How the affiliate program works

Our affiliate program rewards you for sharing Clicky with friends and colleagues. You will earn 20% of every payment made to us by anyone who signs up through your affiliate link and becomes a paying user. Additionally, there is a second tier commission of 5%, which means you will get 5% of any payment made to us by your referrals' referrals. The maximum credit per transaction is $20.

Your affiliate link is listed here. There is also an option to include it as a clickable badge in your tracking code automatically. The badge looks like this: Affiliate badge

Put your affiliate link somewhere on your site - write an article about us and link to our site with your affiliate link, or simply place it in the sidebar. Any user who follows your affiliate link to our site will be assigned a cookie with your referral ID that is good for 30 days. If that user signs up for an account within those 30 days, they will be linked to you in our database forever. If that user ever becomes a premium subscriber, you will get 20% of every payment made to us by that user, forever.

Payment details

There is a minimum payment of $10, and we can only pay you with Paypal. Payouts are processed once or twice per month, depending on demand.

When you are eligible to redeem your balance, a link will show up on your user homepage that says "Redeem my balance", which you must click to request to get paid. If you do not have a premium account, your balance will go towards earning a premium account first. Once you have done that, all money earned for the following year will be money in your pocket.

Can I use my affiliate credits to help pay for premium service?

Yes, when you upgrade, any affiliate commissions you have will be automatically applied as a discount to the plan you are signing up for. Credits are not automatically applied to renewals, however.

Kick start your commissions with an easy $5

Want an easy five dollars? Just write an article or review about Clicky on your website and send us a link to it, and we'll put $5 into your affiliate account. There are just a few basic requirements!
  • The article must be original and at least a few paragraphs long, not just a "blurb". We want your readers to know what the product is, and why you like it, so that they in turn want to come to our site and check it out.
  • Link to our site at least once with the text Clicky Web Analytics. Be sure to use your affiliate URL!
  • Optional - A screenshot of Clicky within your article would make it a lot more interesting, although this is not required.