Visualize your visitors with Google Maps

Our new geolocation database is in full effect, and as mentioned earlier this gives us a lot more information than we had before, including the latitude and longitude of just about every IP address out there. That information lets us display your visitors with Google Maps. Play with a map of visitors to here, or go to your visitors section and click the new 'map' link to see it for your own site.

Here's a screenshot:

This is also implemented when you click on an IP address in the standard visitors view. Here is a screenshot of what it currently looks like:

Our filtering system is integrated into the maps page, so you can narrow down what you're looking at based on a multitude of factors, including country, web browser, language, etc. Some examples from stats:

Last 20 visitors from the US:

Last 20 visitors who speak French:

The filters can be combined together, so if you wanted to see your visitors from Thailand who speak Spanish and use Firefox on Linux, you can do that. There is one limitation though. This only searches your data from the last 72 hours, otherwise it's too intensive. So very specific filters such as the one just mentioned may not return any results, or just a few.

Why are we limiting the map to the last 20 visitors? It's not that we want to, believe me. The problem is that unless we pay Google $10,000 per year, we are limited to 50,000 lookups per day. Each one of those markers counts as a lookup, so every time someone views a map of their stats, that's 20 lookups. You can imagine how fast those add up, especially when used with the filtering system. Creating the screenshots above was 100 lookups alone. When we're rich and famous, we will glady pay Google their $10K/year, but until then we have to limit you to a reasonable amount of data. This is also the reasoning behind the decision to open a new window when you click "View session" for a visitor, so that it doesn't have to reload the page again (and count 20 more hits towards our limit) when you hit "back". So, have fun with this page, I know I am, but please don't sit there and hit refresh all day or Google won't be happy with us. Enjoy!

Update: Seems I misunderstood the Google terms of service. That 50,000 limit is for geocode requests - meaning when you are requesting the Lat/Long from a physical address. But our database already gives us the geocode data - so there are actually no limits on the amount of data we can display within a map throughout each day. The map does get clutttered real fast once you pass 50 or so markers, so for now I'm limiting it to your last 50 visitors. Eventually there will be an option to display all visitors for a given date - if you have a high traffic site, that might get ugly!
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Some great new features for you :)

We are tracking two new pieces of information for each of your visitors starting today: screen resolution, and language. These are both new sub sections of the visitors section. Unfortunately since we just started this today, all dates before today will be empty for these new sections. Note: Anyone who is hosting our javascript code on their own server instead of using our hosted version, won't have access to these new features, since they're coded into the javascript. You know who you are!

The filters box was out of commission for a few days as we reworked it. It's still not completely done, but it is back and working quite nice. It's now hidden by default, click the red 'filters' link on the right hand side of the visitors main page to access it. There are lots of new filters - country, operating system, web browser, language - in addition to the old standbys. Plus you can invoke the filtering system from new places now - you can click on a country, web browser, or OS icon from the visitors list to automatically filter your visitors down based on whatever you clicked on. This will soon be available from the Clicks page as well, but it isn't quite yet. Expect it later today or sometime tomorrow. We'll also have filtering by screen resolution but it's not quite ready.

Lastly, we got the hook up with a new geolocation database, that includes many more goodies than what we currently offer - we'll be able to look up state/region, city, and latitude/longitude, and, it's a hell of a lot faster than our current lookup system. This isn't in place yet, but should be by next week. Since we'll have latitude/longitude information, you know what that means right? Yes - a Google Maps mashup is right around the corner, which will allow us to show you each of your visitors location on a nice pretty map for you to click on. It's going to rock.

Also coming very soon: outbound click tracking. Stay tuned.
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UTF8 encoding - finally

I've felt guilty for a long time for not supporting non-English characters in Clicky. It's been requested by many, many people, and I'm very pleased to announce that we should be fully UTF8 compliant as of now. Please let me know if you are still seeing any character weirdness in Clicky. As far as I can tell, it's all working great!

This will really only affect stats going forward... some old data was converted successfully but mostly we weren't even storing foreign characters at all, they were just being stripped out. The reason for this is because I've previously experienced some nasty database corruption when dealing with these characters, and it was just easier initially to strip them out and not worry about it.

This task is NOT EASY. Anyone who is a web developer, or perhaps another type of programmer, might know the pains involved with getting this working. It is an absolute nightmare to make your application work right with non-standard characters. I'm posting a few links to articles on why this is so difficult, so if you have the time to read them then hopefully you will be able to forgive me for taking so long to implement this :) But seriously, I'm really happy to finally have this available to you, so enjoy!

CD Baby developer talking about "one of the most difficult and tedious problems I've ever solved" (hint: that would be UTF8):

An insanely thorough article on all the issues surrounding UTF8:

A thread on MySQL going over everything necessary for PHP/MySQL to play nice together with UTF8:
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Well you probably notice some big changes today. We have a new logo, which was creating quite the controversy in our last post. It has been changed a lot from the preview posted there. I know it won't please everyone but I think it looks fantastic.

The tabs also have some new icons to help them stand out from each other. The date selector (calendar) has been moved into the tab area and it's so much more useful now. The old one was driving me insane because it was in a different place on every page and didn't fit in very well. The top 5 has become the top 10. There were some bugs with the graphing on the dashboard that was causing some sites graphs to shrink by about half, and I realized the average and total calculations were slightly off because of a change I had made a while back. All that's fixed!

Some other things have been moved around a bit. "Web browsers" and "operating systems" have been taken off the dashboard and moved into their own sub-sections of the visitors area. There is also a new subsection there called "countries" that should be self explanatory. Some other sections will also be getting their own sub sections soon. Expect to see "entrance" and "exit" subs for the "pages" section tomorrow!

Update: Lots of new sub sections for you! As promised we now have the entrance and exit pages, but searches and links also got their own sub sections - you can view both by popularity (as was the case), and now chronologically as well, so you can easily see the newest searches and incoming links on your site. I'm also working on a "newest unique" for both searches and links, but it is much more intensive so I can't promise it will be out anytime soon. Enjoy! :)
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Help choose our new logo

Thank you to everyone who submitted a logo. We have narrowed it down to two awesome designs by two very talented people. We'd like you to help us decide which one to use. Of course we can't promise we will select the one with the majority of votes, but it will play a role in our decision. Please leave a comment saying which one you like better, and why. Please keep your criticism CONSTRUCTIVE! I love the concept and shininess of the first one, although the second one is perhaps "friendlier" and I like how it incorporates our horizontal bar graphs. Both of these users are getting free premium accounts for life. :)

Choice 1:

Choice 2:
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