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The spam scam site Semalt.

Semalt seems to be run by Ukrainian spammers and it spams their website on countless site analytics and people will go to the site out of curiosity and some will then sign up. Their analytics are no where near as good as other analytic sites, but it's about money at the end of the day, spamming the analytics is more effective than email spam, I think this is a bad new trend.

If you look at Semalt's Facebook page, which is full of complaints, they will tell you to go to their site and add your site so it gets removed from their spam bot list. I find it suspicious, I don't think you should give them anything, maybe they won't remove your site, maybe they will add your site to one list or another.

"Nataliya Khachaturyan, - she's the owner, seems dubious, only 12 friends - , Name removed, you can remove your site from our seed list on this on this page:
Just enter your site/sites URL."

Posted Mon Mar 17 2014 9:36am by Yawpick

Spemalt seems to be hitting tons of people in the last few months. After I began seeing Spemalt show up on my visitors log, my blog got bombarded with hundreds of spam comments, which has never happened before. They are vile spammers.

I added some code to my htaccess file to prohibit them from visiting my site, and haven't gotten any visits since. See this thread:

Posted Mon Mar 17 2014 10:18am by callmeringo

We will be doing something soon to block these "visitors" from showing up.

Posted Mon Mar 17 2014 10:22am by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

BTW . . . when I first started getting visits from them, I foolishly clicked on their website to see what it was. When I found out they were spammers, I also removed all cookies they placed on my computer.

Posted Mon Mar 17 2014 10:24am by callmeringo

Thanks, Sean

Posted Mon Mar 17 2014 12:01pm by colblair

Ok we just pushed a change live to ignore "visitors" from any (*.) referrer.

Posted Mon Mar 17 2014 5:08pm by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

thanks clicky!

Posted Tue Mar 18 2014 9:57am by einstein999

Can anyone confirm our fix worked? We have one user who emailed in to say Clicky is still logging them.

Posted Thu Mar 20 2014 10:50am by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I can confirm that semalt has disappeared from my logs after the 17th. I was getting a a few hits a day from them.

Posted Fri Mar 28 2014 7:41pm by aelling

I can also confirm that visits of semalt. com have finally disappeared! Great!

Posted Thu Apr 3 2014 7:08pm by limaeasy-DELETED

semalt do have a page for asking for your site to be removed from their crawl list. I used it and it seemed to work.

Posted Thu Jun 12 2014 4:35am by andymiller

semalt is back

I get this:

What should I do?

Posted Wed Aug 13 2014 9:15am by adamim

adamim, I looked at the last 7 days of traffic for all of the sites in your account and I didn't see semalt anywhere. Maybe you are looking at older data, before the filter was in place?

Posted Wed Aug 13 2014 3:34pm by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

We should receive email when someone replies. It`s good I checked here today.
It`s gone because I put into htaccess file long code given by one of members.
Now I have another issue with something else. YT downloader is on regular basis and descargar came recently.
Is there any way to get rid of them too?

Posted Tue Aug 26 2014 12:10pm by adamim

I'm having the same issues. It's only happening on some of my websites, though. This is what shows up on just one site so far today:

Oct 1 12:47pm
Oct 1 9:40am
Sep 30 8:57pm
Sep 30 9:15am
Sep 30 4:02am
Sep 29 8:28pm
Sep 29 4:52pm
Sep 29 3:41pm
Sep 29 3:04pm

I did have some luck modifying .htaccess, but having to do that for a dozen or so sites every day isn't really a good solution.

At one point, I thought it might have to do with CSS or javascript code, since the two sites I'm seeing this on most have both recently had some change in the code. But now I'm starting to see some hits on a site that I deliberately removed all code, except for a line that states the name of the domain, and tracking code from another stat counting site. So now I'm beginning to wonder if it might have something to do with that stat counting code.

Posted Wed Oct 1 2014 12:28pm by danatbird

What's the other counter you're using?

Posted Wed Oct 1 2014 4:39pm by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Looks like another one is popping up:

Really annoying!!

Posted Fri Dec 12 2014 12:52pm by callmeringo


Posted Fri Dec 12 2014 5:27pm by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

So I am starting to wonder if these spammers are really even affecting our Google Analtyics. If you look in your server logs you won't see their IP addresses. I think they are just using a script to randomly send HTTP requests to random UA-XXXXXX-1 accounts on a massive scale. Perhaps that is why the .htaccess rules are working because they aren't technically landing on your site. Could be wrong here but almost sounds like it doesn't affect anything SEO wise. Google has to be hip to what they are doing you would think. I wrote up a little blog article about my issues with these spammers.

Posted Thu Jan 8 2015 12:25pm by ayezee33

Yet another. They just don't quit:

Posted Thu Apr 2 2015 4:54am by callmeringo

Can clicky admin update the fix because we are getting bombarded every day to every site of ours from a bunch of semalt connected domains.

Posted Sun Apr 12 2015 9:13am by mjmurphy53711

Also best-seo-offer. buttons-for-your-website. Really annoying. Hope you can block click. Thanks

Posted Sun Apr 12 2015 4:15pm by scarmac is another one... please block these soon

Posted Sun Apr 26 2015 4:14am by pattayatube

best-seo-solution was already blocked a while back

Posted Mon Apr 27 2015 10:50am by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Starting to get another one from semalt:

Posted Sun Jun 5 2016 4:36am by callmeringo


Posted Sun Jun 5 2016 10:35am by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

The roaches are back:

Posted Mon Aug 22 2016 2:30pm by callmeringo

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