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No visitors are getting logged

Double check that the code is installed on your production website

Go to a page you would expect to be tracked, then "view source" to see the actual HTML, and search for "getclicky" to verify the code and the correct site ID is in there. If no results found, then that is likely the issue. Note, if you are using a tag manager, you likely won't find the code in your HTML because the code is embedded within another javascript file. In this case, use your browser's network inspector (in F12 developer tools) and filter for "getclicky" to verify there are matches that way.

Verify the correct domain name is registered in your site preferences

By default, Clicky validates all traffic against the registered domain name and mirror domains you have entered (sub-domains are automatically supported). Any traffic that does not originate from these domains is discarded, unless you disable this setting in your site preferences (see next section). Check for typos!

Does your site set a Referrer Policy header or <meta> tag?

If the code is installed correctly and the domain is entered accurately, then this header is usually the culrpit. If your site sets this header to "same-origin" or "no-referrer", then our domain validation system will fail and discard the traffic. There are two options:
  • Set the header to a less restrictive option - We recommend using "origin-when-cross-origin", which means for external links from your site (and third party requests like our beacon), only the domain of your site will be passed in the referrer, but no path or query data.
  • Disable domain validation - This feature validates all incoming traffic against the registered domain name and mirror domains you have entered. The main reason is so that if someone copies your tracking code onto their site accidentally or maliciously, your reports won't be impacted. Most other services do not enforce this by default, and it's a much bigger problem than you might expect.

    This setting can be found in your site preferences, under "Advanced".

Does your site have a Content Security Policy (CSP) header or <meta> tag?

If so, you need to add and * to the allowed domains.

Content-Security-Policy: script-src 'self' *
You may also need to add 'unsafe-inline', with single quotes, if the tracking code on your site uses inline code to define site IDs. (This is NOT recommend, as it almost completely negates the purposes of CSP). Inline site ID definitions were the default style through July 2021, but we're moving away from that as usage of CSP has become more widespread. So rather than enabling 'unsafe-inline', grab a fresh copy of the tracking code and get that installed on your site instead. The newer tracking code does not use any inline code so you just need to add the two domains as listed above.

(Note, we do not currently support the Trusted Types API, but it's on our radar. As of July 2021, only Chromium browsers support this feature. Once Firefox and Safari support it, we will likely add it as well.)

Are you using a WordPress plugin?

Your theme likely does not have the "WP footer" hook that many plugins rely on to add code to your blog's footer automatically. Open your theme's "footer.php" file in the WP editor, and look for the following piece of code:

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

If you don't see this code, that is the problem. Copy that code and paste it into this file, directly before the </body> tag. Save it and you're done! While you're at it, please contact your theme's developer and scold them for leaving out a key piece of WordPress functionality from their theme.


99% of the time, one of these things is the cause of no traffic being logged, so please check them before sending in a support request!