We're looking for sponsors

Our original plan was to make Clicky a pay service that wasn't too expensive but paid the bills and provided us with a little extra money. This still may be the route we take, but we'd really like to offer our service for free, and we know our users want that too.

We see two options. One would be to use an ad service like Google, but there's a big problem with that. 80% of our visitors use Firefox, and I know a lot of Firefox users also use AdBlock - myself included. So we don't see that as a very realistic solution.

The other option, which seems a lot more realistic, would be to have a few sponsors, who would pay us a fixed amount of money every month in exchange for prominently displaying their ads on our site. Like what TechCrunch does in their sidebar, although our rates would be a little more reasonable than the $10K/month that Michael charges. :)

We have a VERY targeted user base - people who run web sites, whether they be blogs or otherwise. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact us. If you know someone who might be interested, please point them to this post and to our contact info. Time is a big factor, so we need to hear from you within a few weeks if this is going to be the route we take.
9 comments |   Jan 31 2007 3:31pm

Sorry about tonight

We had to disable public access to the web site for a few hours while we made some strenuous changes to the database that wouldn't have cooperated well with people using the site at the same time. But don't worry, we didn't miss a second of tracking your data! The whole process took a lot longer than expected because of a few bugs that popped up, but they are now fixed. One of these bugs caused some of your pageviews from the last few hours to be linked to the wrong page id, which you may notice in your click log if you see any paths or page titles that don't belong to you. Whoops :)
1 comment |   Jan 30 2007 10:37pm

Public statistics

Today we introduced one of our most requested features: Publicly available statistics. This means that your statistics are open for the world to see - supposing you want them to be. This feature is of course off by default. But we know that a lot of people have wanted this feature for advertising purposes and/or bragging rights, so, we have delivered!

To turn it on, click the 'edit' link next to the web site in question on your user homepage and check the appropriate box. But wait - people still need a link to get to your stats. Click the 'link code' option next to your web site (from your user homepage again), and put the code anywhere on your site. That code includes your referal id, which will let you earn money once we have our affiliate system setup (coming soon, I promise!). You don't have to include the image with the link but it is the trendy thing to do.

Now, when someone clicks this link from your web page, they will be taken directly to your statistics. If your stats are NOT public, no problem. You can still use the same link to refer people to Clicky, they will just arrive at the front page of getclicky.com instead. Keep in mind, when YOU click this link, you will just be taken to your user homepage, which is one click away from your stats. We like to start people off there because it's a better place to display news and helps you see when there are important updates.
3 comments |   Jan 26 2007 6pm

Blog is back online

Our host's technical guru is out of the country for an unforeseen amount of time and apparently he is the only one who can fix our DNS problems. So after two weeks we finally decided it was time to just create a /blog directory and call it good. So welcome back! That was pretty frustrating, especially with the huge spike of traffic we got because of Steve Rubel's post about our product. Thanks Steve! :)

The RSS feeds have been a huge hit, and we feel great about being the first web analyzer to provide such a feature. They will improve over time, as they are a bit barebones at the moment, so sit tight.

Launch is approaching really soon and we can't wait!

UPDATE: Whoops, comments were broken. Our anti-spam measures were marking everything as false positive because the host is no longer blog.getclicky.com. Fixed! Sorry.
2 comments |   Jan 23 2007 8:42pm

Private beta

Today we switched Clicky to a private beta, as we are outgrowing our existing resources. This means we aren't accepting new registrations at this time, although there is a form to enter in your email address and we'll notify you when we're ready. We are in the process of getting a dedicated server or 3 and hope to have that ready by the first week of January. Once we have switched to our own servers, we will be officially launching as well. Stay tuned!
1 comment |   Dec 19 2006 4:33pm

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