Planned downtime tonight or tomorrow

We are upgrading our RAM, which means we need to take the site down for 5 or 10 minutes. This will happen sometime in the next 24 hours, so don't panic if you can't access the site - wait a few and try again. Unfortunately, your traffic data won't be logged during this time. Sorry!

Update - We're all done, but Spy was broken for a few hours after the server came back up. It's now fixed. Sorry :)
0 comments |   Feb 06 2007 7:26pm

Site Spy has landed

I'm so excited about this! Site Spy is exactly like Digg Spy, except it's on your web site. How sweet is that? This is a feature we had working and active a long time ago, but because of massive changes to our backend as well as 5 bajillion other things to do, it hasn't been functional for over 2 months. But as we are preparing for launch, I made this feature my highest priority because we know it rocks and we've had a lot of emails asking about it. Finally, it is back and available for everyone's enjoyment. It's not 100% done, we really need to do something about those buttons, but it's functional and very interesting to watch.

If your site has less than a few thousand pages views per day, this may not be as interesting as it could be because clicks won't appear very often. gets almost 10,000 pageviews per day, so it works pretty well for our site. See it in action here:

A few tidbits, for you technical fiends out there... Unfortunately the geolocation info is not available in this view. This is mainly because a database connection is not opened on these Ajax refreshes, which would be needed to look up this info. We look up the country information for every visitor as we store their info in our database, but we don't store clicks directly in the database as they come in - it's way too intensive. Spy is pulling this data directly out of the "cache" we use for incoming clicks. This actually works pretty well for us because the database is never touched while you are watching Spy, which saves us a tremendous amount of processing power.

One other thing of note, for you multi-taskers out there... this relies on a few cookie variables, so if you have more than one web site on Clicky, you can't have a Spy view open for all of them at the same time, unless you use are using different programs for each site (e.g. one site in Firefox, one in Opera). I know this will affect pretty much no one, but I wanted to mention it. I will look into making this work differently in the future...

I would love to hear your feedback! Good, bad, bug reports, etc. Leave comments below or use the contact link on to send us an email!

Update: We've received word that Spy behaves a bit odd in Safari - on some of the page refreshes, the top item is only half visible. Unfortunately for us, we do not have easy access to a Mac, so it's not a quick fix. We're using Prototype and scriptaculous for the Ajax and effects, these are both standard libraries used by many web sites (including so we're left scratching our heads for the moment. We are going to try changing the effects for Safari and would appreciate anyone's feedback on the issue.
13 comments |   Feb 05 2007 6pm

Hostname lookups for IP addresses

Yay! Once again, you have asked, and we have delivered. This feature has been in very high demand, and I am happy to announce its immediate availability. However, it is only available "on demand"... meaning we don't look up hostnames until you request it. This is because it's a pretty expensive operation. The Internet is not something you just dump something on. It's not a truck. It's a series of tubes. Ok, just kidding.

To see a hostname, just click an IP address anywhere you see one in your stats (in the visitors or clicks section), and you will see the hostname for the IP as well as all the visits by that IP for the day. It may take a few seconds to load the page as this data is obtained from the internet. An example screenshot is shown below. Enjoy!

10 comments |   Feb 01 2007 6:48pm

We're looking for sponsors

Our original plan was to make Clicky a pay service that wasn't too expensive but paid the bills and provided us with a little extra money. This still may be the route we take, but we'd really like to offer our service for free, and we know our users want that too.

We see two options. One would be to use an ad service like Google, but there's a big problem with that. 80% of our visitors use Firefox, and I know a lot of Firefox users also use AdBlock - myself included. So we don't see that as a very realistic solution.

The other option, which seems a lot more realistic, would be to have a few sponsors, who would pay us a fixed amount of money every month in exchange for prominently displaying their ads on our site. Like what TechCrunch does in their sidebar, although our rates would be a little more reasonable than the $10K/month that Michael charges. :)

We have a VERY targeted user base - people who run web sites, whether they be blogs or otherwise. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact us. If you know someone who might be interested, please point them to this post and to our contact info. Time is a big factor, so we need to hear from you within a few weeks if this is going to be the route we take.
9 comments |   Jan 31 2007 3:31pm

Sorry about tonight

We had to disable public access to the web site for a few hours while we made some strenuous changes to the database that wouldn't have cooperated well with people using the site at the same time. But don't worry, we didn't miss a second of tracking your data! The whole process took a lot longer than expected because of a few bugs that popped up, but they are now fixed. One of these bugs caused some of your pageviews from the last few hours to be linked to the wrong page id, which you may notice in your click log if you see any paths or page titles that don't belong to you. Whoops :)
1 comment |   Jan 30 2007 10:37pm

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