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Our host's technical guru is out of the country for an unforeseen amount of time and apparently he is the only one who can fix our DNS problems. So after two weeks we finally decided it was time to just create a /blog directory and call it good. So welcome back! That was pretty frustrating, especially with the huge spike of traffic we got because of Steve Rubel's post about our product. Thanks Steve! :)

The RSS feeds have been a huge hit, and we feel great about being the first web analyzer to provide such a feature. They will improve over time, as they are a bit barebones at the moment, so sit tight.

Launch is approaching really soon and we can't wait!

UPDATE: Whoops, comments were broken. Our anti-spam measures were marking everything as false positive because the host is no longer Fixed! Sorry.
2 comments |   Jan 23 2007 8:42pm

Private beta

Today we switched Clicky to a private beta, as we are outgrowing our existing resources. This means we aren't accepting new registrations at this time, although there is a form to enter in your email address and we'll notify you when we're ready. We are in the process of getting a dedicated server or 3 and hope to have that ready by the first week of January. Once we have switched to our own servers, we will be officially launching as well. Stay tuned!
1 comment |   Dec 19 2006 4:33pm

5 million clicks and counting

We are just minutes away from crossing the 5 million click mark, and that's from just 15 days of traffic collection. WOW! Thanks to everyone for using and enjoying Clicky. People seem to be loving the service and that makes us feel awesome!

I thought some general stats might be fun. There are about 800 sites using Clicky right now, in pretty much every country and demographic you can imagine. While a lot of them are blogs, we also have a lot that aren't: forums, online stores, schools, graphic artists, general information, advertising, and yes, even a few porn sites. Overall a decent representation of the internet as a whole. Although don't take this to mean anything, it's far from scientific, but it's still fun :)

1,193,346 total unique people tracked so far!

Average visitor to any site has ~4 pageviews per visit.

Operating systems:
Windows: 1,030,762 (86.4%)
Mac: 63,073 (5.3%)
Linux: 24,209 (2.0%)

Web browsers:
MSIE: 741,142 (62.1%)
Firefox: 375,284 (31.4%)
Safari: 37,229 (3.1%)
Opera: 17,446 (1.5%)

Top 10 countries (only 416,033 of our IP's have known locations so far)
United States 85,494
France 50,080
Spain 46,018
Venezuela 43,368
Argentina 14,074
Czech Republic 13,826
Germany 11,286
Singapore 11,157
United Kingdom 10,823
Japan 10,504
1 comment |   Dec 15 2006 1:02pm

The new visitors page

The new visitors page was starting to become more and more like the sessions page with each change, but it has transformed into the most useful page by far in our opinion, so we decided to replace the old sessions page with it instead. The only thing it doesn't show anymore is the entrance and exit pages, because that would take more than one line to show for each session. But we are considering adding a checkbox in the filter area to "show entrance/exit pages" which would then add an additional row below each entry, showing the entrance and exit pages. Let us know if you want that feature, otherwise we might not do it, at least for a while.

However, we are definitely going to add a new section called "entrance/exit" or something along those lines, that shows the most popular entrance and exit pages for each date, this will also be on the dashboard below the top 10 referals and searches (which will probably become top 5 so we can squeeze in a bit more info without making the page too long).
0 comments |   Dec 14 2006 10:55am


Geolocation is currently rolling out. That means you will see the country where each of your visitors is located! Currently it's only in your visitors section but it should be in Clicks and Sessions as well by the end of the day. If you don't know what country a flag represents, just hover your mouse over the flag and the country name will appear.

Originally we were looking up all the countries of your old visitors information as well, but there are so many IP addresses already and it's more intensive than I'd like to look this information up. So instead you'll just see the geolocation of your visitors from this point forward. There was a cron job running for about 24 hours that was looking up 1000 new IP's every 10 minutes, but it was draining too many resources. But because of that cron job, we do have geolocation of all your visitors from about Dec 12 5pm US Pacific time going forward.

We'd like to say "THANKS!" to the fine folks at for the amazing flag icons, and to for providing the IP country lookup database. Both of these are FREE resources so check them out if you're interested in adding similar functionality to your own web application. I've attached a picture below of what all the flags look like, hopefully you agree they look really nice! :)
3 comments |   Dec 13 2006 2:35pm

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