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Cloudflare + GetClicky = Tracking not working

Hi, Probably I'm using GetClicky from 5 years but this time I can't get it to work with my new website. I'm using cloudflare but I don't want to use their GetClicky "App" since I already have an account. Of course there's the tracking code on the website but it just doesn't work. What the hell is the problem? :D
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Latest: May 20 2015 7:28pm

Email alert on goals not working, but goal being completed

Hi, I setup a goal , to flag when people visit a specific page. The goal is being triggered and reported okay. But when I setup an alwet to email me when that goal is completed, no mail is coming. Pl. help thanks
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Latest: May 19 2015 10:16pm

Site id, key and db

Please remove the site id and other stuff in the dashboard. It is pretty useless and only distracts. Please dont over optimize. You've already made 2 changes I don't like very much. That being said, I still like clicky a lot. Best wishes
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Latest: May 14 2015 6:37am

Any way to break down mobile and desktop users?

I assume there's a way to see how many visitors were on mobile devices and how many were on desktop/laptop computers, but am not sure where to look. Anyone know?
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Latest: May 11 2015 5:02pm

track a goal on a page, without changing the url "trackPageview()"

Hi Gents, I want to track an action on a page, but the url doesn't change. Does Clicky has a feature like GA trackpreview? Thnx in advance! M
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Latest: May 7 2015 11:17am

Goals with a varying URL

Hi, sorry this may be a silly Q. I'me trying to make a goal that will track a successful order, as an example the URL might be /checkout/order-received/453/?key=wc_order_553dd2b0ea1f5&utm_nooverride=1 I've setup the goal with the URL /checkout/order-recieved/ but with no luck, am I missing a *, or something more critical? Thanks in advance
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Latest: May 6 2015 3:19pm

Should Top Next/Previous Pages show other websites?

When I click on the Top Next/Previous Pages icon next to one of my pages on Content/Pages I get a popup listing partial URLs - some are for pages on my domain - others are for completely different domains. Is this supposed to work this way? And if so, what does it mean to see the previous page was and the next page is Where is this being picked up as none of these domains show up in the referring domains stats?
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Latest: May 5 2015 7:09pm

Heatmap Not Logging On Custom Website Width

Hey there i noticed clicky is not showing heat map. I have custom width, just measured it with width tool and it says it's 979px. For height i can't tell as i receive a lot of comments so it expands, or the height is measured before comments start. Anyway, let me know what i am doing wrong here Thanks
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Latest: May 4 2015 11:26am

Search Engines as Incoming Links

Hi, in my incoming Links report I have many regular referers from search engines these days. Like: 1.4 49s 0s 82% 0% [View external page] 1.3 32s 0s 81% 0% [View external page] 2.0 10s 0s 0% 0% [View external page] 1.6 25s 0s 62% 0% 1.0 10s 0s 100% 0% [View external page] Just wanted to report this. This visitors should be recognized as "from search engine" with the correct referer or scure search. Thanks Patrick
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Latest: Apr 29 2015 7:25am

The spam scam site Semalt.

Semalt seems to be run by Ukrainian spammers and it spams their website on countless site analytics and people will go to the site out of curiosity and some will then sign up. Their analytics are no where near as good as other analytic sites, but it's about money at the end of the day, spamming the analytics is more effective than email spam, I think this is a bad new trend. If you look at Semalt's Facebook page, which is full of complaints, they will tell you to go to their site and add your site so it gets removed from their spam bot list. I find it suspicious, I don't think you should give them anything, maybe they won't remove your site, maybe they will add your site to one list or another. "Nataliya Khachaturyan, - she's the owner, seems dubious, only 12 friends - , Name removed, you can remove your site from our seed list on this on this page: Just enter your site/sites URL."
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Latest: Apr 27 2015 10:50am

Tracking Not Working

I signed up for a new site after deleting my old account and I cannot get the tracking plugin to work.
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Latest: Apr 27 2015 6:22am

Clicky Stopped Working, Completely

This is my first month on Clicky (I have a Pro account), which I started via CloudFlare. Everything was working fine, but I noticed a day after I enabled on-site analytics that the widget and the dashboard were not displaying the same information. Then, the next day Clicky returned just 11 views, which hasn't happened since the first day, the first hour the site launched, and now nothing is showing. I thought it was CloudFlare, because the tracking stopped after I made a monthly payment, which seemed odd, but they are showing a few thousand views yesterday, and so is Google Analytics. I also tried to add the Clicky code manually in case CloudFlare was not returning correctly, but it too is not working. I deleted the manual code after confirming it was installed correctly using your tool. What is going on? Paying for something that has been down is very frustrating. I opened a support ticket earlier yesterday (w/ CloudFlare, as well), but have not heard back. domian:
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Latest: Apr 24 2015 2:55am

Urgent: Our tracking img is broken...

One of the images used to track non JS visitors is reported as broken and our site does not complete loading... :-(
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Latest: Apr 22 2015 6:33am

Mobile visitors

Hi! I'm trying to see how many visitors using mobile land on a specific page. I tried to do that from "content" but couldn't really find a way to do it, since the filters can only be based on browsers. Any idea on how I could do that? Thanks!
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Latest: Apr 21 2015 5:42am

Hide all visits coming from specific countries

Hello, Is there a way to hide all visits coming from specific countries ? I mean I don’t want to block these visits, I just want to have them hidden. Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards, Flo'
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Latest: Apr 17 2015 3:56am

How Does Clicky Deal with Tabbed Browsing?

Hi, If a user is on my site for 2 minutes and then switches to another tab (of a different site) in the browser for 1 minute, is that time on the second tab counted? My site would still be open in a tab, just not currently viewed. How do you count the time if they are away for 1 minute and then come back to my site's tab for 2 minutes? Thanks, Nigel
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Latest: Apr 16 2015 12:05pm

how to include conversions in a content report

I would like to get a report to show all form leads for all my content pages. When I pull a content report, it does not show leads for all page. I only see conversions when I click on each page individually.
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Latest: Apr 16 2015 10:58am

Path of visitor and API

I have seen URL posted month ago: Is it possible to receive data such as Path of visitor?
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Latest: Apr 15 2015 4:04am

Import Data From Google Analytics?

Hi, is there a way to import my data of 3 years from Google Analytics into Clicky? If not, these stats would be lost. Thanks
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Latest: Apr 15 2015 1:38am

Sudden Drop in Traffic April 2015

Hi guys, I just noticed yesterday that my traffic dropped 75% on get clicky but it shows a different number on my google anaytics. It continues today. I usually get around 50-100 visits an hour but now Im registering 0-5 an hour. What could be wrong? I checked and my website is still indexed and also with a good pagerank.
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Latest: Apr 13 2015 10:56am

Cannot add sites

I just paid for a full year and I cannot add a single site, the link goes to a dead page with every browser. Did I get ripped off, is this site for real?
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Latest: Apr 13 2015 8:26am


hi my name is adrian and i having problem to started making traffic
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Latest: Apr 11 2015 3:14pm

Works only with Firefox

Hello, My stats only work when someone uses Firefox to visit my sites. When you use Chrome or I.E., nothing shows on my stats. Why ? Does someone has an answer ? Thank you very much :) Renaud
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Latest: Apr 11 2015 3:03am

Clicky and Cloud Flare

ACCOUNT: cf__mat007 Hi ! I have just signed up with via the cloudflare service. It was mentionned that i can track up to 10 websites for 9.99$ per month. I am trying to add more of my sites via CLOUDFLARE but it's not working. Can you help with that plz ? I hope it's not 9,99$ per cloudflare website ? Because the advertising on cloudflare was clear that i could add up to 10 websites for tracking. If i do not have 10 websites via cloudflare, it does not interest me. Here is the clicky ad on cloudflare : Thanks ! Mat
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Latest: Apr 10 2015 7:06am

Clicky not tracking member pages

I am using the free version of Clicky. I have Clicky code installed on all pages of our website. It is not tracking pages in the members area. These pages are NOT https. They are pages protected with AuthPro. AuthPro uses javascript to protect pages in them members area (you login with a user name and password). When I test the URL on your “verify tracking code page" it says "Your tracking appears to be installed correctly. These pages do have Flash objects on them. I also used a nofollow header tag so that member pages won’t be indexed by search engines. Not sure if either of these things make a difference. Is there anything I can do to get Clicky to track these pages? Will upgrading to the Pro version of Clicky help? Thanks in advance for your help!
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Latest: Apr 9 2015 7:18am

Reset revenue

Is there a way to reset sales revenue or remove a goal action? I just setup clicky and a huge $ amount was passed. It was supposed to be a order id and revenue amount that i messed up. Thanks! D
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Latest: Apr 8 2015 9:56pm

Flashy Widget

Not just the Flashy widget but with other widgets as well. How can I display the widget with a Custom Filter. Using the Custom Data and every page has a custom name, now I want to see traffic per page per custom name in a widget like Flashy. How can I do this? I tried adding this in the widget URL (&custom[page]=page_name) but that didn't work. Any ideas? Thank you
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Latest: Apr 3 2015 3:19pm

Clicky tracks my own site

Clicky continues to track my own site, despite the fact that I've enabled third party cookie on my browser, and I'm always logged in Could you please suggest any recommendations to fix this problem?
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Latest: Apr 2 2015 10:26am

Joomla Plugin: Bar under the statistics disapperared

I'm using Clicky on my Joomla website. I can review the statistics and so on directly in my backend. Previously, I logged in on my Joomla backend and I saw the Clicky statistics and had a bar below the statistics where I could click on "searches", "countries" etc., so that I could see more insight statistics. This bar disappeared now. I only see the statistics themselves, I can't review the searches, browsers, IPs, countries... How can I get the bar back?
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Latest: Apr 1 2015 7:48am

Google Analytics spam referrers not in Clicky!

I have a lot of spam referrers showing up in my GA reports, it drives me crazy! But fortunately these spam referrers are not showing up in my Clicky reports. Now I have two questions: - How does Clicky manage to block these spam referrers so successfully? - I am thinking about deleting GA code from my websites because of the referrer spam. My bounce rate is very high in GA reports, and I wonder if that could have a negative effect on my search rankings? - On the other side, would it be a disadvantage if I have no GA code on my websites, for my search rankings? Somehow I think that having a GA code on your website could be helping to get a higher ranking in the Google search engine? Anyone have any thoughts about that? Thanks!
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Latest: Mar 31 2015 1:59am

Dynamic Campaign Not Working

I set up a campaign, selected 'Landing Page' and gave matching string as utm_campaign=cclp1ao. Then I clicked on URL However the Campaign does not show this visit. (I confirmed that the click is tracked in the Spy module.)
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Latest: Mar 30 2015 4:27am

Campaigns Unreliable

Hey, I have set up two campaigns to track downloads from my website. When I go to look at content and downloads, I see 10-20 downloads. However, only 3-4 are flagging as part of the campaign. Does anyone have an explanation or solution? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Latest: Mar 27 2015 4:32pm

site disabled

hi i'm on a free plan. i get a message: Tracking for this site was automatically disabled because your premium subscription or trial expired and you are now on the free plan, which is limited to tracking one web site with a maximum of 3,000 daily page views... i deleted all sites, now i have only one. how do i activate the free plan? thanks
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Latest: Mar 17 2015 1:29am

db5 / 40 / 41 offline for hardware move, Sat Mar 7

We're moving these 3 databases to new hardware today. db5 and 40 will be offline for likely ~3 hours (starting 5:30pm PST). db41 we think can migrate with close to zero downtime but we can't guarantee that, so we'll see.
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Latest: Mar 14 2015 7:31pm

Why is data delayed or not showing?
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Latest: Mar 4 2015 11:54am

How to remove all records of visitor from data?

I have been looking for a way to remove all personal information of a customer(on request) from my data. Filtering UID etc...doesn't mask historical data. I cannot wait until the data expires (6 to 18 months). Is there a way to do this? Regards
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Latest: Mar 3 2015 1:17pm

24h format in spy

Hi, My preferences are all in 24h time format (15h30 instead of 3:30pm), but in spy all hours are in am/pm format. Not a big deal, but anyone know how to turn these into 24h time format ?
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Latest: Mar 3 2015 1:14pm

Heatmaps for responsive sites

Hi- I would like to be able to use heatmaps, but all of my sites are responsive designs. It looks like we need to set widths for heatmaps to work, does anybody know if and how to use Clicky heatmaps on a responsive site? Thanks!
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Latest: Mar 2 2015 3:39am

Tracking custom data

Hello, I have access to php code of my site (Guppy cms), with the variable $userprefs[1] I can grab the login name of the users but i don't know how customize the example code i find in the help page (Tracking custom data) It's possible have the login name in my logs? Thanks, Zadok
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Latest: Mar 1 2015 12:05am

What is this for?

I noticed theres a in the tracking link.. was just curious what was this for?
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Latest: Feb 28 2015 5:23pm

Spy Not Loading Yet Again

Nuking cache doesn't work and I can see broken code above the nuke cache button....
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Latest: Feb 28 2015 11:31am

Spy showing data, but nothing in overview

On one of our sites, we see zero visitors for few hours but only in the overview. If I open Spy I see all the action like it really is. There was no downtime or anything. Thanks Feda
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Latest: Feb 26 2015 11:20am

Spy down again

can't even nuke cache.
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Latest: Feb 25 2015 3:22pm

Data loss on db8 / db10 / db36

Some customers did not get the automated email that was sent out so I'm starting a new thread with all relevant info from Clicky here at the very top. This way I can share this thread with affected customers who did not get the email. Please make sure the email in your account is valid and up to date! We have no way of contacting you otherwise. You can update your email address here: ---- COPY OF EMAIL SENT OUT JANUARY 11: On January 9 2015, Clicky experienced catastrophic data loss for databases 8, 10, and 36. These 3 databases were all hosted on the same physical server. If you are getting this email, then you had at least one site whose data was stored on this server. One of the hard drives in this server had been acting up for a few weeks, causing some lag in processing but no problems otherwise. We were at the data center to replace it on January 9. Before the RAID (data redundancy) could be fully rebuilt, another drive in the same server died, causing the RAID to completely fail. With 2 failed drives on a 4-drive RAID 10 set up, there's 67% chance that the data is still good, but luck was not on our side. Everything possible was done to recover the data, but we were unsuccessful. As compensation, we are refunding your money from the last 3 years, proportional to how many of the sites in your account were affected. For example, if you had paid $300 total for Clicky over the last 3 years and 50% of your sites were affected, your refund would be $150. Refunds are being placed in your affiliate account, which you can access here: Affiliate money can be cashed out via Paypal or applied towards future upgrades. In this case however you will also be able to request a physical check, if desired (this option will be available within 24 hours). For those of you paying with a credit card, our payment processor does not allow us to do refunds for payments older than 120 days, so we can't do refunds directly to your card for payments covering 3 years. No excuse makes this loss acceptable and nothing could possibly make up for it, but we'll do everything we can to make sure it never happens again. ---- "YOU THOUGHT RAID WAS A BACKUP SOLUTION?!?" No. We always had backups. But when we virtualized everything (Summer 2012) we had to temporarily stop doing backups because the storage method on each server changed significantly. There was no longer a spare drive in each server dedicated just for storing backups. So we needed to come up with a centralized backup solution after this, but this was around the same time that the amount of data we had was just getting ridiculous, well over 100 billion rows of data at that point, which proves challenging ("BACKUPS ARE HARD", yeah, thanks). Getting backups online again was always in the back of my head, but before I knew it, "temporarily" had become two and a half years and disaster struck. Of course the 6 years we actually had backups, we never needed them. That's how these things work. Our top priority is bringing data backups back to our service as soon as possible. The old backups we had are gone, as most parts from our old servers, including the hard drives, were recycled when we moved to a purely virtualized infrastructure. We are also adding more in depth disk monitoring. Currently we have alerts set up when a drive in a RAID falls offline. We also monitor the real-time-ness of all servers throughout the day which makes it obvious when a server is having issues, but this is a task manually performed. We are working on a script that will check for disk i/o errors in the dmesg log on all servers throughout the day, so we will know immediately if there is potentially any problem with any of the disks/ssds in our data center and be able to replace them much more proactively than we have in the past. Obviously we regret not taking these steps sooner. We're offering apologies and refunds to all affected customers and hope that most of you accept those and stick with us. ------- DATA RECOVERY We are actually still working on trying to recover the data. I don't think it will be possible but we are trying. Meantime what we did was recreate these virtual database servers (8/10/36) on a new machine and started logging data fresh there, so that you can still get new data for your affected sites. If we are able to recover the data, the challenge is going to be merging the two data sets. Our database design won't make that possible, so what we would likely do is split each affected site into two site registrations on Clicky: Old, and New. Then you can go to one of them to view your data prior to Jan 9, and the other one to view your data since then. Not ideal but at least the data would still be available. Regardless of whether or not this happens, we are giving refunds everyone who wants one, you deserve it. ------- OTHER Approximately 5% of paying customers were affected by this loss. If everyone claims their refund it's going to total close to $100,000. That stings like hell, but it's the right thing to do. Some have asked if this will put us out of business. No, it won't. Those of you who have emailed us with empathy and words of encouragement, thank you, the world could use a little more of that. The option to cash out your refund via physical check is not available yet, as we're getting slammed with emails and communication with affected customers is our top priority right now. But we will have that as an option soon, I promise.
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Latest: Feb 25 2015 3:14pm

Help / detailed list of last 30 visitors to site

Strange. I first came across this one today. I then ran the report again (12 hours later) and got pretty much identical results. Impossible. Vis... "Top 30 searches from the last 7 days in XML format (API documentation)" The results returned around 19h35 GMT were identical to those checked at around 08h00 GMT What gives?
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Latest: Feb 25 2015 11:36am

Tracking inbound links with conversions

Hello, This is what I am looking to do: Let's say I have many links pointing to my site where clicky code is installed. link1 -> mysite link2 -> mysite link3 -> mysite Now I want to be able to track newsletter sign-up conversion for each of the above links. link1 -> mysite -> submit name & email -> Thank you page link2 -> mysite -> submit name & email -> Thank you page link3 -> mysite -> submit name & email -> Thank you page How do I do this? :) Thanks!
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Latest: Feb 25 2015 11:07am

Spy Stopped Working

Spy down for anyone else? Just stopped working out of the blue for all our sites.
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Latest: Feb 25 2015 10:15am

Historic new vs returning visitors

Is it possible to view historic new vs returning visitor percentage? Or just a returning visitor daily graph? I want to see return visitor growth, yet it seems you can't? Bit strange as its a basic analytics feature...
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Latest: Feb 17 2015 1:45pm

Stats not working

hello i installed clicky a week ago while i was in another country and everything was working fine. now i have returned home and it is not counting any visits, not even my own. i did absolutely nothing and it just stopped working. i tried logging in with mobile devices and my own desktop computer and it is strange that it doesn't recored any visits. what can i do? thanks
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Latest: Feb 17 2015 11:08am

Tracking Failed

My Clicky tracking quit registering visitors late last week. I reinstalled the tracking code and it works now. Were there changes made? Thank you, George
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Latest: Feb 16 2015 8:27am

Contact form click.log

Hi I have a clicky.lo for a contact form. It works fine on my Mac using chrome and Firefox but not with Safari. I know this was an issue in 2009 but wondering if there is still an issue with tracking forms with safari and is there a solution. here is my jquery code: $(function() { $(‘#myDIVid’).submit( function() { clicky.log('#fmyFieldID’,’submit_form); }); });
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Latest: Feb 15 2015 8:26pm

Cross domain tracking ads banner

I would like to tacking my banner that showing on others website. where should i place the tracking code?
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Latest: Feb 15 2015 6:54pm

Not tracking referring links

Hi I have set up a new tracking code for a new site and I can see referring domains/links are being shown in Spy, but are showing as direct traffic on the dashboard? I have multiple sites with clicky but only this one is having the issue The site I am using the asynchronous code and it seems in order to me. Can anyone suggest a fix?
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Latest: Feb 14 2015 11:56pm

Campaign Funnel Duration with Static Goals

Hi there, sorry if this is a basic question, but I couldn't find the answer in these forums. I just setup a static goal with a campaign funnel. I've tested it and it works great. My question is how long does the visitor have in order for the funnel to be appropriately tracked is it 30 days? Meaning, if a visitor comes to my site on Jan 1, 2015 as a result of a campaign, it will capture that visitor in my campaign view. However, what if they end up leaving the site, and then come back two weeks later directly (not via the campaign referral url) and that's when they land on the Goal URL? Will that visit be captured as still coming from the campaign funnel since it was 2 weeks later? Hope that makes sense! Thanks for any and all help,
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Latest: Feb 11 2015 9:37am

Unkown Source

Hello, Some kind of visitor appeared in my visitors menu. If anyone can tell what this is all about i would really appreciate it. You can see the screenshots in the below link. Thanks
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Latest: Feb 11 2015 5:12am


Tracking organisations is SO cool. However, in my organisations report, I have a fair number of internet providers showing up (I'd say roughly 10%). I guess organisations detection is based on a fingerprint of the network used by the user to reach our websites. Lots of companies seem to access the internet through business ISPs. These business ISPs have nothing to do with the actual company of the user, but seem to sometime have a fingerprint of their own. In my case (guess it is the same for pretty much everyone, not just me), the organisations reports are full of business ISPs. Here are a couple of examples : - Teamtel - Psinet - Unitymedia Nrw Gmbh - Orange - Ovh Sas - Services Platform - Pearltrees Servers Subnet Would it be possible manually specify that "I don't want THAT specific organisation to show up in the reports" ? One last thing, I have a lot of city names in the organisations report, does anyone know what these are ? Cheers
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Latest: Feb 9 2015 8:04am

Link widget doesn't update

For a long time I had the poppy link widget on my website, no problems at all. Today I decided to place the widget again, after an hour, 2000 unique visitors and at least 300 link referrers later the widget still hasn't updated. Any idea what's going on?
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Latest: Feb 8 2015 9:08am

Heatmap not appearing in my Proplus account

I got a proplus account and cant find the heatmap options in my panel. Thanks
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Latest: Jan 30 2015 12:32pm

Upgraded to Pro Platinum - Pre-approved payments question

My previous was clicky pro but since i am constantly having traffic overload than clicky pro is allowed i have upgraded to click pro platinum subscribed yearly. Is it okay to cancel my previous subscribtion (clicky pro) on my pre-approved payments on my paypal account? since i already have clicky pro platinum on my pre-approved payments list. thanks
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Latest: Jan 27 2015 8:15pm

Google Plus Visitors Counted as "Searches" instead of Social

Please fix this, because this skews the numbers when I'm looking at my traffic sources such as Searches, Social Media, Direct and Links. It makes it look like I have more searches then actually is true and less social media visitors then I actually have. Please fix, thanks
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Latest: Jan 26 2015 5:45pm

Clicky on Win8

Anyone else had an issue with Online Visitors not being recognised? Have a Win7 PC - all is working fine. Want to move to my shiny Win8 - clicky does not update the visitors online "correctly". In dashboard (PlugIn or Online), The Basics Widget shows visitors and it refreshes OK. But the Header Info that shows who is Online, Visitors, and Actions does not, both PlugIn or Online. The Alerts do not work either unless I go to Big Screen. If I close restart IE it refreshes! You may say that it has something to do with my local settings, which I have crossed checked - but that does not explain why Clicky Online does not update. This is weird - as I said it works fine on my Win7 PC. I'm trying the community as Support has ignored me so far. Thanks in advance
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Latest: Jan 26 2015 3:54am

Database maintenance, Jan 24 2015

We're running database maintenance this weekend on the following database servers. Maintenance typically takes between 2-4 hours depending on the server. All of the servers listed below should be done today but some may leak into tomorrow. During maintenance, reports are still available but traffic processing is halted. Spy will still provide live data but other reports will not update until maintenance has completed. No data will be lost, it will just be delayed. The database that hosts each site in your account is listed on your main site preferences page. Affected database servers: 6 11 15 16 17 18 21 22 23 24 25 28 29 31 33 35 37 39 45 - 62
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Latest: Jan 24 2015 9:57pm

Only 1 Action, On Page For Hours

I am wondering if the Actions are not always logged/tracked because I don't understand why someone would be on my webpage... ... for 3+ hours and not click any of the LISTEN buttons (which show up as an action for everyone else). Several people are on my site for over an hour with only 1 action. Maybe they left their computer and kept the page open. They were on the page 4 hours the day before (and it only says 1 Action as well).
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Latest: Jan 22 2015 3:55am

Joomla Administrator Pages

I cannot find where to turn off tracking of the admin section of my website. I remember seeing it when setting up the account. Any help is appreciated
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Latest: Jan 19 2015 10:52am

Headmap lets Firefox "hang-up" (using Firefox 32.0 on Windows 8.1)

The headmap did work, for a couple of day's in Firefox. Great feature! But know the script doesn't come to an end and lets Firefox hang it self. I de-installed Firefox completely, did run a clean up of the Windows registry and reinstalled Firefox completly new. Result: the problem is still there! :( :( :( Did anyone also had the same problem and fixed it? Danny Vermeeren
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Latest: Jan 16 2015 11:26pm

RSS Tracking?

Is there any tools in clicky to track RSS statistics?
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Latest: Jan 13 2015 5:45pm

Clicky no registering visits

Hi - I am on a free version of clicky. Does the data refresh happen live or does it take a few hours? I can see a difference in statistics and can see clicky has not update anything for a few hours. Thanks, Swapnil
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Latest: Jan 13 2015 4:20pm

All of my stats history disappeared

All of my clicky history has disappeared, even the email report I received yesterday showed just a fraction of the date from yesterday. Please help.
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Latest: Jan 13 2015 4:18pm

My phone number as outbound link, an action, but nobody called

Well, that is it. I came home and checked the actions from one visitor, the last one was "Tel 22 92 12 97 68", which is my cellphone number, but nobody called. The visitor was using an iphone with Safari My phone number on the webpages is just plain text, no links to it, except on the google ad, but the previous action was the visit to my contact page, so the whole thing is puzzling. Any thoughts?
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Latest: Jan 13 2015 3:21pm

Multiple Tracking Codes one Domain

I am setting up a service for my clients where each of them will have a subfolder my domain. I'd like to be able to offer them unique stats for their service. This would require a different tracking code for each subfolder. I'd love to be able to assign a different user for each folder, but for now I can run the reports for them. In this case due to shared code in the root folder, subdomains won't work. Is it possible to have separate stats from multiple folders on one domain? Thank you! Rob
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Latest: Jan 12 2015 2:04am

Strange URL Filtered out by Clicky but not GA

Many instances of this strange 404 landing page error, "/impact/webview/production/impact/index.html?...," was filtered out by Clicky but not Google Analytics. Anybody know what this is?
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Latest: Jan 10 2015 5:17pm

DB 8 Outage Question

One of my sites appears to have lost all of its history and configuration, due to the db8 outage yesterday. Any chance my history and settings like goals and campaigns will be recovered? Kind Regards
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Latest: Jan 10 2015 3:08pm

Flag/Locale Not Displaying in Spy

The flag/locale of each visitor does not display in on the main Spy page. It's there in the detail i.e. when clicking on the IP address (and the visitor is indicated on the map), but otherwise not. Until the last couple of days this was only an intermittent issue, but now it's constant. What's strangest is that this does not happen on all my devices, just my primary work desktop, to which no changes have been made that should be affecting Clicky's display of the flag/locale of each visitor (let alone intermittently). Anyway, I'm trying to troubleshoot this so I was wondering if anyone else was/is experiencing this, under what conditions one was/is, and how one was able to remedy the issue if one was able to remedy it. Best, AJ
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Latest: Jan 8 2015 3:18am

Does Clicky De-duplicate/merge visitors?

I'm looking to replace KISS metrics with Clicky. One thing that KISS did well was to work with this situation: 1) Visitor clicks ad - is recorded as an IP address - and signs up to newsletter --- email address is now assoicated to that IP/visitor record. 2) A few days go by, the user gets an email - opens on their mobile device - this shows up as a new IP address -- but then makes a purchase - the same email as in 1) above is used -- so the question is will / or how do I get Clicky to merge those accounts because I would like to attribute the sale in 2) above to the ad originally clicked in 1). If it is possible to do this - then the next question is what is the window of time that it would work? For example if the person in 1) clicks the ad and joins the newsletter, and purchases - 7 days, or 30 days or 60 days later -- will I still be able to attribute the sale back to the ad in 1)? A more generic way to ask this question is - how are people using Clicky to look at multi-step sales funnels, where the first step is an email acquisition, and then the sale happens later on - either by an email, or re-targeting ad etc. KISS was excellent for looking at that kind of info - but it's too expensive, and not real-time enough. Thanks.
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Latest: Jan 6 2015 6:43pm

How can I dynamically add username to IP address

I'm using utm_content[username] and utm_content[email] in the URLs that I email to people on my list. This automagically gets assigned to sessions when people come in on those links. However, the next time they return, let's say directly and not from my custom URL, clicky does not retain the same username that they were assigned before. So I guess what happens is that the *session* is assigned that username, but I want the *visitor* assigned the username, or maybe the IP address. Or maybe they get a cookie, and even if their IP changes, their username remains the same. How can I do this? Thanks! :)
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Latest: Dec 28 2014 4:31pm

Goals - Setup with Leadpages

I'm trying to setup my thankyou page (from leadpages) as a Goal for my website. I added my personal leadpages domain to the mirror ( I've then tried a number of different things - but none of them work: 1.) putting the tracking code into the leadpage in the header 2.) putting the tracking code into the leadpage in the footer 3.) putting the tracking code into the header AND putting js to specify a manual goal in the footer (and setup goal as manual in clicky) 4.) setup goal in clicky to go to the url of the page, putting in both the full url and just partial I cannot figure this out, and it really shouldn't be this hard. I just need to track loading the thankyou page as the goal. Can anyone please help?
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Latest: Dec 27 2014 2:03pm

Is down or am I doing something wrong?

Hi I set up my clicky pro-account just now and my getclicky tracking code is not loading I am getting this error message in Chrome a : Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 502 (Bad Gateway)
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Latest: Dec 26 2014 5:47pm

Image zoom stops working after adding Clicky

Hello, After installing the Clicky JavaScript code before the closing body tag, the image zoom on the page stops working. The image zoom tool in use is Magic Zoom Plus which is here: Can you update Clicky to prevent this JavaScript conflict or is there a workaround? e.g. can Clicky be set to not be applied to certain elements in the page? Thanks! Jeff
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Latest: Dec 23 2014 9:14am

Using Cloudflare, now Clicky no longer tracking

I am using Cloudflare a since a couple of days ago. The day I started using it, Clicky no longer is tracking my visitors. Everything flat, zero. And I know that I have had visitors since then, I see them in Google Analytics. What should I do?
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Latest: Dec 21 2014 4:11am

JS Errors

Can anyone shed any light on this. It was picked up by New Relic : Message Script error Exception type UncaughtException Approximate time Today, 16:27 URL /stag-party/ Browser Windows IE 8 User agent Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; .NET4.0C; InfoPath.3; .NET4.0E; Lincoln College) Stack trace UncaughtException: Script error at
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Latest: Dec 17 2014 4:40pm

Filter posts by date posted?

Is it possible to see the traffic for all posts posted on a certain day, but only those posts? We have a number of popular posts that continue to be popular over a period of time, but I'd like to see how all the posts that were created today are doing. Not sure how to do that (I'm new to Clicky).
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Latest: Dec 16 2014 9:02pm

Show online counter for users

I'm using the on my website. But it not work! I'm looking for alternative and I found Clicky. But the widget is only avaible for me, not for all users of website. Is possible set to 'public', but, only the Online Counter? I think I will use the API to create a box, similiar to Clicky widget, and on click open the Clicky Stats. :S
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Latest: Dec 15 2014 12:41pm

What is WRONG with Clicky tracking ip's?

3:15pm Las Vegas, NV, USA Quick view 1 action 9m 59s [secure search] 3:12pm Las Vegas, NV, USA Quick view 1 action 10m 3:01pm Las Vegas, NV, USA Quick view 2 actions 19m 43s [secure search] 2:47pm Las Vegas, NV, USA Quick view 2 actions 10m 2:42pm Las Vegas, NV, USA Quick view 4 actions 11m 22s [secure search] 2:40pm Las Vegas, NV, USA Quick view 7 actions 12m 22s [secure search] Visits: 1 Terms of Use Unique ID: 2368858543 (Tag) IP address: (ARIN/RIPE) (Tag) Locale: Las Vegas, NV, USALas Vegas, NV, USA / English Organization: Cox Communications / (Lookup) Platform: Internet Explorer 11.0 / Windows 7 / 1536x864
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Latest: Dec 11 2014 3:29pm

Dynamic Campaign Links Not Tracking from within the site

I have spent all day today and half the day yesterday trying to get some campaigns setup that are onsite. 1. I'm creating dynamic link campaigns for tracking from within my site. The links take me to the right page, however does not apply it to the campaign as click. For example on this page: there is a link on the page in the content as below: "Click Here To Fix Unrecognized, RAW, or Need to Format Flash Drive Repair" it does not register or add it to the campaign when clicked from the page. HOWEVER when it is clicked from outside the website it tracks the click and adds it to the campaign.
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Latest: Dec 10 2014 1:28pm

Stop tracking subdomain

How can I setup Clicky to not track a subdomain? Basically I have www.mydomain and admin.mydomain. I have to have the tracking on both as admin syncs up to www. Obviously I do not want to track admin. Also, how could I add IPs that I do not want tracked as I obviously don't care where we've been on the site!!! many thanks
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Latest: Dec 10 2014 10:30am

Is it possible to ignore/separate traffic based on an event?

Hi Clicky experts, I really need help as I'm considering moving from Google Analytics. I have a web service where my sales page aswell as the product itself uses the same domain. I want to separate my sales traffic from my customers traffic. Is it possible to trigger an event when a visitor clicks my login button, and afterwards separating or ignoring visitors based on that event. So that I can get all the data of potential customers instead of cluttering my data with existing customers data. I hope you can help me! Thanks in advance. Mathias
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Latest: Dec 10 2014 12:48am

Tracking vimeo videos

As the clicky vimeo tracking code is so old I'm trying to find other ways to track my videos which open in a lightbox (Rapidweaver prettyPhoto). I notice that these videos are picked up as outbound links i.e. now thats OK, but it would be great if also picked up the rest of the code that follows: i.e.. rel="prettyPhoto" title="QMS" What I really want is the title of the videos. Anybody with any ideas? Apparently these cannot be picked up by the video analytics
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Latest: Dec 5 2014 6:55pm

vimeo tracking code generator not working

got code from and placed after "html body tag" and before "html /body tag" but not working also confused as the code generator has "" does that mean we don't use vimeo's embed code: iframe src="//" width="500" height="375" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen /iframe
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Latest: Dec 5 2014 11:57am

Clicky has never logged any visitors for my site

Hello, My site is new but it's still surprising (although not completely shocking)that clicky shows no visitors ever. How can I verify that it is working properly? I already used the tool in preferences to check if it has the tracking code installed properly. And I am using a wordpress plugin to implement. Thanks.
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Latest: Dec 4 2014 5:11pm

which would be tracked?

hi, if the same user clicks on both these links 1) 2) which are different landing pages and with different utm_content if the user converts for a goal, which would be counted for a conversion?
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Latest: Dec 4 2014 12:01pm

Code for tracking which checkboxes are checked

Hello, I'm trying to use clicky.log to find and log which checkboxes on a page are checked. The jquery I am using is: var group = ':checkbox[name]'; clicky.log(':checkbox', group); This isn't working. The checkboxes all share 'presentation' as the first part of name and id, so maybe that needs to be part of the hook. Thanks
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Latest: Dec 4 2014 9:23am

Google Tag Manager

To minimize the number of plugins etc on my Wordpress site, I was wondering whether anyone has some instructions on installing the tracking codes using Google Tag Manager?
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Latest: Dec 1 2014 9:25am

Google Adwords and Clicky

Hi, I am a newbie and not a techie at all. I was able to paste in the tracking code but that was even scary. I am wanting to use clicky to track my Google adds and was wondering if there is a document that specifically has directions on how one can recreate the adds in clicky to see how well the Google adds are doing. I see a lot of posts but nothing that helps me as it all seems very confusing. I really want to do this but it is like going hang gliding for the 1st time without any lessons. Bob
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Latest: Nov 25 2014 12:46am

Visitor Graphing

Hi. I've noticed that I no longer have the option to view visitors with the bar graph view. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?
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Latest: Nov 19 2014 3:35pm

creating tracking url for dynamic adwords campaign

Hello, I am trying to track my dynamic adwords campaing with the following url but seems like it is not working. Could anybody help me write a target url which clicky would track. Thanks {unescapedlpurl}?utm_source=dynamic&utm_campaign=adwords&utm_term={lpurl}
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Latest: Nov 19 2014 7:32am

No prompt to authorize for Apple Push Notifications

I would like to be alerted via Apple Push Notifications but unfortunately I get no prompt or message to authorize I always get: Permission status: Denied You have denied us the privilege of sending Apple Push Notifications to your desktop. Please visit the Notification Center on your Mac if you wish to change this. Any idea?
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Latest: Nov 17 2014 5:49am

Advertising by Source

In my world the SOURCE is the publisher:, etc. The most basic thing every ad agency needs is the ability to evaluate the quality of traffic BY SOURCE. I'd like to be able to look at visit duration, pages per visit, goal conversions BY SOURCE. I'd be extremely grateful if someone could help me figure this out.
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Latest: Nov 13 2014 10:01am

Google & Clicky = different results

Can someone help me / or explain to me me why there is such a big difference between unique vistitors in the results of Google Analytics & Clicky Web Analytics? Take a look @ On the 17th of this month a site of us had 27 unique visitors according to Google Analytics and 14 according to Clicky Web Analytics. What's causing this difference to occur?? Which stat is right? Or reliable? Can someone answer this for me?
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Latest: Nov 13 2014 9:51am

Clicky and Google Remarketing

Hello, I'm getting some weird referers and I more than highly suspect that it comes from the remarketing I'm doing for my site. The referer looks like this :…l=f&fu=0&ifi=4&xpc=QvQgmOo3gf&p=http%3A//www.sourcewebsite(where the ads display).com&dtd=1614" And what's odd, is that it seems that you guys are extracting and showing it as a referer. Can anyone bring some light on this ? Thanks, Pierre
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Latest: Nov 11 2014 10:46am

Uptime monitoring inaccurate

Hi there, I've had uptime monitoring configured on quite a few sites for the last month now and I get frequent reports of downtime when the sites are not in fact down. I'm hosting on a clustered cloud-based setup. Could it be that pings from Clicky are getting blocked in some way? Are there some IP addresses that I should ask my host to add to a white list? Thanks
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