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Clicky's default setup will not log any "Personal Data", as the default setup will apply our visitor privacy feature to all of your website visitors:
Anonymized IP addresses
Service-wide opt out system

You can choose which visitors to apply full privacy to, via your user preferences page. This setting will apply to all websites in your account.

All visitors
(Default) Apply visitor privacy to all visitors. No matter where you live, you cannot log the Personal Data of visitors in Brazil or the European Economic Area unless you have their consent or a legitimate interest to do so. But if you live in these territories, then this restriction applies to all visitors, regardless of their location. So to be safe, this is the default for all accounts.
Brazil & EEA visitors
Apply privacy only to visitors in Brazil or the EEA. Only choose this option if you are outside of these territories. We use geolocation software that is 99.8% accurate on the country level to determine where a visitor is located and apply privacy as needed. (No geolocation software is 100% accurate.)
No visitors
Do not apply visitor privacy to any visitors. If you use Clicky to help prevent fraud and abuse and/or maintain information security, choose this option. Recital 47 of the GDPR Opens in new browser tab states that "the processing of Personal Data strictly necessary for the purposes of preventing fraud also constitutes a legitimate interest", so logging full IP addresses should be safe for this purpose.

Regardless of the option you choose, your privacy policy should state which analytics services you use and what kind of Personal Data you log to those services. Failure to do so is a legal risk on your behalf.

If you change the default privacy settings, some tracking cookies may be used to enhance tracking, as covered in our privacy policy. For example, tracking unique visitors, and new vs returning visitors, are all much more accurate with cookies. Also, because heatmap data is sampled at 50% by default, with cookies we are able to make that randomness be per session rather than per page view, which will produce more consistent reports.

For visitors using VPNs such as Apple's iCloud Private Relay Opens in new browser tab, we will always log the full IP address, as the visitor's true IP address is already hidden and does not require further anonymization. Logging the full IP of the VPN generally allows for more accurate geolocation.

We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. Consult your attorney.