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Domain validation

Clicky validates all incoming traffic against the domain and any mirror domains you have registered. The main purpose of this is so that if someone copies your tracking code onto their site for whatever reason, that won't impact your stats. Most other services do not do this, so you would see other sites' traffic in your reporting if someone copied your code. This is a much bigger problem than you might expect.

Domain validation failure is one of the most common issues for new customers. Either they mistype their domain or they enter in one domain but then decide to track a different one later on, using the same code. So, make sure you have entered this information correctly.

We will automatically account for sub-domains as long as your main domain is registered as either the root domain, with or without the "www". If however you are tracking more than one domain under a single site ID, you will need to enter the additional domain names in your site preferences.

Referrer-Policy header

Another cause of issues may be that your site is using a custom referrer-policy header (or <meta> tag). If referrer is not passed through with the beacon, then the page view will be ignored. The most restrictive setting that you can use is "origin-when-cross-origin", which means for external links from your site (and third party requests like our beacon), only the domain of your site will be passed through as the referrer. This is the value we use on Clicky!