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Path analysis

This features let you analyze the various paths that visitors take throughout your web site. You can create a path up to 5 pages long and see how visitors drop off as they go between them. Full documentation on how to use this feature is embedded within the report itself, which you can find under Content -> Path analysis.

A simple version of path analysis is embedded directly in the main content report itself, as shown below.

Next to each URL is an icon that represents a "node tree". Click on it to open the simple path report.

This window will pop up, showing you the top next and previous pages for the page in question. In this example we are analyzing the /help/ page so it shows us, in order of popularity, the previous page people were viewing before /help/, and the next page they viewed afterwards.

If you see the same URL in one of the two columns as the one you are analyzing, as we do in this example, that means the page was refreshed by some of the visitors, making it viewed multiple times in a row.