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No visitors are getting logged

1) Make sure the correct domain name is registered in your site preferences. Clicky validates all traffic against the registered domain name (and any mirrors) you have entered. Any traffic that does not originate from these domains is discarded. Note: Sub-domains of the domain you have registered are automatically supported.

2) Make sure the code is active on your production web site. Go to a page you would expect to be tracked, then "view source" to see the actual HTML, and verify the proper code with the correct site ID is in there. Search for 'getclicky' to find the code fast. If no results found then that is likely the issue.

3) Is your site using a referrer header (or <meta> tag) to change the default browser behavior for how referrers are passed between sites? That can break our validation process (see point 1 above) which will result in significantly less visitors being logged (not all browsers support this feature so some will still be logged).

99% of the time, one of these things is the cause of no traffic being logged, so please check them before sending in a support request.