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How to track Adsense through Getclicky ?

Hi, I want to know how can i track clicks/queries (goals) which originated from adsense websites. I am not satisfied with Google Analytic and this is why I want to use Getclicky

Posted Wed Nov 4 2009 5:51am by pennystock121

Hi, currently we don't track adsense specifically. We are looking into it more though as we keep getting requests for it!

Posted Wed Nov 4 2009 1:10pm by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

How about AdWords?

Posted Thu Nov 5 2009 7:22am by bhadfield

yes, if we can track adsense, not exactly tracking clicks, just how many clicks on each page to those adsense javascipt, i think you can track it with adsense pub id, by measuring how many clicks visitors are going out through that pub id since each adsense click url has pub id in it for google to track clicks. This may be something which can help in optimising the pages more for targeted traffic.

Posted Wed Nov 18 2009 7:47pm by cobs-DELETED

Any update on this? I would like to be able to track exit-link clicks on adsense ads. Even statcounter offers this now. Maybe I'm missing something in the dashboard or something. I'm still on free-mode but I would be happy to upgrade to premium if that's what is needed to view these stats. Thanks.

Posted Fri Mar 5 2010 10:51am by techsupport

No updates yet, sorry.

Posted Fri Mar 5 2010 1:04pm by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

Gentlemen. I need to be able to attach the visitor to the action that leaves the site via an adsense click. This is as much for compliance to make sure my employees are not clicking the adsense blocks as to track which sequence of actions actually preceded the adsense click. Right now, the adsense clicks are not even registering as Outbound links, so I am at a loss how to do this.

Posted Tue Aug 3 2010 1:41am by conthigh

Any update to this?

Posted Fri Nov 5 2010 1:38pm by mwawrzyniec

No, but... really, we do want to do it! Keep in mind we only have ONE developer (me) and I can only do so much :)

Posted Sat Nov 6 2010 10:36am by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

I'd like to add another vote for this -- it'd be a GREAT feature to be able to get adsense clicks as goals.

Posted Sun Nov 7 2010 6:52pm by linkbarrett

+1 on this. Very important to us. For a new project, I tried to switch back to Google Analytics recently because of this. Couldn't stand it, and came back. Also, I'm happily recommending Clicky to others, but they alway point me to the Adsense issue.

Posted Thu Dec 9 2010 6:43am by reezom

Please implement adsense tracking.

Posted Sat Jan 15 2011 9:37am by ires

Clicky is awesome, but I would love adsense tracking.

Posted Wed Feb 23 2011 9:52pm by oak

I would appreciate if we have have high priority assigned to this.

Posted Sat Mar 26 2011 11:01am by ires

+1 from me too!

Posted Tue Apr 5 2011 10:58pm by Huzie


Posted Thu Apr 21 2011 4:23pm by HS1979

I think one of the very first things one of our new employees will be assigned is this. Because it's the feature request that just won't die :)

Posted Thu Apr 21 2011 10:49pm by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

Don't mean to be a party pooper, but it's very difficult to do. Adsense is created by JavaScript, as the page is rendered. You can't put tracking code into it. It's also against the tos of adsense if i remember correctly. It could be done by creating a division in CSS that wraps around it and then attaching a onclick trigger to that division. Wouldn't be totally accurate but best solution I've seen so far. For what it's worth, no tracker I've seen can do it. Google don't want us knowing who's clicking what.

Posted Sat Apr 23 2011 4:27pm by anteck-DELETED

I would also like to submit a request for this feature.. any update on this in the past month?

Posted Sun May 22 2011 9pm by tgodier-DELETED

I would also like to request this feature. I can only imagine how may Clicky subscribers have Adsense on their site and could benefit from tracking those clicks so this would be huge in regards to providing a benefit to a large population of Clicky subscribers. Would also be another selling advantage to add the list of features in comparison to Clicky competitors. ;)

Posted Fri May 27 2011 4:30pm by baxter

1 year and 7 months of people asking for this feature and still nothing :( This makes me sad!

Posted Tue Jun 28 2011 2:29pm by pdipatrizio

Any news on this adsense tracking feature???

Posted Sat Jul 30 2011 11:52am by seductiontuition

+1, I'd love to see this feature added. This is how my site makes all of its revenue so I'd really love to be able to track which tracking sources are giving me the users that make me the most money.

Posted Sun Aug 14 2011 1:34am by cardine

+1, would be a nice feature

Posted Tue Aug 23 2011 9:41pm by someguy9

+1 for this

Posted Wed Dec 7 2011 3:20pm by newyorkcity

Sorry, we added this a few weeks ago. Anyone coming from an adsense ad, we will now show the actual referring instead of whatever it was before (something like, and flag it as advertising too (in traffic sources report)

Posted Wed Dec 7 2011 3:33pm by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

What about tracking outgoing adsense clicks? I would like to know how many are legit as google likes to say some are not, or as in my case when I had a lot of traffic they wiped them all away - and I have no way of knowing if that is true. Having a way to track adsense would at least shed some light on google's practices.

Posted Sat Jan 7 2012 10:27pm by stingerman-DELETED

We have researched this and Google works hard to make these difficult to track with a third party system. We haven't been able to come up with a way to do it.

Posted Mon Jan 9 2012 2:57pm by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

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