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Trends compare the current date/range you are viewing vs another date/range. You'll see them on the right hand side of most reports for each item in the report. Red means 'worse', green means 'better', and grey means no change.

You can click on a trend to view a graph of historical data for that item.

If you are viewing a date range, the comparison is the period before (e.g. this month vs last month, or the last 7 days vs the 7 days before that).

For single day reports, the default comparison is the day before (e.g. today vs yesterday), but there are 3 other options:
  • Same day last week - e.g. this Tuesday vs last Tuesday.
  • Same day last year - e.g. April 25 2015 vs April 25 2014.
  • Same day of week average - e.g. this Tuesday vs the average of the last 4 Tuesdays.

The trend for single days can be changed via the trend menu at the top of your reports (screenshot below), as well as on your user preferences page.

What trends look like in reports. Click on any of them to see a graph.

The trend menu at the top of all reports. You can also change this setting in your user preferences.