WordPress plugin update

A new version of our WordPress plugin is available here. It now has a friendly interface to manage the options, instead of having to manually edit the plugin code (yuck). Many thanks to Clicky user Douglas Karr who coded the majority of this update, he knows a lot more about WordPress than I do.

If you have a previous version installed, be sure to remove that before upgrading. If you have any problems, please report them here, and BE SPECIFIC! Don't just say it doesn't work, that gives us no indication of what could be going wrong. Enjoy!
8 comments |   Jun 14 2007 1:03pm

Updates to RSS, Spy, and more

Few updates for you. IP tagging and custom data tracking have been fully integrated into both the visitors RSS feed, as well as Spy. This feature now feels much more complete. IP filters have also been integrated into Spy, so anyone you are filtering should stop showing up in there as well.

We've also added a percentage column next to the value column when viewing your "popular" data (searches, links, etc). The percentage shown is calculated from ALL of the data for that day, not just what's shown (the top 50). Screenshot. I know, I know, this seems obvious and is about as exciting as Google's announcement today that their Analytics service now makes URLs for your site into clickable links. Whoopee! I know. What can I say? :) Just happy to finally have it in the service. It does give you a much better picture of how popular a given item is. This will be even more true once aggregate data is complete.

Speaking of which....aggregate data is in progress. I don't think it will be ready by the end of this week though. Maybe this weekend, but probably Monday or Tuesday. I am a very thorough tester, so I'm taking my time making sure it's rock solid. It's going to be a great addition to the service. Perhaps another one of those "gee, about time" features, but again, what can I say. Just know that it's coming, and you'll love it.
3 comments |   Jun 14 2007 10:30am

Up to the minute stats not as up to the minute

Stats won't be quite as "live" over the next few weeks, as some automated processes run in the background to go through all of your sites' history and summarize the data in highly optimized ways. At most points in the day, your stats will be fine! But when these new processes are running (once every 4-5 hours), the live stats updating takes a breather to let these run at full speed.

The choice is either, these two different processes compete with each other and slow each other down and hence make the site drastically slower for everyone, or a few times a day your stats lag a bit behind (by an hour at the most) but in turn the site is fast. I like the second choice better and hope most of you agree. I know one of the best things about Clicky is that the stats are never more than a few minutes behind real time, but this is something that we have to do! Trust me, the results will be worth it! You will start noticing a HUGE speed increase in the dashboard load time starting early next week, especially for those of you with higher traffic sites.
3 comments |   Jun 08 2007 9:24pm

Scheduled downtime tonight

Clicky will be down for 3-4 hours tonight, starting at about 8 PM (USA PST). Viewing aggregate data from more than one day will be debuting very soon (should be next week) but we have to make a few very important database changes to help ensure that pulling this data isn't slow. The changes being made will also help to significantly speed up the service for plain old "one day" summaries as well (as the service currently works). We know our higher traffic users have been suffering some slow downs recently, so hold tight, next week the service should start flying. We will also be adding at least two more servers to our arsenal within the next month, which should help even more, as we segment out users to dedicated servers and implement memcached.
6 comments |   Jun 07 2007 1:38pm

One sponsored link available (Update: it's gone)

Our sponsored links have been in high demand and we sold out a few weeks back (we only allow 11 text links). Well, one of our links just expired so we now have ONE slot available to the first person who contacts us about it. You can see more information including pricing on this page.

We also have two links that are set to expire on June 27. They may or may not be renewed by the purchasers. If not, they will be available for others to take. Beyond that point, we don't have any links expiring until the end of September. So if you've been thinking about buying one, don't hesitate.

Please note, we desire links that are relevant to our user base (bloggers and web site owners). We will accept any link as long as it's not offensive, but relevant links help increase the value of the sponsorship program and also ensures that you get more clickthroughs!

Update: It's been taken! But only for one month. So, after June 27, we might have two more, if they're not renewed. And this spot may re-open after July 5. To anyone who has interest.
0 comments |   Jun 05 2007 11:04am

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