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Personal Data request management tool

Clicky has a tool for managing Personal Data requests per the GDPR and similar laws. However, it is unlikely you will ever need to use this tool, as Clicky does not log any Personal Data with with its default setup. (Prior to March 2022, the one exception was a random integer UID cookie, whose sole purpose was to better determine unique visitors. This is no longer used in the default configuration).

From your user homepage, click the "Personal Data" link near the top.

From here, you can export or delete all data for a specific visitor, as defined by their IP address, UID (if applicable), or custom data tag (e.g. username or email, if you are using that feature).

Privacy laws require that you verify a person's identity before sharing or modifying any Personal Data. You should also verify their location, as these privacy laws only apply to people within specific geographical locations.