FeedBurner statistics integration with Clicky

You should be seeing a new yet familiar icon in the Clicky tab bar. We have just released a new module that lets you access your FeedBurner stats from within our service. We had thought about providing our own tracking service for feeds initially, but FeedBurner provides such an amazing service already that we just don't see any reason to. Luckily they do provide an API to access statistics very easily - something that Clicky will be providing to premium members as well in the near future.

This new module requires you to be running your site feed through FeedBurner, obviously. You'll also need to enable the Awareness API on your FeedBurner feed (screenshot), and give Clicky your FeedBurner URI (screenshot) on your site management page, which you can access from your user homepage.

You can see it in action for our own blog RSS stats, here, although we just started using FeedBurner a few days ago so our stats are a bit boring. As well, we don't have a premium FeedBurner account, so you won't be able to play with the "Views" and "Clickthroughs" sections. But here is a screenshot with some dummy data to give you the gist of it. Enjoy!
9 comments |   Apr 30 2007 4:58pm

Host our tracking code on your own server

We are now offering the ability to host our tracking code on your own server. This is something that could have been done before if you were sneaky, but we are now officially offering this functionality. This opens up the gates for many more potential problems on your end, if you don't know what you're doing. For this reason, it is important to note that hosting the code yourself is UNSUPPORTED and you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK! This means, please don't email us about it if you have problems getting it working. Them's the berries!

To get started, simply go to the 'code' page for any of your web sites, click the 'host it yourself' link near the bottom, and read the entire page very carefully. Before we give you your code, you will have to check a box that lets us know you are hosting your own code. This is so we know who is doing this and can easily notify you when we make updates.

What's the point of hosting it yourself? It's all explained in detail on the page where you actually download the code. Briefly, it is to help speed up your site, especially if you are half way around the globe from us. Also, when we have the occasional hiccup and a server or router goes down, this will keep your site loading at normal speeds, instead of pausing while your browser tries to talk to us.

[Note: This is a premium-only feature!]
9 comments |   Apr 28 2007 2:41pm

Affiliates, nicknames, search keywords, and graphic sponsors

There is finally an interface for you to view your affiliate status. There is a new box on your userhome page that shows your balance as well as how many users have signed up through your link, and if you follow the link it shows more detail, including each individual commission. Obligatory screenshot (click to see bigger):

Another oft-requested feature has been to give your sites "nick names". This is especially useful if the site you're tracking is not at the root domain level, or if you are tracking multiple paths in seperate accounts on the same root domain. You can add nicknames to any of your sites by 'editing' it from your user home.

We recently added a new search feature but it doesn't look like many of you have discovered it yet. It's called "keywords" and instead of grouping all of your search queries together by the full query, this extracts each word from all of the searches that have lead to your site and groups them by each word, so you can see what topics are bringing the most traffic. This can be found under the main 'searches' tab.

At the end of this month, we are going to be discontinuing graphical sponsors, and go back to text sponsors only. We feel they are just too distracting from our clean and sexy interface.

The 'massive update' mentioned previously is underway, and the hope is to have it ready to test within two weeks time. Meanwhile, expect other minor updates such as the ones mentioned here.

I was thinking about starting a public changelog, so that people could be aware of all the changes to Clicky that they might be interested in, without me having to write a blog post about all of them. What do you think? I plan to always write a blog post about major updates, but there are many minor things that I haven't talked about simply because I don't want to write a whole post about them.
4 comments |   Apr 26 2007 5:49pm

Brief hiatus

I know you're all used to constant updates and new features, but unfortunately there's going to be a few weeks that go by here without anything new. Two reasons for this. One is that I (Sean, lead programmer) am going to be out of town for 6 days, starting this coming Wednesday. The other is that we have a massive update in the works that is going to rock your world, but it's such a radical change that it's going to take a while to complete. There will be an open beta of it before it makes it to the "official" site, for feedback and testing purposes, so keep your eyes peeled.
4 comments |   Apr 13 2007 7am

New RSS features let you keep up with trends as they happen

The RSS feeds haven't changed much since introduction, so I'm glad to finally get an update out the door. Check out your RSS page and you will see it has changed a bit. There are some new feeds for "popular" stuff. The best part is that now ALL the feeds can be customized in terms of how far back in the past they pull their data. By default they all do the last 24 hours, but as is mentioned on the RSS page itself, you can change this value anywhere from 1 hour to 96 hours.

Why is this cool? Two reasons. One, for those of you with very low traffic sites, pulling the data from a larger time period will give you much more interesting results. Second, you can use any of the "popular" feeds with a low hour latency as a kind of "trend watcher", for lack of a better term. For example, suppose you write an article and it appears on the digg home page. If you were using the "popular referer" feed with the hours set to just 1 or 2, any big changes regarding your incoming traffic would become immediately apparent, and you could react accordingly (if needed) or you could just smile with satisfaction knowing that yet another site is linking to you and you knew about it right away because Clicky rocks so hard. This is something that will be also implemented within the web site itself very soon, as many people have been requesting to see data from more than just one day.

Lastly, because we love you all so much (seriously - can you feel the love?), we have increased the amount of data returned from the feeds (up to 100 results instead of 30), and we have changed the RSS cache time from 60 minutes to 30 minutes. Most online readers update their feeds once per hour and no more, but if you are using a reader that lets you customize the update time, you will now be getting RSS updates twice as often.
1 comment |   Apr 03 2007 5:07pm

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