower than I had hoped. The updates are about half way done, so I expect it will be another few hours and the site will be back.

Sorry about any inconvenience!

Update 1:45PM - All done! I'm giving the database another 20-30 minutes to catch up on your data before I let you all back in again though :) It will still be several hours behind real time but it will eventually be caught up!
5 comments |   May 18 2007 10:49am

Account changes, rewards for the early birds

Changes to premium accounts!

We have recently added a new level of premium that we are calling "Pro", which is now an option alongside the existing premium account, that we are now calling "Blogger". The Pro account includes support for up to 10 web sites and 50,000 daily page views (total), as well as some additional features (SSL, API, Data export, and no sponsors - note that API and Export are not yet available though - works in progess!). The Blogger account has been changed to allow up to 3 sites included in the base price, instead of charging on a per site basis.

As a huge "THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU!" to all the early birds who showed their support for us before May 11 (when this new account became available), you have all been given free upgrades to either "true" Pro accounts, or a special account we have created just for you that includes all of the Pro features except for the "10 sites" part (you get 3 instead). Which one you got depends on how much you originally paid. We had to make this distinction because everyone has paid different amounts depending on how many sites they had, and we want the higher spenders to feel they're getting their money's worth. Either way, everyone is getting more than they originally paid for. Can't complain about that!

Changes to free accounts!

We recently sent out an email to all our 'free' account holders about some important changes that take effect Thursday, May 17. Most of you are unaffected, but everyone else will need to react accordingly before the 17th!

First, we will be limiting free accounts to a maximum of three registered web sites. If you have more than 3 sites and wish to continue monitoring traffic for all of them, we ask that you please upgrade to our premium service. If you do not wish to pay, please send us an email telling us which three web sites you would like to keep and we will remove the others. Also, remember that free sites are limited to 1,000 page views / day average. We have been pretty lax about this but we will be a bit more strict about it come the 17th!

Second, support for secure sites (SSL) will become a premium only feature. Very few hosted analyzers offer support for SSL. It is a very valuable feature, but it also requires a lot more processing power on our end. For this reason, it will be premium only.

Finally, if any of your web sites are business related, or you make money on your site from something other than ads (e.g. you sell goods or services), it is now a requirement to upgrade to our premium service.

You can upgrade to premium service here.
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New site, new Google

Hope you're all enjoying the new site. I just wanted to clarify that this is NOT the "big update" that is coming down the pipeline. Yesterday's update is purely cosmetic. Other than the logo and the color of the graphs, nothing much has changed other than some backend code, but that's not very exciting for you.

I am much happier with the new look. I did like our old logo, but it had started to feel a bit gloomy, and I wanted the site to feel much more 2.0 style. The graphs are also much easier on the eye now, much easier to read, in my opinion. Especially now that the weekend days are colored slightly differently - that really helps out.

There was a bug that was affecting Safari and causing it to ignore our style sheet, which basically is what tells your browser what to make the site look like. Thanks to a few astute readers, I was notified of the problem fairly quickly and able to solve it without too much effort. Sorry about that! Unfortunately, I don't have easy access to a Mac, so I was unaware of the problem until it was affecting all of you. If you are using Safari and the site looks weird still, try emptying your cache and refreshing.

Seems like lots of news in the analytics arena recently. Google came out with version 2 of their Analytics offering a few days ago. I haven't gotten a chance to use it yet, but I will be honest and say it's an impressive update. Much cleaner interface and all that, although it still looks plenty complicated to get the data you want out of it. I wonder how many engineering hours went into this update, and what Clicky could do if we had the same man power. :)

Here's the thing though. GA is still VERY geared towards business and high traffic sites. You'll notice that our comparison chart hasn't changed one bit. Clicky still has TONS of features that GA doesn't offer (RSS, Spy, outbound links, download tracking, real time stats, FeedBurner, Google maps, API [coming soon], real referal backlinks, etc), and that gap will continue to widen as we introduce more and more features.

Our target market is bloggers and low traffic sites because they are so neglected in the stats area. If you have a small blog that gets maybe 20 or 30 people a day, and you view your traffic with GA, you will have no idea what's happening on your site, as it just reports overall trends. I'm not saying trends aren't useful, but you need a good sample size before they're worth anything. Clicky is amazing for low traffic sites, as you can see your individual visitors and what each one of them is doing. As well, it's so easy to see all your visitors that are from a certain country, or came from a certain site, or searched for a certain word, and from there see what each of them have done.

Point being, we're not worried about the Big Bad Google. :) I love Google and use a lot of their products for day to day stuff - but it is a bit daunting to compete with a company of their size and respect. Luckily, however, our target markets are completely opposite. Like I said, we're not worried. We have lots of Aces up our sleeves, stay tuned.
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