Update on server change

clicky.roxr.net was unreachable for a short amount of time, but getclicky.com and clickystats.com continue to give us a configuration error. We are waiting to hear back from our host as to the cause of this problem. In the meantime, use clicky.roxr.net to get to the site. And don't worry - traffic data hasn't stopped being collected. Even as the main site was being transferred to another process, we were watching the traffic flow in and being logged. We are still very annoyed that two of our domains don't work right now, but it's beyond our control at this stage.

Update: Everything is smooth sailing again.
2 comments |   Dec 01 2006 5:14pm

Better domains

We admit, clicky.roxr.net isn't the best, nor the most memorable domain. Unfortunately clicky.com is taken, but we do have a couple others that we think will stick with you a lot better. getclicky.com and clickystats.com are mirrors of the original clicky.roxr.net, so use whichever one you like best. It's also probably better to use one of those when you tell all your friends how aweome Clicky is :) That way, they might actually be able to remember the address.
5 comments |   Nov 29 2006 6:21pm

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