Up to the minute stats not as up to the minute

Stats won't be quite as "live" over the next few weeks, as some automated processes run in the background to go through all of your sites' history and summarize the data in highly optimized ways. At most points in the day, your stats will be fine! But when these new processes are running (once every 4-5 hours), the live stats updating takes a breather to let these run at full speed.

The choice is either, these two different processes compete with each other and slow each other down and hence make the site drastically slower for everyone, or a few times a day your stats lag a bit behind (by an hour at the most) but in turn the site is fast. I like the second choice better and hope most of you agree. I know one of the best things about Clicky is that the stats are never more than a few minutes behind real time, but this is something that we have to do! Trust me, the results will be worth it! You will start noticing a HUGE speed increase in the dashboard load time starting early next week, especially for those of you with higher traffic sites.
3 comments |   Jun 08 2007 9:24pm

Scheduled downtime tonight

Clicky will be down for 3-4 hours tonight, starting at about 8 PM (USA PST). Viewing aggregate data from more than one day will be debuting very soon (should be next week) but we have to make a few very important database changes to help ensure that pulling this data isn't slow. The changes being made will also help to significantly speed up the service for plain old "one day" summaries as well (as the service currently works). We know our higher traffic users have been suffering some slow downs recently, so hold tight, next week the service should start flying. We will also be adding at least two more servers to our arsenal within the next month, which should help even more, as we segment out users to dedicated servers and implement memcached.
6 comments |   Jun 07 2007 1:38pm

One sponsored link available (Update: it's gone)

Our sponsored links have been in high demand and we sold out a few weeks back (we only allow 11 text links). Well, one of our links just expired so we now have ONE slot available to the first person who contacts us about it. You can see more information including pricing on this page.

We also have two links that are set to expire on June 27. They may or may not be renewed by the purchasers. If not, they will be available for others to take. Beyond that point, we don't have any links expiring until the end of September. So if you've been thinking about buying one, don't hesitate.

Please note, we desire links that are relevant to our user base (bloggers and web site owners). We will accept any link as long as it's not offensive, but relevant links help increase the value of the sponsorship program and also ensures that you get more clickthroughs!

Update: It's been taken! But only for one month. So, after June 27, we might have two more, if they're not renewed. And this spot may re-open after July 5. To anyone who has interest.
0 comments |   Jun 05 2007 11:04am

Clicky WordPress plugin now available

Clicky now has an official WordPress plugin available for those of you with self hosted WordPress blogs. "Self hosted" is the key phrase. Blogs on the wordpress.com domain aren't allowed to install plugins! :(

This plugin automatically adds your tracking code to the bottom of all pages on your site, you just have to give it your site id. It also automatically filters out traffic from admins (can be disabled) and does the whole "custom data tracking" thingamabob for users with PRO accounts (automatically names your visitors based on what they have entered in your comment field, can be disabled).

The plugin is available here! If you install this plugin, be sure to REMOVE your current tracking code that you had installed previously, as you can't have more than one!

I don't have a WordPress blog so it hasn't been thoroughly tested, but worked fine for a test blog I set up. It was tested on version 2.1. I'm guessing it will work fine with 2.0 and 2.2, but probably not anything before 2.0. I'm not a WordPress expert, but this plugin is pretty simple so I don't foresee any problems. Please report on any compatibility issues, your comments and bug reports are welcome!
26 comments |   May 31 2007 4:45pm

IP tagging, and tracking other custom data

IP tagging has arrived! You can add a name to any IP address and those visitors will be identified by that name instead of their IP address when you are viewing your visitor and session log. If you click their name, it will show more details (including their IP) and all visits from that visitor, as it has before. Here is a screenshot. - notice the 'username' at the top!

Currently, it is still grouping this data by the current IP instead of their "user name". The plan is to test out grouping it by that user's name instead, but the performance may be poor. I'll keep you updated.

To start using this feature, click the new 'IPs' link from your user homepage. This has replaced the old 'IP Ignore' link, and instead those two features have been combined. Meaning, when you add an IP to your site, there is a checkbox indicating whether or not you want to ignore the IP address or just name it. Note that IP tagging is a premium only feature!

A related but much more important announcement is you can now track an unlimited amount of CUSTOM data on a per session basis. User names, cookie values, session ids, shopping cart ids, ad campaigns... you get the idea. Anything you want associated with a visitor, can now be logged to Clicky. This data will be shown to you when you view the details of a session (as indicated in the screenshot from above, which is actually just a simplified version of this more advanced full data tracking). We have been testing this within our own getclicky.com stats for a few days, you can see the results here.

There is a lot more information here, including how it works and code examples. Please note: if you are doing the "self hosted tracking code" thing, you'll need to grab an updated copy for this to work.

We are open to your suggestions on how to improve it. We considered doing this on a per ACTION level as well, in fact it is already designed to be flexible enough to add that in easily, but there is definitely some concern with data storage if we were tracking that much additional data on your visitors. If there is a demand for such a feature, we may decide to implement it.

Note that full custom data tracking is PRO only. (Our upper end premium package). However, all users who signed up for our normal premium package before May 11 (as indicated here) have access to this feature as well.

Interested in upgrading? You can do so here!

As an aside, we are aware that performance recently is getting a bit slower when viewing your stats, particularly for high traffic sites. We have had an explosion of new users recently, which is a contributing factor. I am working on some optimizations to help fix this issue.

We are also outgrowing our current web host in terms of how much traffic we are now taking in, and how much support they can give us. Hence, we are looking for a new place to host the service. We need a company that leases high end dedicated servers (64 bit, 4GB+ RAM, 250GB+ RAID1 mirroring) with root access at a decent price (less than $300/mo), including support. If you know of such a company, and have personal experience with them, please help us out by dropping a comment or contact us directly via our contact page on getclicky.com.
18 comments |   May 30 2007 2:12pm

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