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Clicky uses a variety of methods to filter out all bot activity from getting logged to your stats. Some still get through but we think our methods are amongst the best.

There may be reasons you wish to allow bot activity to get logged to your web site, so we offer an option for that in your site preferences.

Note that only bots who interact with javascript will get logged. Most bots do nowadays, but this is important to note as we are not guaranteeing they will all get logged. The main reason we decided to add this option was for people who were seeing vastly lower numbers on Clicky compared to another service, and typically the majority of that difference is bots. Enabling this option will allow you to verify if that is the cause or not.

We do NOT recommend enabling this option except for the reason listed in the above paragraph. If you want to log all bot activity on your web site, we suggest using a log analyzer such as AWStats.

Enable bot logging in your site preferences.

Bots will get logged as 'real visitors along with their own user agents in your web browser and operating system reports, which you can use to filter by.