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Hi, I've upgraded my account from the free formula to premium 5 days ago and but finally decided to go back to the free one. I wanted to know how to get the refund please. Regards.

Posted Tue Feb 28 2017 8am by Dorisb

If you cancel your premium service, you are required to stop using Clicky altogether. From "Refunds If you cancel your premium service early, we may refund your money for your remaining pre-paid term, if you ask. However, this is determined on a case by case basis, and requires you to remove the Code from all of your sites. Monthly payments - Your maximum potential refund will be the last payment made, and will be pro-rated for how much pre-paid time is left in the billing cycle. For example, if you cancel your $9.99/month service with 10 days left in the billing cycle, you will be refunded for those 10 days only, which would be $3.33. Annual payments - Your maximum potential refund will be 50% of the last payment made and will be based on the normal monthly rate rather than the discounted annual rate. (Annual payments are discounted heavily off the monthly equivalent in exchange for your commitment to a full year of service; hence, canceling early revokes your discount). For example, as of 2015 our standard Pro plan is $9.99/month or $79.99/year. If you had this $79.99 plan and canceled after 6 months, we would count that as 6 months of $9.99/month service ($59.94), so your refund would be $20.05."

Posted Tue Feb 28 2017 12:08pm by drkskwlkr

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