Timezones and Daylight Savings Time

Damn near everyone outside the US is now seeing times off by an hour. I'll be honest - the switch to DST caught me completely off guard. Not the "three weeks early" part (effective this year in the US), but the fact that every country has their own set of rules for when it starts, or if such a thing even exists.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle this. It'll probably be a few days, maybe longer before it's fixed. In the meantime, if it is bothering you, please just change your timezone off by one so your times display correctly. I'll post an update here when it has been resolved.
3 comments |   Mar 12 2007 7:56am

Couple of updates for you

Our IP ignore/filtering system has been updated a bit. You can now attach description to each IP address, so you can remember who each one is or why it is being ignored.

This is also a new option to set a cookie to permanently ignore visitors from your computer to your web site, no matter what its IP address is. To do this, go to the IP ignore page for that web site and click the "cookie" link. If you have more than one web site, or want this enabled on more than one computer or web browser, you must do this step for each individual site/computer/browser. I can't tell you how many times this feature has been requested, so go and enjoy it! :)

The user homepage has also been updated a little bit, to make better use of space - it was getting a bit cluttered. Expect some more updates to it soon as well. MyBlogLog has been disabled for the moment but it will be back.

Our help section has been completely revamped, and includes a number of new questions and answers, including a lot more details on our affiliate program. It's also now organized into different sections via the tabs at the top, so it's not just one huge wall of text anymore.

What's in the pipeline? Currently we're working on outbound click tracking, export to CSV, and an API to track custom data, which will be especially well suited for AJAX sites. We are hoping to have all of these features available within a few weeks, so stay tuned.
6 comments |   Mar 10 2007 2:38pm

You want an easy $5? Read this post.

Our affiliate system is finally ready for everyone to start using. You can earn a free premium account, or cash, or both!

Your affiliate link is now shown on your user homepage. Every user who arrives at our site via your link will be assigned a cookie with your referal ID, good for 60 days. If that user signs up for a Clicky account and eventually becomes a paying premium member (no time limit), you will earn 20% of the money that that user pays us, forever. Example: If they sign up for a yearly account at $14.99/year, you will earn $3/year. It can add up fast, and get you free premium service forever. There's also a second tier system that earns you 5% of your referal's referals.

We will be paying everyone via Paypal near the beginning of each month for the money earned from the previous month. There is a minimum payout of $10, so if you're below that amount, your balance will carry over until you are at $10 or higher. Look for a lot more details about our system in our help section within a few days. We are currently working on revamping it, as it is a bit outdated.

Super kick off bonus! You want an easy $5?

Of course you do! Just write an article about Clicky on your web site and send us a link to it (post a comment here, or email us), and we'll put $5 into your affiliate account. The only requirements are that it needs to be original, at least a few paragraphs long, and have at least one screenshot. You also need to link to us in the post - be sure to use your affiliate link so you can get credit for any new customers that we get!
16 comments |   Mar 08 2007 3:59pm

Clicky -VS- The Competition

Click to see a bigger version. Also available on our homepage!
6 comments |   Mar 07 2007 12:35pm

REMINDER: Premium free trials start expiring TOMORROW!

We gave all of our beta testers a free trial of our premium service after we officially "launched" a few weeks ago. This is just a reminder to everyone that the free trials are going to start expiring TOMORROW, March 1. The expiration was originally February 28, but it took us a bit longer than expected to get some automated processes setup and tested to make all of this a lot easier on our end. Note that if you registered AFTER Feb 15, you still have more time. New users are given two weeks of free premium service upon registration, your expiration date should be shown prominently on your user homepage.

Click here to upgrade to a permanent premium account now. The price is very reasonable - just $1.25/month (USD) if you pay on a yearly basis, and it's only more if you have more than one site, or have a site with very high traffic.

Remember, you do NOT have to upgrade to Premium, but your support is appreciated. The free service does has some limitations: No RSS feeds, no Spy, and only 7 days of detailed history.

Also, only sites with less than 1,000 average daily page views are eligible for the free service, but that's the vast majority of you. If you have a site with more than 1,000 average daily page views, you'll need to upgrade to premium service, or the tracking on that site will be disabled. Sorry, but we can't afford to support high traffic sites for free!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has paid for a premium account already. We very much appreciate your support, it has been wonderful. :)
6 comments |   Feb 28 2007 1:52pm

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