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Using Cloudflare, now Clicky no longer tracking

I am using Cloudflare a since a couple of days ago. The day I started using it...
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Latest: Dec 21 2014 4:11am

Image zoom stops working after adding Clicky

Hello, After installing the Clicky JavaScript code before the closi...
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Latest: Dec 19 2014 5:34pm

JS Errors

Can anyone shed any light on this. It was picked up by New Relic ...
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Latest: Dec 17 2014 4:40pm

Heatmaps for responsive sites

Hi- I would like to be able to use heatmaps, but all of my sites are responsiv...
2 replies
Latest: Dec 17 2014 8:13am

Filter posts by date posted?

Is it possible to see the traffic for all posts posted on a certain day, but o...
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Latest: Dec 16 2014 9:02pm

Show online counter for users

I'm using the on my website. But it not work! I'm looki...
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Latest: Dec 15 2014 12:41pm

The spam scam site Semalt.

Semalt seems to be run by Ukrainian spammers and it spams their website on count...
17 replies
Latest: Dec 12 2014 5:27pm

What is WRONG with Clicky tracking ip's?

3:15pm Las Vegas, NV, USA Quick view 1 action 9m 59s...
7 replies
Latest: Dec 11 2014 3:29pm

Dynamic Campaign Links Not Tracking from within th...

I have spent all day today and half the day yesterday trying to get some campaig...
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Latest: Dec 10 2014 1:28pm

Stop tracking subdomain

How can I setup Clicky to not track a subdomain? Basically I have w...
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Latest: Dec 10 2014 10:30am

Is it possible to ignore/separate traffic based ...

Hi Clicky experts, I really need help as I'm considering moving f...
4 replies
Latest: Dec 10 2014 12:48am

Tracking vimeo videos

As the clicky vimeo tracking code is so old I'm trying to find other ways to t...
3 replies
Latest: Dec 5 2014 6:55pm

vimeo tracking code generator not working

got code from and pl...
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Latest: Dec 5 2014 11:57am

Clicky has never logged any visitors for my site

Hello, My site is new but it's still surprising (although not c...
3 replies
Latest: Dec 4 2014 5:11pm

which would be tracked?

hi, if the same user clicks on both these links 1) htt...
3 replies
Latest: Dec 4 2014 12:01pm

Goals - Setup with Leadpages

I'm trying to setup my thankyou page (from leadpages) as a Goal for my web...
4 replies
Latest: Dec 4 2014 11:42am

Code for tracking which checkboxes are checked

Hello, I'm trying to use clicky.log to find and log which checkbo...
4 replies
Latest: Dec 4 2014 9:23am

Google Tag Manager

To minimize the number of plugins etc on my Wordpress site, I was wondering wh...
4 replies
Latest: Dec 1 2014 9:25am

Google Adwords and Clicky

Hi, I am a newbie and not a techie at all. I was able to paste in t...
4 replies
Latest: Nov 25 2014 12:46am

Visitor Graphing

Hi. I've noticed that I no longer have the option to view visitors with the ba...
1 replies
Latest: Nov 19 2014 3:35pm

creating tracking url for dynamic adwords campaign

Hello, I am trying to track my dynamic adwords campaing with the followi...
4 replies
Latest: Nov 19 2014 7:32am

No prompt to authorize for Apple Push Notification...

I would like to be alerted via Apple Push Notifications but unfortunately I get ...
6 replies
Latest: Nov 17 2014 5:49am

Advertising by Source

In my world the SOURCE is the publisher:, etc. The mo...
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Latest: Nov 13 2014 10:01am

Google & Clicky = different results

Can someone help me / or explain to me me why there is such a big difference b...
6 replies
Latest: Nov 13 2014 9:51am

Clicky and Google Remarketing

Hello, I'm getting some weird referers and I more than highly suspect t...
5 replies
Latest: Nov 11 2014 10:46am

Uptime monitoring inaccurate

Hi there, I've had uptime monitoring configured on quite a few sites for the...
8 replies
Latest: Nov 10 2014 9:45am

RE: Conversion on a Keyword Level from Adwords

Hi, I have set up my goals so it will list items added to basket...
1 replies
Latest: Nov 8 2014 9:21am

Visitors displaying Organization rather than IP Ad...

The list of visitors is showing me the Organization (which in most cases is ju...
2 replies
Latest: Nov 7 2014 3:18pm

Slow click performance

Hey, I found out that some clicks take longer time then others and ...
3 replies
Latest: Nov 7 2014 12:56pm

Installing Code In DotNetNuke?

This was asked 2 years ago with no response. Anyone know if Clicky can be used ...
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Latest: Nov 6 2014 4:32pm

Yosemite Issue

Since moving to Yosemite click logs me out and/or spy feature stops live feed ...
2 replies
Latest: Nov 6 2014 3:49pm

clicky.log() no referrer in stats

Hi, I've switched from standard code to something like this ...
2 replies
Latest: Nov 6 2014 12:55pm

Tons of Referer Spam Lately (Brazil Especially...

Has anyone else noticed tons of referer spam lately? The one I've noticed th...
9 replies
Latest: Nov 6 2014 12:04pm

Added Clicky code but it killed my Joomla site

We have a joomla 2.5x site and we added the clicky asynch code as detailed, bu...
4 replies
Latest: Nov 3 2014 8:42am

How do I delete the Clicky bar from my website?

It's showing on I noticed it on my phone while it ...
3 replies
Latest: Nov 1 2014 7:53am

Do I need to add "www" to every site I add to ...

...or can I just add the website as just Does the www matter even...
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Latest: Oct 31 2014 1:04pm

clicky.pause (500) what's the impact overall...

Hi there. Throughout one of the websites I manage I have implemented ...
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Latest: Oct 29 2014 7:01am

time spent on page

Brand new to Clicky, would appreciate if someone could answer this question...
2 replies
Latest: Oct 28 2014 10:17pm

Trakking disabled

Hello, I didn't log in for more than 2 months and my trakking wa...
2 replies
Latest: Oct 22 2014 9:43am

Stats not updating

Statistics are not updating...New visitors are not being logged. Any ...
6 replies
Latest: Oct 21 2014 12:44pm

Change from "same day of week average" to "y...

When I logged in to my stats today, all stats had changed from comparing to ...
2 replies
Latest: Oct 20 2014 9:52pm

Reffering Domains

I have a lot of "" entries now. Does that mean they are coming fro...
4 replies
Latest: Oct 16 2014 11pm

Pref menu disappeared & ISP / IP

Hello, I hope that I will be more lucky this time having an answer ...
5 replies
Latest: Oct 15 2014 2:22pm

Is There A Way to Analyse Per Hour?

Hi, I noticed an unusual spike in my analytics on a site at 1pm today. I wante...
2 replies
Latest: Oct 12 2014 2:52pm

Spy Is Down...

Is it just me or is Spy down....
29 replies
Latest: Oct 8 2014 1:07pm

Database maintenance, Oct 5 2014

We're running database maintenance this Sunday starting approximately 11am PST...
4 replies
Latest: Oct 8 2014 8:48am

Clicky API get visitors count for certain page

Hi, I have a blog and a normal website on the same domain, I'd ...
1 replies
Latest: Oct 7 2014 9:41am

Upgrade Notification

"...we've noticed that your account is logging more traffic than it should b...
1 replies
Latest: Oct 5 2014 7:37am

Your tracking does NOT appear to be installed corr...

Hello, As of today, one of mt sites is not tracking any visitors....
4 replies
Latest: Oct 5 2014 5:55am

Please remove my site

I want to add one site but can't remove previous disabled site as I have free ...
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Latest: Oct 4 2014 8:04pm

Accuracy of tracking info?

I'm so confused by which source is giving me correct data. I have GA Clicky an...
5 replies
Latest: Oct 3 2014 11:21am


I set up a redirect in my godaddy account. I set it up to where site A redirects...
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Latest: Oct 2 2014 2:16pm

Alerts for Dynamic Goals?

Is it possible to get emailed when a dynamic goal is triggered?
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Latest: Oct 1 2014 5:59pm

Alerts for Dynamic Goals?

Is it possible to get emailed when a dynamic goal is triggered?
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Latest: Oct 1 2014 5:59pm

Bots Bots and more Bots

Everyday for the past two weeks Clicky has been recording bot hits from the Russ...
3 replies
Latest: Sep 26 2014 6:50am

Heatmaps and basic tracking code

I used basic tracking code for my eBay store but I can't see any heatmaps gene...
3 replies
Latest: Sep 25 2014 5:01am

Anyone know where are the heatmap stats are?

Anyone know where are the heatmap stats are? I've purchased the h...
2 replies
Latest: Sep 20 2014 8:53pm

Using custom API

Hi guys, I need help on two issues 1. I'm using custom...
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Latest: Sep 19 2014 11:07pm

Always showing information from July 18?

Hi I normally open Clicky to the spy page, and when I do that it co...
1 replies
Latest: Sep 17 2014 9:47am

clicky.log causing both custom event and pageview

trying to understand how to only get custom event during spy, rather than both...
1 replies
Latest: Sep 15 2014 5:37am

Logging Goals on Unique Download Pages

Here's the setup: I'm selling an eBook with 3 packages. Naturally, I wan...
2 replies
Latest: Sep 13 2014 10:46pm

Weirdness After Moving Site to HTTPS

Hello all, We moved one of our sites to HTTPS yesterday and since t...
6 replies
Latest: Sep 12 2014 10:26am

Different html for each sub page

Hi, I am looking to install individual tracking on 8 different sub pages (do...
1 replies
Latest: Sep 10 2014 12:50pm

website not tracking

Hi Seems this gets posted often but rather than hijack someone elses thread...
5 replies
Latest: Sep 9 2014 4:55am

Clicky Not Working

Hi Can any one HELP I have a new Forum http://filbycomputerclub.the-t...
7 replies
Latest: Sep 8 2014 10:21am

Map in Spy view

Hi, The vast majority of my main site are located in The Netherlan...
2 replies
Latest: Sep 6 2014 1:01am

Facebook Ads tracking

I have launch multiples ads on our facebook ads. Some direct to our facebook pag...
6 replies
Latest: Sep 5 2014 12:37pm


Tracking organisations is SO cool. However, in my organisations rep...
24 replies
Latest: Sep 3 2014 2:59am

How do I remove Clicky?!

I put this on my site and now I can't add photos or posts. Everytime I try to ...
1 replies
Latest: Sep 2 2014 10:22pm

Clicky Not Tracking

I have two websites registered on clicky, the first one is tracking perfectly...
4 replies
Latest: Sep 1 2014 9:08am

Multiple split tests

Clicky split tests are great, specially since they show revenue per split test...
0 replies
Latest: Sep 1 2014 4:36am

Mobile notification

Hi, Is there a way to receive mobile notifications every time someone access m...
2 replies
Latest: Aug 31 2014 8:02pm

Tracking funnel at 2 domains

I got a problem. I have an offer on domain A and a thank you page on ...
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Latest: Aug 27 2014 8:30am

Not Tracking - Downgrade to free

I only use one website now, so I wanted to downgrade to free. Even though I de...
1 replies
Latest: Aug 26 2014 7:38am

Adwords repeat click from same ip

I want to ha have a list of visitors that have revisited my page thru google adw...
4 replies
Latest: Aug 21 2014 8:10pm

No Track at my https site

today i moved from http to https. until this day everthing works fine. ...
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Latest: Aug 21 2014 6:34am

Site dissappeared

I have added and tracked a site for 2 months or so. This site has dis...
3 replies
Latest: Aug 20 2014 5:36am

Correct utm URL structure for tracking goals?

I need a little help tracking my email clicks. I have several goals ...
5 replies
Latest: Aug 19 2014 7:50am

need help with csv exporting

Hello, When I enter the content section and I export the data to a CSV fi...
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Latest: Aug 19 2014 2:33am

How to exclude my own visits for all browsers

I appear to be able to exclude my own visits when I use IE and Chrome but not Fi...
1 replies
Latest: Aug 18 2014 4:59am

Not tracking new site

Hi, for some reason clicky isn't working on my new site. It works fine on al...
2 replies
Latest: Aug 16 2014 6:39pm

AB /Test and per engagement / pages visited an...

Hello, congrats for this great product ! I'm looking...
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Latest: Aug 16 2014 1:27pm


The hardware hosting these 6 database servers is having a serious issue with one...
2 replies
Latest: Aug 15 2014 9:10am

Upgrading plan but confused on features

If I upgrade my plan to get the spy feature and to view further back to look at ...
4 replies
Latest: Aug 13 2014 3:03pm

"The URL that you entered is not a valid URL...

For some reason I am unable to verify the same tracking code that I have been us...
5 replies
Latest: Aug 13 2014 4:12am

Traffic not tracked since 1:00PM yesterday

Hey everyone, I hope you can help point me in the right direction. ...
19 replies
Latest: Aug 12 2014 1:16pm

no email contact

Hi there, it seems getclicky deleted their email address in the contact form...
3 replies
Latest: Aug 9 2014 9:35am

pro plus package

I have just paid for the pro plus package. How do I activate it?
2 replies
Latest: Aug 8 2014 3:44am

Goal tracking from page view

I want to track newsletter opt in's on clicky. There is a onsubmit ...
2 replies
Latest: Aug 6 2014 5:49am

ranking pages by most time spent

Does anyone know if Clicky allows you to see rankings of pages based on the leng...
1 replies
Latest: Aug 5 2014 8:53am

Help Deleting Dynamic Campaigns

I've been testing to make sure I understand how to set up my dynamic campaigns...
1 replies
Latest: Aug 5 2014 6am


hi , such a newbie q, how do i block ip addresses from my site using clicky...
4 replies
Latest: Aug 4 2014 5:02pm

Help with tracking visitors - Had to reinstall a c...

Hi. I had to re-install/update WP Super Cashe plugin on my website and now tha...
2 replies
Latest: Aug 2 2014 8:15am

Heat Map Icon Gone after Pro Upgrade

Heat maps were working fine with the free trial account. I upgraded t...
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Latest: Aug 2 2014 3:56am

Tap to call - responsive site phone tracking

Hi how to setup a custom tracking for a tap to call button sam...
1 replies
Latest: Jul 30 2014 6:05pm

How do I know where my customers are coming from...

I have had a few customers make purchases in the last few days and when I look a...
2 replies
Latest: Jul 29 2014 7:08am

One of my alert sounds stopped working

A couple of days ago. I have it set up to play fanfare-brass when I get a sale....
4 replies
Latest: Jul 25 2014 10:46pm

What happened to the DATE tracking???

What have you guys done to Clicky recently? I cant seem to go back to see wh...
3 replies
Latest: Jul 25 2014 10:34am

Repeat visits same IP 10s Bounce

Seeing a ton of 10s visits in the last two days which has double my bounce rate ...
11 replies
Latest: Jul 23 2014 2:28pm

"averages" used on clicky

I see averages being used in many locations on clicky. On the visitor...
2 replies
Latest: Jul 23 2014 2:14pm