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Some visitors are not getting logged

Here are some common reasons why a visitor may not show up in your visitor log:
  • Your site may be using a Referrer Policy header that blocks the referrer, or a Content Security Policy (CSP) header that blocks our code from executing. More info and the correct settings to use are on the no visitors are getting logged page (since this typically results in NO visitors being logged).
  • The visitor is you! We automatically filter out your own visits to your web sites.
  • The visitor is using a tracking blocker or other "privacy" software, such as Ghostery or Ad-block
  • They are a spam referrer bot - these are bots whose sole purpose is to leave spammy referrers in your logs that you then click and visit their crappy site, and we aggressively filters these. When customers notify us of new ones, we add them to our blacklist immediately. As far as we know, no other service blocks spam like we do. See here and here for more info on malicious bots. (These kind of bots cannot be un-blocked)
  • They are another kind of bot (crawler, etc). They get blocked by default too, but there is an option to enable bot logging.
  • They are proxying through a data center such as Amazon Web Services. We filter out visitors from data center IPs as much as possible because they are usually bots.
  • Their firewall blocked our tracking servers
  • Their browser is not sending a proper referrer
  • They have a slow connection and didn't have time to download and execute our tracking code before moving on
  • They have disabled Javascript
  • They matched one of your IP or other kinds of filters, and hence were not logged
  • Your visitor privacy settings may have impacted this visitor in your reports:
    • Their IP address was anonymized so you didn't recognize them; OR...
    • They were ignored completely because of global Opt Out cookie.