White Label Web Analytics

With white label, you can rebrand the best web analytics service on the planet as your own, and resell it to your customers at any price you want. Branding includes your own company name, product name, domain name, logo, and the option for some UI customizations (colors, etc).

Quick Facts

  • Starting at $49/month
  • Your own company and product name, logo, and domain
  • Create your own theme for better brand integration
  • Free SSL & CDN via Cloudflare
  • Bill customers yourself, at any price
  • Not open to the public; you register new users & sites (can be automated w/ API)
  • Standard terms apply
  • Contact us to get started!

How do I sign up?

Send us an email with answers to the following questions. We can typically set you up within 24 hours!
  • Which plan do you want?
  • Pay for 6 months up front to waive the $99 setup fee?
  • Pay by credit card or Paypal? If Paypal, include your registered Paypal email address.
  • What's your Clicky username? Register now if you need to
  • What domain name do you want to use? It must be a sub-domain, e.g. stats.yourcompany.com.
  • What do you want to use in place of "clicky" for the javascript tracking variable name? Alphanumeric characters only, e.g. "YourCompany"

How does it work?

Clicky white label is a hosted service, which means we host it on our own servers. This frees you from worrying about server maintenance and installing updates.

All features of Clicky are available in the white label service, except for uptime monitoring as that is a third party service that can't be rebranded. When Clicky gets new features, your white label will get the same new features at the exact same time.

When you sign up, we create a new instance of Clicky for you on our servers with the domain name you want to use. Afterwards, there is a settings page where you can manage the product name, logo, theme, and other options before you make the service live.

How do I use my own domain?

The domain you choose must be dedicated for use with the white label service only, because it will point to our servers. Most customers use a "stats" or "analytics" sub-domain for their existing website. For example, if your site was yoursite.com, you could use stats.yoursite.com. You don't have to use a sub-domain but it makes sense in most situations.

Then you simply create a DNS CNAME record that points your sub-domain to a special sub-domain we'll provide to you, and that's it!

For your customers to check their stats, you can direct them to your domain to login there. We also offer an iframe solution to integrate the stats within your own website interface. Using iframes, the header/footer will automatically be hidden, and your users won't have to login to the site.

What about HTTPS?

It's free! Clicky is hosted behind Cloudflare, which means all white labels are too. Their SaaS service allows us to add third party domains to our account, which gets you free SSL and free CDN for your white label domain.

Is there a demo or trial available?

If you want to see what the Clicky service itself is like, there is a demo here. We do not have a demo of the white label admin, but it is very simple and straight forward, as the only thing you can do with it is manage user accounts and the sites they have access to.

We also offer a 7 day money back guarantee on white label, minus the $99 setup fee.

How do I bill my customers?

Billing is something that you must handle yourself, but you can charge your customers any amount you wish. However, we've seen that most white labels choose to offer it for free to their existing customers, as a "value add" to whatever existing services they already provide.

For simplicity, all of your customer's accounts will have access to all features, although they can't add new sites themselves unless you enable that option. This is to help you stay in control of the limits you're paying for.

Plans & pricing

Prices listed are monthly. Page view limits are for the entire account, not per site.
There is a $99 set up fee, but that is waived if you pay for 6 months of service up front.
  • $49

        20 sites, 100,000 daily page views ($2.50/site)
  • $99

        50 sites, 200,000 daily page views ($2.00/site)
  • $149

      100 sites, 300,000 daily page views ($1.50/site)
  • $199

      200 sites, 400,000 daily page views ($1.00/site)
  • $399

      500 sites, 500,000 daily page views ($0.80/site)
  • Enterprise

      Blocks of 1,000 sites / 1,000,000 daily page views available for $499 each ($0.50/site)
    Note: the most traffic we allow per site is 1,000,000 daily page views. We can track up to 5,000,000 per day, but we need to set you up on a special and/or dedicated server to achieve this. So, please send us an email before registering a site with more than 1,000,000 daily page views.

Once your account is setup, we recommend reading our best practices page.