Approximately 15% of people use ad-blockers, most of which also block trackers — even privacy-friendly trackers like Clicky. This means that a very significant portion of your traffic won't be logged by most services.

Luckily for you, Clicky is not like most services. With our reverse proxy Opens in new browser tab tracking configuration, the tracking code and all tracking beacons will route through generic pathnames on your website's domain name, instead of ours. This makes tracking much harder to detect, and will only be blocked by visitors who set up a manual override for your site. When we switched to this method for tracking, our numbers increased by almost 20%. What a difference!

There's only one other analytics service we know of that has even a general guide on how to set up proxy tracking, and other services may in theory support a similar set up. The Clicky difference is that our guides are fully dynamic, and generate the code for your specific site, rather than just giving you a template and having you figure out how to make it work for your site.

These dynamic guides are built into the tracking code page in your site preferences. Simply choose your server type or preferred method - Nginx Opens in new browser tab, Caddy Opens in new browser tab, Apache Opens in new browser tab, .htaccess Opens in new browser tab, and plain old PHP Opens in new browser tab - and customize a few other options as needed. All the code is then generated for you. It's a bit more involved than standard tracking set up, but it's really just matter of getting the code into the right place, and it's absolutely worth it if you have the means.

Reverse proxy tracking code UI