We got a map

We re-organized things a bit, you may notice a new "Locale" tab. This is where all the country, city, language etc stuff has been moved to. We also added a new sub-tab, called "Regions", but data only started tracking yesterday for it. When you first click the Locale tab, you will see a new map that we've added to the system:

The darker a country is, the more visitors you have had from that country, for the selected date range. You can mouse over any country to get the number of visitors. You can also click on a country which will zoom into that region:

We wanted to add zooming into individual countries, but the API for this product (FusionMaps) is so terrible and inconsistent that it would literally take about 5000 man hours of work to do that. Unless we wanted to spend a billion dollars, there are surprisingly few products of this nature. This one was has the most features and is by far the best looking so it's what we chose. If only the API was a bit more friendly...

We did however add in support for zooming into the United States, as we do have a lot of US customers. And there was actually consistency here, between the Maxmind database and the API, so it was easy to do. Looks pretty good, although I'm not so sure our international customers will be happy with us only supporting our own country. Sorry :P

States are part of the "Regions" data mentioned earlier, so you can't view data for this prior to Sep 18.

For everyone dying from anticipation for goals and campaign tracking, they are already in progress, don't you worry about a thing now.
15 comments |   Sep 19 2008 3:46pm

iPhone Clicky now has Spy; Generic mobile version also released

We just released a more generic version of the mobile interface for other mobile phones. It is available at the same address, m.getclicky.com. The iPhone site has been moved to i.getclicky.com. For all of you who have already bookmarked m.getclicky.com on your iPhone, we automatically detect if you have a WebKit browser and redirect you to the iPhone page. We're doing WebKit detection instead of iPhone/iPod detection, since any WebKit browser (such as Android's upcoming release) should have the same features as Safari on the iPhone.

The interface for the generic mobile site isn't the prettiest thing in the world, because cell phones have such a wide variety of quality when it comes to the web browser. So it's just really basic, but it has all the same features/data available as the iPhone. I'll probably add a little CSS in the future to make it prettier, but it gets the job done for the moment.

We also just added "Spy" to the iPhone version! It doesn't fade in new actions like the normal Clicky does, but it's just as "live", so you can leave it open and see new stuff as it's happening, without having to manually reload.
13 comments |   Sep 09 2008 3:43pm

Announcing Clicky for your iPhone

We released a sneak peak of our new iPhone interface on Friday to some of our users, but we are announcing it officially today. If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can point it to m.getclicky.com and use an interface designed specifically for the iPhone.

Please note, this is not meant as a full replacement of Clicky, but rather a supplement for on-the-go. It has most of the features of the desktop service, but it's lacking a few such as visitor filtering and Spy. We know how much you all love Spy and we would like to add that in the future, but the performance on the iPhone is really bad for that type of thing. We'll see what we can do in the future, though! Update: Spy has been added!

We were originally going to make this a full blown "app", but Apple's approval process is a big steaming pile of blah. We applied over 3 months ago and have heard nothing back. This is just to get approved as a developer. I've also heard that the approval process for an actual app is a long time too. We just don't want to deal with that. I understand why they want to restrict "App store" apps to only ones they approve, but they really oughta allow companies to release apps on their own web site too.

Check out all the screenshots on our iPhone web analytics page. Enjoy!

17 comments |   Sep 08 2008 11:43am

Google Chrome added to browser detection

Today Google released their new browser, Google Chrome, and we've already added support for it into Clicky, as can be seen by the screenshot below:

I think Google made a lot of good decisions with the design of this browser (each tab its own process, etc). I've been playing around with it for an hour or two and it's pretty slick. Until it adds a bunch more customization, however (more preferences, and extensions like Firefox has), I don't think I could ever use it full time. One preference I really need is focusing on a new tab when it is opened as the result of a middle click on a link. Most browsers default to making new tabs open in the background, but all have a preference to change this behavior. Not Chrome though!

Oh well. I still think it's impressive for a first release.

Update Well, Chrome is certainly a hit. We analyzed the data from all 45,000 sites on our service, and Chrome has a 2% global market share. We made this page that shows the live figure (updated every 15 minutes)!
19 comments |   Sep 02 2008 1:27pm

Flash detection with Javascript to disable line graphs automatically

Hey everyone, today I added in something to automatically disable the Flash line graphs if we detect that your browser does not have Flash installed. We think this will be particularly useful for those of you who check Clicky constantly on your iPhone, since it doesn't support Flash. This way, when you look at Clicky on your iPhone, it will use our old school bar graphs, but then on your normal browser, it will show the line graphs again, without you having to change the preference back and forth manually.

There are a billion flash detection Javascript libraries for download, but they're all huge because they do a billion things. I just wanted something that detected if Flash is supported at all, or not. So, I cooked up my own script. As usual, MSIE made doing something useful as complicated as possible. What would have taken me maybe 15 minutes turned into multiple hours of testing, testing, testing for MSIE.

It seems to be working really well, but I only tested it on fairly modern browsers. If anyone has any problems with this script (e.g., you have Flash, but it's not letting you use it), please let me know.

Also if there are any Javascript experts in the hiznat, please take a look at my code and let me know if you have any suggestions: http://static.getclicky.com/inc/javascript/flashcheck.js. FYI, I'm only setting the cookie for 1 day, so that if there any problems and I release updated code, the problem will solve itself in 24 hours. Once I'm positive this is working as expected, the expiration time will be much longer.
8 comments |   Aug 27 2008 6:35pm

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