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Repeat visits same IP 10s Bounce

Seeing a ton of 10s visits in the last two days which has double my bounce rate ...
11 replies
Latest: Jul 23 2014 2:28pm

"averages" used on clicky

I see averages being used in many locations on clicky. On the visitor...
2 replies
Latest: Jul 23 2014 2:14pm

Domain showing first

Is this new? Domain showing before the page so instead of: page.p...
7 replies
Latest: Jul 23 2014 11:18am

What happened to the DATE tracking???

What have you guys done to Clicky recently? I cant seem to go back to see wh...
1 replies
Latest: Jul 23 2014 11:18am

Excluded IPs showing up in reports

I excluded a couple IP addresses a few days ago but I'm still seeing them in t...
1 replies
Latest: Jul 23 2014 11:16am

tracking down for my sites

Tracking has been down for my sites since 11am EST.
5 replies
Latest: Jul 23 2014 11:15am

One of my alert sounds stopped working

A couple of days ago. I have it set up to play fanfare-brass when I get a sale....
3 replies
Latest: Jul 23 2014 2:08am

Filter content > pages by traffic source?

Content > Pages for a specified date range gives me exactly the data I need - ...
0 replies
Latest: Jul 22 2014 4:10pm

Mobile Searches

I recently ran a report within our account from 7/11/14 to 7/18/14 to se...
1 replies
Latest: Jul 22 2014 2:13pm

Switched to SSL no visitors are logged

I just switched to an all SSL site and vistors are no longer logged....
1 replies
Latest: Jul 22 2014 8:10am

Track everyone that makes a buy

I have a webshop and when they finalize a buy the browser shows the url checkout...
1 replies
Latest: Jul 22 2014 4:57am

visitors ip that have used adowrds to reach my pag...

I want to export a list of visitors that have visited from google adwords. Also ...
0 replies
Latest: Jul 22 2014 4:05am

Same IP, several session in 1 hour

Hello, Here a screenshot of my "problem" https://doc...
0 replies
Latest: Jul 21 2014 2:21am

Website is offline | 522: Connection timed out

I don't understand why this specific page displays Website is offli...
1 replies
Latest: Jul 20 2014 10:34am

Goal for tracking "checking a box"

Is there a way I create a goal for checking a box? On my site I have box that ...
1 replies
Latest: Jul 19 2014 7:38am

tracking downloads that come via Google

I noticed in Google WMT that Google sends most of my visitors to some of my dow...
3 replies
Latest: Jul 18 2014 7:08am

Empty Goals Dashboard Area

I created two goals. But it's not showing on the Goal's dashboard area....
3 replies
Latest: Jul 16 2014 4:43pm

1 conversion goal per IP address possible?

Right now the conversion goal is triggering every time someone accesses my thank...
2 replies
Latest: Jul 16 2014 4:26pm

Can I add my tracking code onto two pages?

Hi, as an affiliate, I would like to track the thank you page of ...
1 replies
Latest: Jul 16 2014 4pm

Find which {previous} visitors came from adwor...

Hi, I'm loving clicky! It's my favourite online tool in a lo...
1 replies
Latest: Jul 16 2014 5:11am

clicky heatmap realtime?

Hi,. I"m wondering if clicky heatmap is realtime? Because it...
4 replies
Latest: Jul 15 2014 2:31pm

Code NOT installed properly in some pages

I have installed the static code on most of my active pages but with the same co...
4 replies
Latest: Jul 15 2014 2:04pm

Goals not recording or showing?

Hi there, I have created a few goals with URL funnels using my Clic...
5 replies
Latest: Jul 10 2014 8:25pm

Path Analysis - Wildcards, other options?

Is it possible to use wildcards in the path analysis? My situation is that I h...
7 replies
Latest: Jul 9 2014 3:59pm

search terms paid traffic/google vs bing on clic...

I do product listing ads on google and now bing when people click on google...
1 replies
Latest: Jul 4 2014 6:10am

Deleted one website after free trail-still not tra...

Hello, Can I get a little help- not sure if I need to email direct ...
3 replies
Latest: Jul 3 2014 11:57am

Difference with Google WMT

Hi, I found out that the counts of organic searches from Clicky di...
0 replies
Latest: Jul 2 2014 2:57am

Reset views?

I was testing the my website and I've wanted to reset so I can refresh all of ...
3 replies
Latest: Jul 1 2014 4:55am

Dynamic Goal Not Working

I have copied the snippet for a Dynamic Goal from the Clicky/Goal/Setup page...
3 replies
Latest: Jun 24 2014 3:57am

Do Not See TAG Feature

I am trying to tag unique visitors for future tracking and do not see the TAG fe...
1 replies
Latest: Jun 23 2014 4:55am

Ad Links Not Counted

Outgoing links are not showing up for advertising on one of my sites. I had noti...
0 replies
Latest: Jun 22 2014 11:15am

Some Heatmaps won't load (member pages)

Our website has a members-only section, and sometimes the heatmaps won't sho...
1 replies
Latest: Jun 22 2014 11:11am

Heatmap Sample Size

Hello, Very easy, basic question that I couldn't find an answer...
2 replies
Latest: Jun 21 2014 9:30pm

Cannot track in Wordpress

I installed the Clicky plugin and copied the account preference details - ID, ...
3 replies
Latest: Jun 20 2014 7:07am

Clicky API REST return not filtering by Custom typ...

Hoping that our REST call is accurate (keys redacted), however it seems th...
0 replies
Latest: Jun 17 2014 2:10pm

No action when clicking link for VISITORS/ACTION...

I recently installed Clicky and love it. I know I have clicked on both VISITORS ...
3 replies
Latest: Jun 17 2014 1:46pm

Web site is not tacking

After implementing tracking code on website and verify by account , but...
5 replies
Latest: Jun 13 2014 12:24pm

The spam scam site Semalt.

Semalt seems to be run by Ukrainian spammers and it spams their website on count...
10 replies
Latest: Jun 12 2014 4:35am

visitors-visitiors log- see who has converted

Can i put in a filter to see who makes a buy in my webshop? I want to see what...
1 replies
Latest: Jun 11 2014 5:06am

Google Adwords - Is there a way to tell/track if...

Google Adwords - Is there a way to tell/track if clicks come from Adwords Ads ...
16 replies
Latest: Jun 8 2014 5:36pm

List of visitors for a filtered report

Is it possible to filter a popular items report for a specific item (in this c...
3 replies
Latest: Jun 8 2014 3:45am

can't show the report on wordpress dashboard, ...

I just install clicky plugin on my wordpress website. but it can't show o...
3 replies
Latest: Jun 7 2014 6:28pm

Good debugger for Clicky?

We're using Clicky for the first time on one of our client sites. Our other cl...
0 replies
Latest: Jun 5 2014 5:29am

Stats no recording properly, what to do?

I have 3 sites that get over 400-500 a hits a day that suddenly are showing 2-3 ...
4 replies
Latest: Jun 4 2014 10:10am

Spy not loading?

My spy is not loading (startedr account) Is this widespread, or just me...
2 replies
Latest: Jun 3 2014 4:48am

Why does it show someone multiple times

Everyting someone goes to one of the web sites it shows then as if the went to t...
11 replies
Latest: Jun 2 2014 1:16am

IPs and Action Log

How can I get visitor IPs to display as part of the "Action Log"?
1 replies
Latest: May 31 2014 1:01pm

Can't track link or goal from Mailchimp widget

I use an Mailchimp embed code on several pages of my website (e.g. sidebar of ...
1 replies
Latest: May 29 2014 5:03am

How to remove visitor from log?

Hi, I ran some speed test using various services such as Google Pa...
0 replies
Latest: May 28 2014 4:26pm

goal monitoring not working

On my site, goal conversions seem to be not working. I am us...
2 replies
Latest: May 28 2014 8:36am

Is Clicky aware of Google Chrome Pre-Render Page H...

As per this announcement: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogs...
2 replies
Latest: May 27 2014 11:53pm

How many time Visitors access to a specific Page

How to do to know how many time each visitor access to a specific page...
1 replies
Latest: May 24 2014 10:46pm

Referrer For Visitors from PPC Campaigns

Hello, is there a way to see the full referer for traffic labeled ...
1 replies
Latest: May 21 2014 12:03pm

Logging events with timestamp via API?

Is it possible to add a timestamp to a logged event when doing "Logging data f...
0 replies
Latest: May 20 2014 3:29pm

non-tracked visitor

I was assuming that Clicky would pretty much be able to track all visitors. But ...
9 replies
Latest: May 20 2014 3:26pm

Track Individual Author Stats

Can you tell me how I would track individual author stats in Wordpress? ...
17 replies
Latest: May 16 2014 12:48pm

Excluding A Country?

Hi, Is it possible to exclude a certain country from showing up in the s...
4 replies
Latest: May 14 2014 11pm

Heatmaps for responsive sites

Hi- I would like to be able to use heatmaps, but all of my sites are responsiv...
1 replies
Latest: May 12 2014 3:13pm

Can I see a graph of the time of the day the goal ...

Can I see a graph of the time of the day the goal was achived in the last 30 day...
6 replies
Latest: May 10 2014 8:27am

social landing pages?

is there any way to see the landingpages for social traffic sources? without c...
2 replies
Latest: May 8 2014 11:17pm

Clicky says my landing page is an "untitled docu...

My landing page is also my home page. Clicky just gives a "/" as a hyperl...
5 replies
Latest: May 8 2014 1:55pm

Delete non-visited Pages/Posts

Hey there, i would like to know which pages/posts on my URL neve...
0 replies
Latest: May 2 2014 4:47am

Outbound Links not registering properly

I have many affiliate links on various pages of my website. I want to track the ...
0 replies
Latest: May 1 2014 1:21pm

China Unicom Beijing - spam

Hi, I would like to block or ignore visits from Organization: "China ...
3 replies
Latest: Apr 30 2014 6:46am

is there anyway to not track data from a certain s...

We have a facebook like-box type of thing going that were tracking and when we u...
0 replies
Latest: Apr 28 2014 7:40pm

Dynamic goals counted twice

I am revising my goals setup, and I have noticed that some dynamic goals are c...
0 replies
Latest: Apr 26 2014 6:25am

Sub-domain setup

Hello, I'm curious what the correct way is to setup sub-domains w...
4 replies
Latest: Apr 24 2014 1:49pm

alerts for new visitors and old

is it possible to get an audible alert whenever i get a hit from a previous visi...
0 replies
Latest: Apr 23 2014 7:21pm

Tracking not recognizing actual location

Hi, I recently signed up for Clicky and when I access my website the log gets ...
3 replies
Latest: Apr 18 2014 7:29am

Clicky tracking stopped working suddenly

Hello, I am working on my client website which is run on magento pl...
2 replies
Latest: Apr 16 2014 3:17pm

Clicky Not Tracking

I have two websites registered on clicky, the first one is tracking perfectly...
3 replies
Latest: Apr 14 2014 11:28am

filtering doesn't work

Hi! when clicking on the links in the dashboard (e.g. one of the ...
0 replies
Latest: Apr 14 2014 4:30am

How to segment traffic to track outgoing clicks?

Hi,my site receives traffic from a variety of sources - some paid and mostly S...
2 replies
Latest: Apr 11 2014 8:13am

Components without a far-future expiration date

I'm optimizing a website and get the following from a GTMETRIX report....
5 replies
Latest: Apr 11 2014 2:14am

Recent & Unique tabs are broken

On the Links section of the dashboard, the Recent & Unique tabs do not actua...
2 replies
Latest: Apr 9 2014 10:35am

Google Paid Search Terms

Just wondering why all of a sudden on advertising section why there is a lot of ...
3 replies
Latest: Apr 9 2014 6:52am

Help Tracking Image Link Clicks

Can someone please tell me how to track an image link text...For example, to a...
1 replies
Latest: Apr 8 2014 10:29am

Where do I find my UID?

Okay, I give up, where / how do I find my UID?
6 replies
Latest: Apr 4 2014 1:31am

Clicky not tracking any visits

Has anyone else experienced any issues with visitors not being tracked? Since ...
10 replies
Latest: Apr 1 2014 8:56pm

WordPress has stopped logging visits

I have been using the Clicky WordPress plugin: f...
5 replies
Latest: Apr 1 2014 8:53am

Visit counts don't add up

When I look at an emailed report the total visits in the Cities section does not...
0 replies
Latest: Apr 1 2014 6:57am

The spam/scam site

Can the Clicky check out visits from they k...
1 replies
Latest: Mar 30 2014 10:44am

Run a report excluding all visitors from a specifi...

Hi, Is there a way to run a report showing all users EXCEPT those f...
3 replies
Latest: Mar 30 2014 7:47am

Adwords campaign tracking through smart links

Hello everybody, I use this tool
4 replies
Latest: Mar 28 2014 12:53pm

Ignore Cookie Missing

I went to preferences -> Visitor tags & filters and the ability to set an ig...
2 replies
Latest: Mar 28 2014 6:06am

Google tag manager settings

I am trying to set up a tag for Clicky in Google Tag Manager, but the tracking...
5 replies
Latest: Mar 27 2014 10:43pm

When i get a sale can i see what search generated ...

I have a webshop and when a customer fulfills a buy i can get a alert on that. B...
2 replies
Latest: Mar 25 2014 2:40pm

not answering script in Big screen mode

Hi, I am testing the bigscreen from clicky. Every minute it tries t...
0 replies
Latest: Mar 24 2014 10:35pm not tracking

We are having very iffy success rates with Is there a wait period bef...
2 replies
Latest: Mar 24 2014 12:29pm

About tracking my IP

Hi to everybody, I'm a new user of Clicky and I need a little hel...
4 replies
Latest: Mar 23 2014 3:12am

Does GetClicky report Bing ads as paid or free?

We've been advertising on Bing since Sept 21. Since that time the ratio of tra...
3 replies
Latest: Mar 21 2014 4:34am

pro plus package

I have just paid for the pro plus package. How do I activate it?
1 replies
Latest: Mar 19 2014 6:38am

No Javascript Code Does Not Seem To Be Working On ...

Hi, I have tried to implement the no javascript tracking code....
6 replies
Latest: Mar 19 2014 6:03am

Reduced account

Hi, I cannot afford the pro version at the moment and have deleted ...
2 replies
Latest: Mar 16 2014 12:27pm

Hide clicky

I am running Clicky on a wordpress site and i just noticed that all registered u...
5 replies
Latest: Mar 15 2014 7:41am

How do I export daily visitor counts?

I'd like to get a csv file (or other format I can input into a spreadsheet...
6 replies
Latest: Mar 12 2014 8:46pm

Reduced account

Hi, I cannot the pro version at the moment and have deleted all sit...
0 replies
Latest: Mar 12 2014 9:43am

Google Analytics bounce rates Vs Clicky

Hello there. I am doing a comparison on bounce rates recorded on Goog...
2 replies
Latest: Mar 12 2014 6:35am

Heatmap not appearing in my Proplus account

I got a proplus account and cant find the heatmap options in my panel...
9 replies
Latest: Mar 10 2014 7:01pm

Heat Maps

Hi - We just upgraded to pro account and the widget for the on site analytics ha...
3 replies
Latest: Mar 10 2014 4:19am