This API takes your username and password and returns to you a list of all sites in your account, including hostname, nickname, site ID, sitekey, admin sitekey, timezone, and a few basic stats (visitors online and visitors 'today').

This is useful for automated processes you have setup to, for example, extract data from the Analytics API. If your processes refresh their data every day by grabbing the output from this API then they will always be up to date when you add new sites, delete sites, edit existing ones, reset site keys, etc.

Default output is XML but you can request json or serialized PHP instead.

Send requests to with the parameters listed below. You can use HTTPS instead of HTTP if desired.


Required. Your username OR email address registered with Clicky.


Required. Your account's password.


Optional. Defaults to 'xml' if unspecified. Acceptable values are 'xml', 'json' or 'php'. 'php' will return as a serialized array which you just need to pass through unserlialize() to convert into an array with your PHP script.

Live examples

(Yes, our demo account has no password).
(Note: sitekey_admin is not output here for security purposes). (defaults to XML) (PHP serialized array) (Javascript Object)