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This page covers best practices that we recommend for your white label service.

Stay up to date
Sender Policy Framework for email
Providing your users with access
Automatically register new users and sites with the white label API

Stay up to date

Whenever we release major new features, we always tweet and blog about it. We also actively tweet during any service outages or other issues. For these reasons, we highly recommend subscribing to one or both of those to keep up to date.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for email

Automated emails (password resets, analytic reports, etc) are sent from our server, not yours.

Most inbound mail servers will check what IP addresses are authorized to send email for a domain, by querying that domain's DNS for an SPF record (Sender Policy Framework). If this record is missing or our IP is not included, any emails we send on your behalf will be flagged as spam. It's important you have an SPF declared in your domain's DNS, white label or not, so that no one can impersonate emails from your domain.

Please contact us for our mail server's IP address. The one below is only an example.

If you already have SPF set up...

Just add this declaration to it and you're done:


If you do not have SPF set up...

Find an SPF record generator. When it asks you for IP4 addresses, enter your own mail server/s, plus ours.

To get this into your DNS, you just need to create a new TXT record type, and paste in the block of code that your SPF generator provides.

Here is what a full SPF record may look like, as an example:

v=spf1 mx a ip4: include:_spf.google.com -all

Providing your users with access

There are two ways you can provide a user with access to the stats for their site(s). The first way is to have them come to your white label domain and login with a username and password that you have created for them, or that they have chosen.

We also offer an iframe solution, so you can include the stats inside of your own website. We don't really recommend this anymore though, because third party cookies are required for it to work, and most browsers block them by default as of 2022. However, the option will remains available for those who wish to use it.

Automatically register new users and sites with the white label API

Your white label is a closed system, which means that users cannot create account directly. You, the admin, must create accounts for your users.

We have made an API just for white label users to fully automate this process. You can learn how to use it in the white label API documentation.

The API also lets you make your system open, if you wish. Using the API, you can create pages on your website that talk to our API, so you can have new users register and add new sites to their white label. If your white label stats will only be available to existing users of whatever service it is you provide, and they must login to your website to use it, another option to consider is just having an "opt in to stats" button. When a user clicks that, you could just send their information to our API automatically and they'd be ready to start tracking their site in just a couple of seconds.