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We've been trialing Clicky alongside several other paid analytics solutions to see what we had been missing out on with just a Google Analytics account. The information (in real-time!) is both exciting to see and immediately actionable - even our less computer savvy staff can look at the reports and interpret the data. Needless to say, we have our new default analytics program.
-- Kerry, firstchoiceloans.com.au

Clicky has opened my eyes up to a plethora of opportunity. Its real-time website analytics is ideal for monitoring the performance of any marketing campaigns. It easily allows me to identify the strengths and weaknesses of campaigns so that modifications can be made without a moment to spare. It also allows me to monitor my live analytics from my iPhone which is great! I have only scratched the surface so far and I am loving it. Give it a try.
-- Alec Duncan, developertutorials.com

I'm not a professional when it comes to computers and often have problems with complicated software. With Clicky I haven't had any problems. It's easy to use and gives me all the information I want and need. Clicky is the first analytics which satisfies me. I tried out Google Analytics but it was complicated, confusing and has less information up front. I can confidently recommend Clicky to everyone.
-- Martin Zimmermann, schluesselnotdienstberlin.de

I'm amazed at the simple things Clicky does so effortlessly. The control panel seems so much more intuitive than for instance Google Analytics. Easy to install. Instantly accessible. Everything you want to know about what's happening on your site right now. Very impressive.
-- Boril Dimov, ElitePersonalFinance.com

Clicky is my go-to analytics software for day to day activities. For websites that value each individual visitor, no analytics software is better to break down individual visits. The micro-level viewing of visitors is spectacular. The interface is a breeze to use and dead simple, unlike the other free "big company name" alternative. We use it for all of our digital marketing and SEO clients.
-- Victor Bilandzic, motava.com

We've compared several products and services to collect statistics about our site and have chosen Clicky because it provides the full package of features that exactly meets our needs. Especially Clicky allows to learn behaviour of particular customer efficiently and simply. That differs this service from many other alternatives.
-- Anna Slueva, abonement.net

Clicky trumps Google Analytics in so many ways. It not only provides its users with more data about visitors, but it's also much faster, more responsive, and more intuitive to use than Google Analytics is.
-- Jake Tabbot, medschooltips.com

I have been using Clicky Web Analytics with my wordpress blogs and I just LOVE it. Being very active on forums, blogs and social websites, my favorite feature is the real-time aspect of the stats. It is very useful to see when a story get digged or retweeted, the statistics for the latter are even integrated in the Clicky Control Panel. As a web consultant specialising in working with accountancy practices, I recommend Clicky to all my clients. What's more, I have even completely stopped using Google Analytics. It's THAT good!
-- Tom Randskin, netaccountant.net

With Clicky I am able to dig deep into my traffic stats. The amount of data I get from Clickly is huge and very useful. I am actually using some of these info to increase my traffic by up to 20 % or more in some instances. The data helps me create new pages with information that I know my visitors are hungry for based on what I see from my stats. Clicky truly is a tool I couldn't live without.
-- Satrap Darabi, surveysatrap.com

What a great product! The installation on WordPress was simple. Loved the easy to use dashboard and the real time icon stating how many users are on are on site.
-- Ross O'Neill, worknearyou.net

We recently started using Clicky for tracking traffic statistics and found it to be profoundly helpful. Thus we insisted all of our clients use Clicky's service also to track their sites' traffic accurately. Great work Clicky team!
-- Jishnu, spiderworks.in

I've been using Clicky for a few years and it never ceases to impress me. Clicky is the simplest, and most thorough analytics software I've used in my seven years as a marketer. Clicky has allowed us to grow our business immensely over the years by supplying actionable data.
-- Sean, sellmart.com

I've tried many web analytics services. I even switched to other analytics services a few times but came back again to Clicky because none of them could make as much happy as Clicky does. Clicky has many outstanding features that I couldn't find anywhere else and I can't live without them anymore. Clicky team is very active and easy to contact. Clicky made me "The king of my website!"
-- Babak Mahmoudy, Zangoole.com

I love Clicky analytics! They are the best analytics company I have ever used. I will never use Google analytics again. Definitely worth the price!
-- Chris Micek, 4mhorsetraining.com

Clicky has changed not only the way I view my analytics, but has raised the bar for my expectations. There are a lot of reasons why Clicky is preferred; it is easy to use, easy to install, you can reach whatever you're looking for in a minute. Clicky tells you what is happening on your site right now. I’ve been using Clicky Analytics Pro since the beginning of the year and I think it’s great.
-- Dimov, elitesurveysites.com

Quite simply Clicky is the best analytic tool on the planet, really easy to use and loaded with functionality. I upgraded to get their additional features, totally worth it, I recommend them to everyone.
-- John O'Rourke, ClashMusic.com

We love your product and use it ALL the time. Happy to pay for it.
-- Andrew, thirdage.com

One look at our Wordpress plugin list and you will see every analytics software under the sun, from Piwik to Woopra to Google Analytics. What first drew us toward Clicky was the mobile optimized design; we do a lot of condominium sales presentations on the IPad and it's nice to switch from a presentation to a streamlined web analytics platform to check my conversions. Simply put, we've been using Clicky for months now because it is designed with the end user in mind. It's elegant, to the point, and it gives me what I want, when I need it.
-- Luciana, onthegomimico.com

I've been using Google analytics for a long time, but found it frustrating. I love Clicky because it's all the information I want. I'm still on the free package which is perfect for my needs at the moment. But it's great to know that there's a clear upgrade path as my site grows. Thanks Clicky!
-- Toma, tomadieta.com

I used to think Google Analytics was the answer to my analytics needs; then I found Clicky. It comes down to being proactive instead of reactive.
-- Brandon Kane, Woopid.com

Clicky is simply fantastic at monitoring key website statistics and displaying them in easy to read format. Feature-for-feature it surpasses the competition and continues to surpass expectations.
-- Nick, SimplyStamps.com

3 Words can describe Clicky Analytics. "Real Time Statistics". Enough said, it is absolutely amazing to see how many people are on your website and what they are doing. It is one of the most valuable assets to my business.
-- Brandon Livengood, unleashedideas.com

Clicky makes analytics easy, it gives you the data you need instantly. This helps me make marketing decisions without having to wait, having this advantage made a huge difference to our bottom line.
-- Eva, ezstorit.com

I've used lots of analytic tools including Google Analytics, Mint, Omniture, etc. Although all of the other tools have their benefits and features, I love Clicky's easy-to-digest interface and utilize their iPhone app/site when I am on the road. It's a good service and I recommend it to all of my clients.
-- Joel Fisher, flushinc.com

Clicky is one of the most intuitive tools for web analytics. My favorite analogy to use is Google Analytics is like buying a bike with 1,000 parts in the box that you have to go home and assemble yourself - but Clicky is like buying a bike already assembled that you take home and ride. Some of my favorite features are real time data, Twitter and Feedburner feeds, iPhone capability, widgets of mass deliciousness, API's and the affiliate program! Yay!
-- Ryan Kelly, pearanalytics.com

Clicky has been a lifesaver! It's the easiest analytics tool to use, does not cost a fortune and shows us what is happening real-time each and every day! Highly recommended - we would not dream of using any other analytics software out there!
-- Stefan Joubert, londonpianoinstitute.co.uk

Clicky has changed not only the way I view my analytics, but has raised the bar for my expectations. I can no longer sit and dig through reports to find what I'm looking for -- Clicky has it all right in front of me, ready in just a few clicks. What's even better is the support: The team at Clicky is focused on delivering a superior product and not leaving their customers by the wayside. New features get developed, bugs get fixed, and I don't have to spend a minute of my valuable time handling any of it. I don't have to apply updates or look for plug-ins -- it's already there. Even better, I don't have to worry about the CPU or database load on my server. Clicky handles it all, and at a reasonable price. I can spend my time focusing on what's important: Content and results.
-- Mike Beach, MikeBeach.org

I have tried lots of other FREE solutions! But Clicky outclasses them all, extremely easy to set up and to use. This is the only tool I've found that gives you all the info, and CORRECT info at a great price. What it costs is nothing compared to what you get!
-- FMCenter, fmcenter.co.uk

Throughout the past couple of years we've cycled through Google Analytics, Piwik, Woopra and Mint, but when we came across Clicky a few months back, we fell in love right away. Not only does it intuitively approach all the issues I had with Google Analytics, it's actually fun to use! We receive thousands of visitors for insurance quotes on a daily basis and the real time tracking puts my mind at ease. I have no idea why Google hasn't jumped on this concept. I want to know what's going on today, not yesterday! P.S. I absolutely love the mobile optimized design. It's perfect an obsessive site analytics checker (that's me).
-- AREN MIRZAIAN, kanetix.ca

At first I was wondering, how I could actually get something more profound than Google Analytics, which I have been using for some time now. I think Clicky offers a wide range of benefits in comparison with other analytics tools, I have seen so far. One can immediately see where the users are coming from, what search position the keyword had, and besides all - the user data is very clear and well arranged. Thanks for such a sophisticated tool, which is so easy to set up!
-- C. Badde, kostenloses-giro-konto.com

Bloggers will find all necessary tracking metrics without having a complicated setup. Clicky provides a mature and reliable tracking system with a pricing model that is very inexpensive compared to other tracking solutions.
-- Rainer Hellstern, om-all.de

I heard many times about Clicky but I thought, I have Google Analytics, I don't need anything erlse. But one day I decided to try Clicky and I want to say, I am impressed. It provides important details in real time, and most importantly, it's very accurate. I can get detailed information about every visit and action, even from mobile.
-- Tornike, rockmobi.xyz

I have come to rely on Clicky for all my site statistics needs. It's reliable, very easy to use, and has far more features than its competition. I heart Clicky!
-- Krishna Sadasivam, pcweenies.com

When a friend suggested Clicky my first thought was that Google Analytics isn’t broken or lacking. But within minutes I was converted, and I am now a believer! Being computer illiterate, any work I do on our website takes at least twice as long for me to do; including reviewing and understanding analytics. I never realized how much value I was missing out on all this time! Just by making the data clear and simple for a dummy like me to understand, our website management and SEO game has taken off to a whole new lever and we just started!! This service is certainly worth having for everyone, but for those that are like me (not tech-savvy), it’s a necessity! Thanks for taking our online real estate sales business to the next level!
-- Greg Gaudet, mauihomebuyers.com

A few days after testing the free version of Clicky, we have jumped to the pro version. As a professional web agency and SEO service, we need to give to our customers some easy and comprehensible tools to use. Clicky offers a simple access with the private link and easy understandable information. By the way, we feel more secure not using only Google tools.
-- Sylvain Richard, axe-net.fr

Been in the testing phase for about two weeks now and I find the logical way data is collected and presented makes life easier when you are looking for specific metrics, and the heatmaps are terrific.
-- Chris, seoworks.com

After spending 3 weeks using and working with Clicky, it is a very effective tool to show real time results in a very precise way. I highly recommend this analytics tool to everyone.
-- Pili, tu-moda-online.es

Clicky is simply awesome! As previous user of Google Analytics I needed a quality solution that meets my needs and provides with accurate data and I've found it. Clicky is able to show me the important data I need without messing it up and helps me to concentrate on the important parts of my business. It is highly recommended service!
-- Mike, shaveadvisor.com

We just start using Clicky for our corporate clients website and there is no going back to Google Analytics. Clicky is must have tool for making data-driven decisions for big companies.
-- Tauri

After trying several tools like Google, Piwik and Woopra, I couldn't find a way to analyze the users behavior while they were on the site. Thanks to Clicky and its Spy feature, I finally can follow customers live and react instantly in order to create the perfect situation for them. Just one word to say....excellent! No doubt the best web analytics tool on the market.
-- Sidney Wagenaar, panneaux-insideout.com

Most of the websites and services for (websites) are purely geared for IT folks and can be intimidating for non-website (non-HTML, non-CSS, non-PHP, etc...) people like me. However, my goals in the photography business and my ranking goals for my photography website are real. Using CLICKY, I feel like I have a real advantage over my competition and it's only a matter of time before I get where I need to be.
-- Mike Robison Photography, mikerobison.com

I chose Clicky after finding references to it on a few popular blogs. I tried it and was amazed by how efficient it was - simple, quick, and a different way to analyze my traffic. Google Analytics is too complex for quick overviews of your site's traffic. Clicky is a great and professional tool to follow your visitors.
-- David, doughi.fr

I've decided to cut back quite a bit on our work, in order to save money and time for other things. So, I am pulling the plug on a bunch of plugins. Wanted you to know that one I am keeping is Clicky. I could go with Jetpack, or Google — but I like the way Clicky works, and your support has been tremendous. In fact, I'm considering ADDING my other site to it, even if it costs me money. So, just an email to say "thank you" for the solid product. I'm glad to pay my annual fee to support it.
-- Bruce Maples, forwardky.com

Clicky lets us drill down to our conversions on an ultra-fine level that is impossible in Google Analytics. We have learned so much about why people convert on our site since installing Clicky just a few months ago; our conversion rates have literally gone through the roof!
-- Chuck Gordon, sparefoot.com

We were looking for an alternative to Google Analytics, which has a pretty poor interface. After using Clicky for a while, we decided to move all our sites to Clicky, as it's ease of use and the ability to dig deep into the stats, make this software indispensable for any serious web master/marketeer.
-- Bas, norskespilleautomaterspill.com

I tried a number of different traffic analysis options and none of them gave me the info that I needed until I tried clicky. After using it for a short period of time I was able to acquire the data I needed to make changes for more conversions. Highly recommended.
-- Brett Cairns, brettcairns.ca

I've been using another tracking service for the past year that costs nearly 3x what Clicky charges and after about ten minutes looking through the demo, I immediately took out the tracking code on my website from the past company and signed up for Clicky. The features are not only much more actionable with Clicky, but the UI is considerably one of the best that I've seen from the many services I've used and test driven.
-- Trevor Rolling, narwhaler.com

We've used Google Analytics for many years now and have been completely blown away by Clicky! Our client runs a Magento based store. They've been suffering with high bounce rates and slow loading times on their website for weeks. We've slowly been optimizing their site but Clicky has enabled us to see quickly which pages are suffering the most and what is causing the pages to be slow. We've been able to pinpoint issues that GA has never shown us. I will certainly be using Clicky on more projects in the future and would recommend it to anyone for the real-time analytics alone! It really does blow GA out of the water!
-- Lewis Sellers

I have used a number of programs for stats over the years but nothing compares to Clicky. They continue to develop cutting edge features that meets my needs, while at the same time maintaining an easy to use program. Support is great and I love the live stats. This is the best web analytics program on the market - period!
-- Hailey Veer

We recently integrated Clicky into our web site. We have always used GA, but after the change, we must admit that Clicky just so much easier to use. We are working intensively on a large office, and real-time analytics are important to us. Therefore, the "Big Screen" feature is incredibly useful for us. We have a 55" flat panel dedicated to show this feature, so our employees can continuously keep track of our site's traffic in real time.
-- Jacob Folmand, gluecksspielschule.de

Have GA on our sites but was shown Clicky by our supplier and I was very impressed with the real time analytics it offered. I have found that GA is getting limited with the value it adds but Clicky is really excellent. It allowed us in real time to see exactly what our potential customers are doing on our site to help us understand how to better convert them into leads. It is a great tool.
-- Keith Nicol

Clicky is the backbone to implementing analytics for my business and I prefer it much more than Google Analytics. I love the easy to use interface and features such as the heatmaps, the recent visitors map, uptime checker, and improved bounce rate. If you are serious about taking your website to the next level, I highly recommend using Clicky.
-- Colton Agar, thetechreviewer.com

Within five minutes of comparing Clicky to the other top (free) analytic programs I purchased Clicky PRO, and it's been invaluable to my marketing campaign. Clicky is well worth the small investment since the level of detail makes it key to understanding my web traffic, which means more money! Besides, it's worth the price of Clicky Pro just to get Spy!
-- Daymon Hoag, phonetvinternet.com

Where has Clicky been my whole life? I want to get a big TV and just have the Big Screen page up the whole day.
-- Slavik Boyechko, geardads.com

I have used many different analytics tools but Clicky's Real Time analytics is by far the most useful. Was straight forward to set-up and start getting insightful information on our users behavior. We will be using it on future projects from the start.
-- Joshua Chan, latestcasinobonuses.com

As we run a website with hundreds of landing pages, Clicky has been a god send for us. The dashboard is well laid out, and allows us to see our top-performing pages, as well as what our customers are searching for and where in the world they are searching from. We’ve yet to find any other web analytics services that come close to Clicky in terms of the service offered and the value for money.
-- Gary Thomas, voucherslug.co.uk

Because of clicky's live updates and spy, it's more than just analytics - it's like a little web site dashboard. It's great being able to see who is online and what they are doing in real time.
-- Dobes Vandermeer, clarityaccounting.com

I use both Clicky and Google Analytics, and I have to say that it is very nice that Clicky offers real-time tracking. This means that instead of waiting an entire day to see if my goals are being completed according to plan, I can instead look at the stats in real-time and make changes as needed until I am satisfied. Clicky is fast, efficient, affordable, and has great support. If you're serious about web analytics, then you haven't experienced heaven until you've tried Clicky.
-- Joshua Goring

We have 4 sites currently running Clicky and it's by far our go-to resource when checking our websites statistics. it's easy to use and dead on accurate. I would recommend anyone that has a website to use Clicky. Thanks again for everything you do.
-- Adam Smith, criminaldatacheck.com

Clicky has absolutely blown me away with its level of detail and accuracy of stats. I love the way I can see people on my site in real time and look at detailed location information, time on site and all sorts of other stats that I don't get with other analytics apps. I run 10 sites on Clicky and I'm consistently wowed by the information I get. I can see what's working and what isn't - thus, helping me plan future articles. Thanks Clicky team for this wonderful tool!
-- Matt Jacobs, filmlifestyle.com

Clicky Website Analytics is the complete package. It has both cutting edge features and a staff that truly cares about their product. Free analytics products just can't seem to keep up.
-- Brant Tedeschi, fantasysp.com

The analytic services that Clicky provide have allowed us to monitor not just exactly who comes to our site, but what they do when they are there. This has allowed us to continually tweak our site to make sure potential customers reach the pages we want them to. If you are looking for a web analytics service, Clicky is unbeatable and I'd recommended it to anyone.
-- Thomas Mitchell, techsolvers.co.uk

After testing every analytics package on the market, Clicky is by far the best! Real-time stats, beautiful interface, and amazing customer service - I can't believe how attached I've become since I transferred all my websites over!
-- John Griffen, trafficplusconversion.com

We were having a difficult time using Google Analytics to learn where our visitors were dropping off in the buying cycle, and figuring out how they were navigating through certain parts of our site. Clicky opened our eyes and gave us an entirely new perspective that was accurate and easy to track. So happy we tried you out.
-- Daniel Elliot, hottubcoverdepot.com

I had the joy of working with Clicky on a client's site and must say I was completely blown away. Coming from the big G, it was a refreshing experience. I immediately went and grabbed it for one of my sites, and will be using it on all future sites I build. It truly is an amazing analytics tool and I have nothing but good to say about it. If you don't have this yet, why?
-- Austen, charcle.co

We’ve been using Clicky Analytics Pro since the beginning of the year and all think it’s great. What we love the most about it is the tracking of the actions and visitors clicks and in particular the downloads summary. Our ordering system is a bit old fashion and requires the download of PDFs. With Clicky we know exactly how many orders to expect and can plan the workflow accordingly.
-- Keith, accountantwebsmiths.co.uk

I've tried many stats scripts and services over the years, but Clicky undoubtably beats them all. I'm now in my second year of using Clicky PRO and it's worth every penny. Unlike most other services, Clicky listens to its customers and regularly adds requested features and improves existing ones. Though rarely needed, support is prompt and knowledgeable. All in all, a stellar service that the larger stats companies would do well to stand back and pay attention to.
-- Phillip Blackman, odd-fish.net

I love the way Clicky gives you an easy interface with everything you need for tracking and analyzing your site. Other analytics software providers believes everybody will understand their fancy and confusing backend the first time they login. Companies that understand their customers will always be the best.
-- Tom, suomennetticasino.com

Real time stats, a staff that actually responds to your feedback and an intuitive user interface. Finally.
-- Dan Haubert

Clicky has become more than just web analytics for us. We now know exactly which OS, Browser or even version of Flash someone uses. When they have a technical problem, we identify the source immediately, without having to ask any questions. This has made our support faster, better and way more efficient. Thanks!
-- Franz, skatstube.de

Clicky puts actionable analytics in the hands of everyone in the company. No longer are the web visitors the sole property of IT, now Sales and Customer Service can put learning about their customers' web habits at the very heart of what they do everyday. There hasn't been a client we have worked with in recent times where Clicky hasn't been central to our message of 'Integrate the web into all you do'. Thanks Clicky!
-- Paul Madden, seoidiot.co.uk

Clicky beats other analytics services with its unencumbered interface, real time stats, mobile access, and insight into individual visitors.
-- Kris Brower, recipepuppy.com

After some sleepless nights trying to get Google Analytics to meet our needs, Clicky was recommended by an associate. With an ease of use, convenience and straight forward nature of the application we used the WP Plugin to track all pages. We now have the complete picture when it comes to data analysis without having to be analytical experts! Thanks Clicky.
-- Mark Williamson

If you are looking for analytics software then Clicky is it. We used to just use Google and decided to try Clicky and we are so glad we did. It was easy to implement. We love the fact that is provides real time information. We also really like it that we can track actions and visitor clicks. In addition, the mobile access is great. The one clear benefit was having all of our analytics data in one place and having a great interface that we could understand.
-- Tariehk Geter, osiaffiliate.com

I run 30 sites and Clicky provides the real time data required to make rapid changes to campaigns and promotions at their most critical phases. Clicky is a robust and easy to use application that provides in depth analytics. It is the ideal expression of the web analytics mantra of "information over data"
-- Dan Nedelko, dannedelko.com

We have been using Clicky since 2012. Knowing the full path of every user session the time spent on every page, the entry point and referrer, etc. has proven an invaluable tool to help us screen customer orders to prevent credit card fraud. Super reliable service, too: never have we seen Clicky lagging nor down -- not even for maintenance although we operate from Spain, a timezone far from the US. Worth every penny.
-- Jose, ibergour.com

There are a lot of reasons why clicky is prefered; it is easy to use, easy to install it is quick it is being developed according to our demands it has a lot of features, you can reach whatever data you're looking for in a minute the team working behind is very active and easy to contact(always replies the questions on the very same day) the list goes on.... Lastly, is there another tool that makes better job than CLICKY does?
-- Nazl Ercan

We launched our Technology News Website in February 2013 and have been working with Clicky ever since. Clicky offers features that are just missing in such Analytics Software as Google Analytics: Real Time Tracking is Key. - Just this feature alone helps us comparing the reach of different IT-News that are published on our site. - While Google Analytics could give us a daily retrospective of visitors, you can basically watch on Clicky in live view, how the visitor flow is affected by which marketing action and see which technology news are most relevant.
-- P. Weldon

When I first installed Clicky I remember thinking what's all the fuss about? How is this compared to Google Analytics, how wrong I was! Clicky is amazing. Not only do you get a nice little graph in your dashboard, there is a whole world of information you can view on the Clicky analytics page that will give you all kinds of information, that is very hard to find in Google Analytics. One other small thing Clicky users might not realize is when you are logged in as an admin and you navigate to a page and scroll to the bottom there is even a graph showing the traffic for each page, when I realized that I thought that was a nice little feature allowing you to see the traffic each page gets in a simple format.
-- Jason Smith, worldofchat.co.uk

geekissimo.com blog is read by geeks in Italy with over 40,000 unique visitors everyday. To check the statistics we have been entrusted to serve Clicky, in our opinion the best statistics system to track the blog. In Clicky I love the detailed link of the referer and the outgoing link. absolutely fantastic!
-- Shor, geekissimo.com

I had been using Google analytics for a long time, but found it really frustrating. An SEO professional I work with recommended Clicky Web Analytics. I have to say, I love it! Specifically, I find it's all the information I want, but still easy to navigate and understand. It's very in depth, but somehow you guys make it very easy to digest. Way to go!
-- James Cranon, wfpc.net

As a newbie information marketer, Clicky helps make my site tracking so much easier. Everything is in one place and the data is presented in a very clear and easy to understand manner. My mentor suggested I utilized Clicky after my first month of getting my site started, and I'm so happy I took his advice. I can track my online initiatives very easily and the real-time data can't be beat. I know where in the world my consumers are coming from, along with what search terms they use to find me. I can also see what they are doing once on my site. This is absolute power to creating relevant content which Google loves and it helps even more new customers to find my site. This is really helping me to steadily grow my site visitors each and every month. This translates into earnings growth every month too. How sweet it is to watch my new site take off. Thanks for such a fantastic tool!
-- James, royalbouquetflorist.com

I have been using Clicky for about 6 years now on multiple websites and have been impressed with how easy it is to use, and by how accurate their product is. If you are ever in need to find a well built, simply to use tool, that tracks your website stats and delivers comprehensive data that you can use to understand what your users are doing this is the tool. Great work guys.
-- Anthony, WiseAngling.com

Compared to Google-Analytics we favor Clicky because it is less involved and complex without being less informative. Clicky is extremely intuitive and user friendly. We have been using the services for all our websites over many years and are very happy with it.
-- Ingmar Eschli, Sprachreisenvergleich.de

Clicky is not only fast and offers an easy to use interface, but you also have many ways to customize your tracking (e.g. logging data manually from a script) and get access to the database using the API.
-- Peter Schill, kreditkarte-studenten.net

Finally, a COMPLETE, affordable, user-friendly web analytics program. I can't add my other sites fast enough!!!
-- Michael Leone, visitob.com

I have been managing websites for myself and clients for a long time and I have always relied on the other analytics programs. But once I started using Clicky, I realized how far behind the other analytics programs were. The amount of (useful) data Clicky provides is priceless and can not be matched by others.
-- Satrap, blogstash.com

We have been using Google Analytics since we started and just recently discovered Clicky. Clicky's analytics interface is very user friendly and shows your stats in a way that anyone can understand, that's what I call real-time analytics. I will recommend it every time I get a chance.
-- Tony Prada, usselfstoragelocator.com

I love Clicky! Your tool is super-easy to install, and very easy to use. Very little technical know-how is needed, trust me. For me, the best part of Clicky is the ease in which I can understand the analytics. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but free tools like Google Analytics are too complicated for me to leverage. I just don’t have the patience or the discipline needed to gather and understand the data. Not so with Clicky. In my business, it’s important for me to monitor the sales pages I’ve created for my hardcover franchise book, my online courses, and my consulting services. Clicky makes it easy to set up individual goals for each page, and it only takes a few seconds to do! I also like the fact that I can monitor my web traffic in real-time...even from my Smartphone when I’m traveling or when I’m just on-the-go. (With the free Clicky App) Clicky is the best website traffic monitoring tool I’ve ever used, and it’s very affordable. Get Clicky!
-- Joel, thefranchiseking.com

I have tested so many analytics packages, and I have to say that Clicky is definitely the best on the market: Real time stats, nice features, live spy and simplicity of use. I just can't do without it now!
-- Carnet Deco, carnet-deco.fr

For luxury sites we rely on real time stats and top notch support. Clicky is there to provide all those services to us with a smile.
-- James, goldwatches.com

Clicky is simply an awesome analytics package. It provides a mature and reliable tracking system with a pricing model at a very low price compared to other tracking solutions.
-- Mae, mypaidsurveysblog.blogspot.com

I've used several other analytic programs before being highly recommended to Clicky. I weighed the options versus other programs and Clicky is head and shoulders above the rest. Implementation is easy and there is a great plug-in for Wordpress sites. They have several plans that will fit anyone's needs. With free trials available, you have nothing to lose.
-- Ken Stout, redefinedwebdesign.com

Great analytics tool. Much faster than most of the alternatives. All the information I'm looking for is easily provided.
-- Justin, 5beste.nl

Clicky is simply an awesome analytics package. It has successfully pulled me away from Google Analytics with its slick real-time metrics, ability to provide relevant data at the user IP level and just being plain fun to use.
-- Philip Karpiak

I needed a robust and flexible alternative for a client who did not want to use Google products for multiple sites, so I suggested Clicky. They were happy I did, and for more than a year now we've been fluidly monitoring their sites with Clicky and are very satisfied customers. The interface is easy to use and the real-time data is helping my clients to shape their growth. Thanks Clicky: I consider you more than simply a Google alternative...but that does always make for a great place to start a conversation.
-- Marty Lamers, articulayers.com

After using several inferior analytics platforms and being frustrated by their lack of functionality and responsiveness, I decided to try Clicky and have never looked back since. Clicky offers useful and actionable analytics in real time. It has helped to eradicate problems and highlight opportunities. I recommend Clicky above any other analytics provider.
-- Matt, ratedsound.com

Clicky gave us great ideas to improve our conversion rates and our site now delivers better results than ever before. Must have tool for making data-driven decisions.
-- Juha Pekka, about.me/PekkaJuha

Clicky is probably my best spent money over the past few years. I started using it for one simple webpage, not really knowing if it would be better than any of the other providers that I tried before, and the result was so convincing that now I hace over 20 pages with them. I could not imagine doing my work without this awesome tracking service.
-- Alex Navarro, vivirdelared.com

Love Clicky! I am officially switching over from Google Analytics. Clicky gives me a much more in-depth overview of my visitors. This is useful because I sell printable funeral program templates and it let me know which pages are doing poorly and what I need to work on.
-- Ashley, FuneralPamphlets.com

We have not found better analytics interface that allows us to collect actionable data with the ease of use that Clicky does. With an easy setup and stable environment, with real time results - a very effective combination for every webmaster. Thank you!
-- cargames.net, cargames.net

We are a Spanish online marketing agency and we we’re using Google Analytics as our standard web statistics program for ourselves and our clients. We noticed an unusually high bounce rate and started looking for alternatives that did measure bounce rates the right way; quickly we read about Clicky and got a trial account. The experience was overwhelming not only did we finally get to see the actual real statistics of our website, but the easiness of use and in-depth information Clicky provided made us switch to the paid version within 3 weeks to use it for more of our websites. We also discovered that making beautiful reports is as simple as it can be so we are now installing Clicky on our clients' websites as well.
-- Jasper Meerman, solutum.com

We've been using Clicky now for some time and even have multiple accounts since we switched the whole tracking to Clicky. Especially with our website binaeroptionen.de, we managed to double conversions by solely testing with the Clicky backend. From time on site, which browser they're using and even optimizing for different mobile browsers. Tracking with Clicky we can drill down exactly what we need to do in order to boost conversions for clients or our own affiliate websites. Leaving Google Analytics and switching to Clicky was one of the best decisions we've made.
-- Kay, binaeroptionen.de

Clicky has been instrumental in helping me better understand my website's visitors and optimize my site for better performance. The real-time data is particularly useful, as it allows me to see exactly what visitors are doing on my site and make changes on the fly. Overall, I would highly recommend Clicky to anyone looking for a powerful and user-friendly web analytics tool. Thank you for creating such a great product. Keep up the fantastic work!
-- Zidan Siraj

As a busy web marketer, I must save time and effort for myself and my clients - while staying on top of traffic trends. Clicky is so much quicker and faster than analyzing server logs or using Google Analytics! Sometimes we still need to do those things but Clicky is so quick, easy and inexpensive (pretty too) that it's totally improved our traffic tracking. Rapid real-time metrics for all our sites! What a time-saver! Wish all my tools were this good.
-- Jim Coe, wellmadewebs.com

As new social media tools emerge like Twitter, it's clear that the most valuable information is real time. It's critical to the success of my startup to see which marketing campaigns are working, and which ones aren't, as quickly as possible. Clicky provides the valuable real time information I need, where other competitors fall short.
-- Vance Lucas, invoicemore.com

Having access to the tools provided by Clicky provides me with an invaluable asset in understanding how my site performs. It's so simple, yet so powerful! Just want to say thanks again for giving me the tools I need to get an inside look at how my site is performing!
-- Joshua McManis, xtremefpv.com

Clicky does stand out from the crowd. One can only be amazed by how user-friendly the interfaces are. You guys are using deep tech stuff the way they need to be used to ease users day to day work. I am saving time using your services and I am looking for such UI achievement for members of my sites. Continue the good work ClickyStaff ;)
-- Samuel Charmetant, artmajeur.com

Clicky is an excellent way for any website to view instant results, allowing you to view your statistics, and traffic you your site – completely up to date. The data is a lot easier to understand than a lot of free tools available. The analytics have provided us with information which anyone can understand – any website or on-line service you require information about, Clicky has come up with the goods. We can change what information we would like to see, which comes in handy when attempting to analyse the visitors to our site. For us, it has allowed us to keep up-to-date with our day to day running of our site, whilst keeping on track of the daily trends. We really do recommend it to any business, it is a must use tool, for must see results.
-- Christopher Angus, warlockmedia.com

We have used Clicky for over 4 years now (when it was called “Get Clicky”!). As a leading online marketing company, the extra forensic information which we gain from Clicky makes it the perfect and only partner to our use of Google Analytics. The two together make an unstoppable and incomparable combination! Well done.
-- Shai, rebootonline.com

I have been looking for the right website analytics tool for quite some time now. Clicky has all the features that I need for tracking my visitors. I would recommend it and I will be using it on all my websites from now on.
-- Nathan Williams, blackrain79.com

Clicky is a refreshing web stats tool that has both deep features and great big-picture aspects. The clean interface and flexible dashboard makes it easy to monitor the performance of your site in a quick glimpse. Highly recommended.
-- Greg, onlinecasinos.com

Plain and simple... Clicky is awesome! We provide an online application built in HTML5 that allows people to create custom funeral programs and other printed products for free. Clicky allows us to keep track of where people are on our website and our application in real-time, which has helped us increase our conversion rates tremendously. We didn't think real-time statistics would be that important for our business until we tried Clicky. I have already recommended Clicky to several of my online friends.
-- Bruce

We have been using Clicky for the past 6 or 7 years. Over this time period, we have tried other analytics systems and always seem to come back to Clicky. The simple interface makes it easy to digest the all the rich data it collects about your sites & visitors. It has become an invaluable tool for our business and is well worth the money. Highly recommended.
-- Chris Markert, dumpsterwire.com

Clicky Analytics is the #1 Live Web Analytics as far as we are concerned. We have tried many of the others and kept coming back to Clicky. It is by far easier, more technically advanced, and nicer looking then any other Live Web Analytics available. We would be lost without it.
-- Ben (@Ben), invirament.com

We use Clicky in a number of ways, but perhaps the most useful is being able to track outgoing affiliate links and then understand the customer journeys that lead to conversions. Can highly recommend the product!
-- James Hoarden, lioncasinos.com

We've been using Clicky services for more than 10 years. For us it's hard to work with other solutions, even big ones like Google Analytics. Clicky is simple and effective, straight to the point in terms of stats and graphs, they really show us what's going on with our visitors, not extremely advanced visitor behavior data that these days is not needed anymore. We'll always recommend Clicky to fellow businesses.
-- Marc, protrackmastering.com

Using Clicky Spy, I was able to watch an eCommerce sale take place in real-time! Clicky is the coolest and friendliest way to take the pulse of your online business and I recommend it to every one of my clients.
-- John Somerton, ozonesem.com

We love Clicky, professional, intuitive and user friendly. Heatmaps, uptime monitoring, alerts, API, built in url shortener, real time stats are our favorite features; the amount of useful data Clicky provides is priceless. We would definitely recommend Clicky to any online business.
-- Andrea, concertpass.com

Clicky is so much more than Google Analytics is. What I like the best is the easy to use and smooth looking interface compared to GA and of course the live view of visitors on my websites! I recommend Clicky to all fellow webmasters who are looking for a very intuitive web analytics solution!
-- Martijn Broekman, bbq-recepten.nl

As Tooltesters, we know a thing or two about great web tools. The big advantage of Clicky compared with its competitors is that it doesn't overwhelm you with information. I use it to get a pulse of how the website is doing on a certain day. This way I can immediately find out about Google updates or other factors influencing our traffic (like being mentioned in an article).
-- Robert Brandl, tooltester.com

I used Clicky to grow my first decently successful site from 0 to 30,000 monthly visitors in it's first 8 months. Now starting my next one it's a no-brainer. The UI makes it easy to see what's going right/wrong on the site, and it just 'works' better than anything else I've seen or used.
-- Tapha Ngum, wpcontentcalendar.com

We discovered Clicky few months ago. Currently we use it as an alternative to Google Analytics. Clicky is simply faster and effective. We have integrated the system into our wordpress. Sincerely recommend using Clicky.
-- Sandra, countrypropertyinspain.com

I installed Clicky more than a week ago on 6 of my websites. It gives me a real-time overview and is very easy to use. I used several different counters including Google Analytics, but this one is the best of all. Also, what is very handy: wherever I am I can check the numbers on my iPhone as well.
-- Tony, altijdzon.nl

Clicky has helped me to increase my conversions and thereby revenue. Must-have web analytics tool especially for affiliates.
-- Pete Wilsten

I love the service. Period. It's so easy that even my grandma can use it for her recipe blog. I like being a SPY with Clicky.
-- Ankit, theanxietytips.com

We love Clicky! One of our favorite features is the heatmap that shows where visitors spend most of their time on each page. It’s very interesting to see what parts of our website our visitors enjoy the most. Thanks Clicky!
-- Stephanie, dialysistechniciancentral.com

A quick note to say thanks for providing the best and easiest to use analytics service around! Every statistic is within easy reach of the interface, if it's not displayed by Clicky, you probably don't need to know. Google no more!
-- Steve Wells, bykeiara.co.uk

We switched to Clicky a few months ago and have said goodbye to Google Analytics. Unlike most traditional analytics tools, Clicky is very user friendly and intuitive, but it is still every bit as powerful. Tracking users and how they use our site in real time with the spy feature is worth the subscription price alone.
-- Tyler Nichols, Healthclubs.net

Moving all of our website reporting and analytics to Clicky been a breath of fresh air and one of the best decisions we ever made. With phenomenal amount of data available and lightning fast reporting we are easily able to dissect, analyse and therefore improve our website based on the feedback we learn. Thanks to Noah and the team for awesome support and a highly personalised service
-- Josh Tuner, mrgamez.com

Clicky is multi dimensional. There is an uptime feature which checks if your website is down, Google Analytics doesn't do that. Clicky is also great as it offers RSS feeds about your users, which you can integrate with your own apps.
-- Brian Lonsdale, smarterdigitalmarketing.co.uk

Forget waiting 24 hours to see your stats - Clicky gives them to you live. I'm now watching how people interact with my blog in real time which lets me respond to new media mentions, advertising campaigns, etc. Can't recommend them enough.
-- Ramsay, BlogTyrant.com

We recently decided to try out Clicky, and we couldn't be more pleased. The stats are easier to understand and break down into usable data, than any other stat tracking sites we've tried. We also really love that the stats are tracked in real-time, so we can actually determine the most popular times of day for traffic to our website! We are big fans of stats we can understand and use! So glad we gave Clicky a try!
-- Ayres Photography

As a newspaper website, we rely heavily on realtime, accurate stats to help us determine how to respond to our readers. If ever there was a web service worth paying for, it's Clicky. It puts a wealth of information about site usage and stats at our fingertips.
-- Jonathan Melville, times-herald.com

We are a small wordpress blog. We use both Clicky and Google Analytics.Compared with GA, clicky is much much easier to use. It shows all of the most important metrics in a very simple way, which makes my work easier to do. In my mind, Clicky is a good choice for blogs like us. Thank you very much for your work!
-- Steven, healthyarea.org

Without any doubt, Clicky is the most powerful tracking tool out there. Easy to use, faster than Google Analytics and plenty of useful data. Analyzing is much easier with Clicky.
-- Victor, dressforbrands.com

I never thought I would stop using Google Analytics but after test driving Clicky I'd never go back. It allows me to simply analyse visitors and traffic to my website easily and has an intuitive dashboard that anyone can understand. As the owner of a small business who is not really IT proficient this is the best solution to better understand where your website and how to make your website start working for you!
-- Simon Trainer, businessmapper.co.uk

Clicky is a great tool for tracking user behavior on a website. Clicky helps me to move my website from data to insights to action. Highly recommended for making data-driven decisions.
-- Ishank Badhani, innolea.com

For the longest time, I used Google Analytics but I never was satisfied with the minimal information it gave me. Then I found Clicky and I was positively impressed. For me, it's the best web analytics and it's exactly what I need for my business.
-- Christoph Albert, schluesseldienstberlin.com

At Metrekare.com, a VC-backed portal in Turkey, we were using only Google Analytics, but we were very frustrated about its stability issues and the lag to obtain data. We are pretty impressed with Clicky, given its reliable and real-time data provision. In addition, its heatmap functionality is very useful and completely embedded with Analytics. I suggest everyone to try Clicky, it’s definitely worth it!
-- Serhat Karahan, CEO

This product is perfect for me! It is simple and easy to use, but still provides the comprehensive data that I need. I can spend time on developing my ecommerce site, instead of analyzing a bunch of cumbersome data. The Spy feature has helped me understand how my visitors use my site, which has helped me increase my sales conversion rates. This product is totally worth the money!
-- Kim Gibson, elegantmemorials.com

Clicky has the most amazing customer service! Their website and tools are very user-friendly, even for people like me who are not very technical. I would recommend them to any organization.
-- Robin, safechecks.com

Clicky is analytics as it should be. Unlike the competition, Clicky keeps it simple; for example tracking external clicks automatically, which made creating a goal based on outbound clicks super easy. As a bonus, with the excellent plugin for Wordpress not a single line of code had to be modified! Thoroughly impressed.
-- Paul Lanham, supplement-deals.co.uk

After using a number of different services, we are confident that Clicky is the best option. As a company that provides web marketing & web development services, we needed a robust solution. Clicky is as detailed as we need it to be, but is simple enough for our Small Business Clients to use and follow. It really gives you the best of both worlds.
-- Bryan Buchko, synergymkt.com

Clicky blows away any other analytic tool I have used. Unlike other analytic tools, Clicky's user interface is first class and makes finding the data you are looking for fast and easy.
-- Lee Weber, arearugs.com

For some time we use Clicky for our Web Analytics on our blog. It is a incredible tool to see all kinds of data about SEO. The real-time data is just awesome. Certainly looks the best. I recommend it. Thanks Clicky!
-- Zinthia, decoyarte.com/blog

Within a few days of starting our trial, I spotted some unusual activity as it occured, which helped us to stop a serious security breach before it became too serious. I was convinced there and then of the value of real-time analytics. However, with the increasingly immediate nature of the web, where content can have a very short life (e.g. twitter), it is also really helpful to be able to see how we influence visitors "in the moment".
-- Rob, istadia.com

We have worked with Clicky for a couple of years now. You guys really have very accurate, fast and reliable stats! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a great product, and hope to work with you many years ahead.
-- Christian, merkurautomaten.com

I was searching out for better analytics than Google's and found clicky.com. I loved to use your interface as it is too easy to track each and every section of my site for traffic sources, pages, user locations etc. Awesome work done by you guys. Thank you so much. Now, I can do analytics in a better way.
-- Saddam Kassim, websoftglobal.com

We discovered Clicky few years back and was using this excellent script for many years. At the moment I installed it at my personal website project. I found it more useful than the Google Analytics. Clicky is extremely fast and effective software that easily can be integrated with Wordpress! Highly recommended!
-- Monika, nodepositcasinouk.com

Clicky has been a boon to a small travel company like us and has increased our leads by 4.5x while reducing the marketing spend by .5x. – They provide great real-time information that we need including our visitors and where they come from, entry/ exit issues and opportunities, when they show up most often and so on. Thanks Team Clicky for such a great software.
-- Lijo Isac, irisholidays.com

Clicky is amazing! I was big fan of GA but when I discovered this service I was blown away. Heatmaps for each page, uptime monitoring and user friendly details are just some of the things that convinced me to use them. I can say for sure this is the only analytic I'll use from now on. And thanks for great service.
-- Wilfred, walkinshowers.org

This software is definitely one of the best analytics tools out there! We were originally reliant on just Google for our projects until we decided to give Clicky a try. Clicky is fast, easy to implement and provides greater transparency into the data we’re handling each day. Great work on such a fantastic platform!
-- Nadia, vegasslots.net

My website has a lot of store pages and Clicky is great for finding out which ones are receiving the most traffic. That way I know exactly when to tweak my SEO and content monetizing strategies. Thanks Clicky!
-- Chris, revouchers.co.uk

Clicky is one of the best analytics tool with so many ingenious features. Real time analytics is Clicky's forte which provide us deep insights into our customers' behavior. Setup is simple and the service is dead easy to use. Highly recommended to everyone!
-- Ishank, ettitude.com

I started using Clicky a few months after all but giving up on any analyzing software. I tried Google Analytics of course, but my web design and understanding is medium at best. Clicky simplified everything, anyone can understand it and benefit from it's easy to use interface!
-- Anthony Wayne, anthonywayne.net

We have used several analytics tools to gauge our campaigns effectiveness, and Google Analytics was just not cutting it. Clicky offered the ease of use we needed, and we can spend a lot more time focusing on how to improve our site pages instead of figuring out how to begin the analysis.
-- Michael Meisner

Clicky is super fast, easy and it provides a whole bunch of features. What more do I need?
-- Dani Schenker

We have been using Clicky for all of our websites over the last 4 years. The tools offered by Clicky are essential to running the day to day tasks of our business. One of our favorite things is being able to view all of our websites using a single login. With Google Analytics we’d have to login to multiple accounts, but with Clicky it is all right there, and that is convenient.
-- Ryan Wheeler, searchquarry.com

The installation into Shopify was really simple and it works perfectly. It gives a lot more information than Google Analytics and finding the data I need is simple and easy.
-- Vincent Beghin, timbres-experts.com

Clicky has an adorable and easy to use interface with traffic reports that organize data in such a way that makes it so easy to analyze and learn about your visitors. I find Integration with Twitter a very useful add-on. It's a great service and I'm spreading the word about it!
-- Zorica, skillsdivision.com

Since using Clicky, we have been able to see what is really happening on our site. It's really nice seeing the IP address and organization name of visitors on the site. This has allowed us to track our best customers as well as block malicious users.
-- John Holloway, noexam.com

We've used Clicky now for alongside of Google Analytics. It's a good system with a perfect overview. We can see where our visitors are coming from, and which way they are going on our website. This gives us more data to maintain our SEO for a better customer experience.
-- Maarten Cruts, hygienekoning.nl

I started Google Analytics and Clicky simultaneously to compare the features with the intent to eventually move onto the free version (Google Analytics). Forget it, Clicky is well worth the price.
-- Hiro Takei, My10000dollars.com

I absolutely love Clicky! It offers valuable information just like Google Analytics, but it is information I can understand and put to use the right way. Plus, I don't have to wait a day to see what's going on with my website traffic.
-- Fatih, leelgo.com

As a business owner, it is vital for me to understand the behavior of my visitors so to improve our service. Clicky's heat map tool is by far the most useful tool I have ever used to understand how visitors interact with our pages, texts and images. This tool has no equivalent to highlight the good and bad spots of my website, opening an easy way to improve my whole Business. Thanks Clicky.
-- Nicolas, vivalatina.fr

I'm a huge fan of this real time tracking software. Clicky shows you the best in depth analytics, never seen anything like this before! I will definitely use it on all future websites as well. Highly recommended!
-- Bart, engelslerenonline.com

We've recently started using Clicky alongside Google Analytics. Clicky has a much better way to present condensed information that is useful. We're really excited and are considering upgrading to start using the heatmap feature.
-- John, mockofun.com

I was looking for a product that gives me quality data about our website. After testing several different analytic programs, I landed on Clicky. This product gives me every piece of data that I have been looking for. Well Done Clicky!
-- Daniel Amezcua, UtahLuxury.com

Clicky saved me from Google Analytics torture! Now my analytics is actually useful and actionable. I must have saved a full days work by using Clicky to monitor Goals, rather than setting it up in G.A.
-- Duncan M., getvetter.com

Clicky blows away the competition. I've used free alternatives for years only to be disappointed by one thing or another. It's really nice to have live statistics when launching a social media or ad campaign. I can instantly see how users are interacting with the site and make changes immediately. Thanks a lot!
-- James Dunn, OnlineDating.org

We love your software, it was a huge help to identify and prevent competitors consuming our advertising budget along with providing countless other helpful features which assisted us at a previous website I ran. We have just signed up for account for a new project and can't wait to start working on the analysis.
-- Andy, totaltiles.co.uk

Clicky gives me the tools I need to analyze my site traffic in real time while also providing relevant historical data. I can deliver the most relevant content to every visitor and understand their needs better through insights from Clicky. Well done, and keep up the great work!
-- Tristan Amond, tristanamond.com

The most important or difficult thing is to have a vision, a strategy, an idea and relentlessly pursue that vision. Clicky can help you with that. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, I highly recommend using Clicky.
-- Rain Tuulemaa, KiirlaenuEkspert.ee

Clicky has been instrumental in our recent explosive growth. Besides offering us all the analytics and reporting their more expensive competitors offer, they have the added advantage of real time analytics. It's that real time data that allows us to adapt our sales and marketing strategies, giving us the edge over our own competition.
-- Jason A. Kiesel

I signed up yesterday for your free plan and shortly thereafter upgraded to one of your paid plans. This is so sweet! I use Google analytics which is ok, but this is very much what I've been looking for... Everything is so simple to access. I love the interface. More importantly, I think this will be a great reporting tool for my SEO clients. I'm considering your White Label service. Also really great for my own personal use for my printing business. Thanks guys!
-- Jonathan Adams, printingpeach.ca

We use Clicky and Google Analytics to help us manage over 25 sites. The one we prefer - and use daily - is Clicky. The Real Time feature is awesome. We LOVE it!
-- Oliver Stone, creativeengineroom.com

Clicky gives you the opportunity to study real data, to see where your customers are visiting on your website, what is interesting them, and what holds their attention. This information is vital to companies like ours. We are a large online apparel retailer that believes Clicky is vital to our business.
-- James Pillow, fancastle.com

Real-time analytics are hugely important to our busy blog. Clicky has many features that help us refine our business to be more reader friendly. The in-depth visitor insights that Clicky provides are amazing and intuitive. Highly recommended to anybody with a large readership.
-- Zapby

I have used many analytics tools, but Clicky.com is really pushing the envelope. If you want to understand consumer behavior on your web site in an effort to increase conversions, Clicky.com is the right tool for you.
-- Ville Korhonen, siljalaina.fi

We have used Clicky for our analytics since we started our website business in 2009. At the time, we were looking for a simple, straightforward analytical tool as we were also learning SEO techniques and all the other aspects of running a web-based business. We also tried Google Analytics and a couple other services along with Clicky, however, we eventually stopped using everyone else. You can literally spend hours pouring over analytics but Clicky’s reports are easy to interpret and give you just the data you need, thus saving you a lot of time. They are also so much more affordable than other services such as SEOMoz, etc. We have been 100% satisfied with their service.
-- Carolyn Sokol, peocompare.com

After being frustrated by the lack of functionality and insight of several inferior analytics platforms, I decided to give Clicky a try and have never looked back. The useful and actionable data provided by Clicky is invaluable and has been key in eradicating problems and highlighting opportunities. Clicky is now an integral part of my approach to website analytics and I recommend it above any other analytics provider.
-- Matt, pixel321.com

I'm a professional in-house SEO and love that fact that I can follow a user around the site with great ease, helping me to establish user intent and where my sales funnels may be falling down. The real time data, goal tracking and breakdown of all the information provided make Clicky our "goto" analytical tool. Even our Managing Director is able to login and get a clear picture of where we stand at any given time, wherever he wants and without the need to ask for any help. This has been an absolutely fantastic investment and has paid for itself many times over in the number of man hours saved alone.
-- Gregory Bassett, bozowi.co.uk

When it comes to my site analytics, for me, instant gratification is everything. Sure, I could get good analytics for free, but my site is my brand and I'm willing to pay for GREAT analytics. What do I mean by great? Seeing visitors in real-time as they visit my site, being able to track visitors at an organization level (meaning I can see what companies are visiting, this is HUGE!), and the ability to manipulate the report views enabling me to really drill down to what's working and what's not. I tried out a slew of other reporting services, but have stuck with Clicky...my account level has grown as my site as grown! I'll never consider another analytics provider. Evah.
-- Jessica Smith, jessicaknows.com

Clicky first caught our eye as being an alternative to Google Analytics. We now believe that Clicky is a superior alternative to Google Analytics. The heat maps allowed us to optimize trouble areas in our web design which has helped us increase conversions on our websites quickly and effectively.
-- BLN Media Group, LLC, blnmediagroup.com

I just wanted to thank you guys for having such a great product which has helped me in numerous ways grow my site http://sportschatplace.com While some may not see the need or value of live stats, they are surely missing the boat and more than likely aren’t getting the exponential growth numbers those of us who have discovered this wonderful tool have. Clicky has provided me almost a live alert system as to whether my site is gaining audience and sometimes those audience hits are coming from things like message boards and forums where I can join in the conversation and convert many possible on time visitors into loyal readers. I have also seen my traffic go to 0 on two occasions and on both of those it was an alert to me that my site was down, something may not have noticed for hours. Thank you so much and I look forward to using this product for a very long time.
-- Mitch Wilson, sportschatplace.com

Clicky transformed my business overnight. The API is a dream to work with, so simple, yet so powerful. Clicky is firmly cemented in the makeup of our websites and will continue that way since Clicky keeps getting better.
-- Adam

As a professional SEO I am used to testing third-party analytics software, from free ones like Google Analytics and Pliwik to paid ones like Woopra and Mint. Clicky Web Analytics blows them all out of the water. User-friendly interface, seamless integration with FeedBurner and Twitter, it's own URL shortening service with click tracking visible directly in your account *AND* the Spy feature that allows you to see what visitors are doing on your site as they do it... real-time analytics don't come any better.
-- Leo, fr.propulsr.com

We cheated on Google Analytics with Clicky and haven't looked back. The interface is sooo simple and straight to the point, it is awesome! We are generating thousands of visitors everyday and have undoubtedly gained significant insights on our user behavior and trends all because of Clicky. Highly recommended and keep up the great work!
-- Andrew Smith III, agentoptimization.com

I’m amazed at the simple things Clicky does so effortlessly. The control panel seems so much more intuitive than for instance Google Analytics. Easy to install. Instantly accessible. Everything you want to know about what's happening on your site right now. Very impressive.
-- Shaun Anderson, hobo-web.co.uk

Clicky has proved a perfect partner for us, after trying the free version, there was no turning back and we went pro. Love the insight Clicky provides with tools like heatmaps. It tells us exactly how our users interact with our website. The dashboard is just awesome and beats Google analytics hands down.
-- John, toptanks.com.au

Clicky is a fantastic tool that enables us to fill in the blanks that other analytics tools leave us with. Easy to setup and use, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending it to another digital marketer.
-- Liam Shepherd, coastdigital.co.uk

As a wedding photographer I greatly appreciate the ability to track the actions of my clients on the website. Clicky allows me to track them in a very convenient way. I'm a fan of this amazing tool and I can certainly recommend it to anyone.
-- Marek Cudek, fotopaleta.pl

Clicky has proven to be a very effective and user-friendly web analytics tool for SEO and marketing strategies. The information is well laid out and easy to use. Thank you!
-- Carlo, royaltyyachts.com

For a long time I've been a Google Analytics fangirl. But I'm no longer. You should make the switch too, and you'll discover that Clicky is the most powerful site analytics, performance and tracking tool out there. I love how super easy it is to install and use, it's faster than Google Analytics and it comes with plenty of useful data and solid reporting. Thank-you Clicky!
-- Lisa, websitehostingrating.com

Clicky gives us the in depth information on the visitors to our website and how they interact with our it. Using that data we are able to make informed decisions on the adjustments we need to make on turning more of those visitors into customers.
-- John, practisinc.com

I switched to Clicky in 2014 and it was by far the smartest decision I've made. The analytics it provides is exceptional and second to no one. Split testing and tracking conversions has never been simpler.
-- Giv, malegroomings.com

Real-time, in-depth statistics that have completely changed they way we look at our traffic.
-- Andy Thompson, edopter.com

I searched for years to find a stats solution that had just what I needed: real time, customizable, detailed, and above all, easy to use. In one way or another, every other solution fell short...that was until I found Clicky. It is exactly what I'd been looking for! Hands down, give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.
-- Scott Falconer, bantler.com

It's superior features are incomparable. I should have started using since day 1 and I would have lots of data to compare now. Thanks Guys! p.s. Twitter features is also impressive!
-- Alex

I have been using Clicky for analyzing our traffic for a month now, and I must say that it is Clicky that I visit even before Google Analytics these days to gather the visitor data.
-- Jaison Thomas, blusteak.com

Clicky is one of the most underrated Analytics tool out there. 1 word: Heatmaps. This has been one of the most powerful tools we've used for our site and for our clients sites to get huge conversion rate increase, many increases of over 20%. Everything else is great and I find is much easier to use than other analytics tools we've tried like Google and Piwik. Love the Clicky team!
-- Dan, deliveredads.com

"Clicky is hands down the simplest analytics platform on the market. We tried numerous solutions before settling on Clicky. As an ecommerce business we get rich data in an easy to read report, and by customising our goals we can easily measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts."
-- Dan Sullivan, lostgolfballs.com.au

Google Analytics has nothing on Clicky! Clicky gives up to the second updates on all the important information that I need to know. Google can really learn something from this company.
-- Mark Valenzuela, NewIceMedia.com

I don't know why would anyone want to use any analytic tool other than Clicky. The amount of data you get from this thing surpasses even Google's own analytic tool. I use Clicky on any site that I care about.
-- Satrap, moneypantry.com

Clicky has been my web analytics service of choice for over a year and a half. As a web developer and SEO, I need real-time statistics to fine tune my sites and campaigns for optimal performance. The Spy feature tells me how many people are currently on my site, what they are clicking on, and where they are coming from. Custom reporting, goal, and campaign tracking keep me and my clients well-informed.
-- Jason Bartholme

I cheated on Google Analytics with Clicky and never looked back! Clicky blows all other analytics packages out of the water. Hands down the easiest and fastest way to keep a pulse on your website activity.
-- Sam Zaid

Been using Clicky for a few years now. It's an exceptional resource for us running a corporate video production company. We need to keep an eye on our stats on a daily basis and Clicky is the best on the market that we've found for this. For daily monitoring, as well as deep diving into the data, we can't find anything better.
-- Matthew Crawford, crawfordcarlin.co.uk

I've been using Clicky from the very start. After my trial period I had gotten so used to Clicky's great features that I didn't want to miss this great tool by any means. Since then, lots of my customers have became Clicky fans. The core data is extremely useful, the interface is lean, intuitive and fast and there are too many bells and whistles to name them. Plus, Clicky gets better and better - IMHO, there is no comparable product out there. I haven't met anybody who tried Clicky and switched to another tool afterwards.
-- Ritchie, twitter.com/datadirt

When a new employee told us about Clicky we were skeptical at first because we have used Woopra, Piwik and Google Analytics. Frustrated by the limitations of competing platforms, we decided to give it a try (I'll admit, at first, the mobile optimized design is what sold me). We've been using it for 3 months now and I can confidently say this is exactly what we had hoped for. It intuitively approaches the problems I had with other web analytics platforms and it's UX design literally makes it fun to use! We receive dozens of orders for portable stages a day and the real time tracking feature is incredibly addictive.
-- Louis Lefebvre, intellistagecanada.ca

I literally couldn't run my website without Clicky. Its in-depth data is light years ahead of any other analytics program. In short, Clicky's data helps make my website -- and my business -- better.
-- Spencer, surveyspencer.com

My only regret is that I hadn't integrated Clicky sooner. What first drew us toward Clicky was the clean and uncluttered UI – it's so nice to be able to switch between presentations to Clicky to check my goal conversions in real time (which are really easy to set up by the way). Basically, we're using Clicky now because it's designed with the customer in mind. It's easy to use, fast and nice to look at.
-- Aren, theconnolly.ca

I have been using Clicky for the better part of 5 years for multiple sites. It is by far the easiest and most efficient way to track your website data. We love seeing what search terms were used to find us. Clicky makes analyzing your web traffic just plain easy.
-- Anthony, backgrounddigger.com

Clicky is a breath of fresh air. Real time and accessible insightful statistics at a great price. Easy to install and configure. I'd definitely recommend Clicky to any online business.
-- Matt, keywordeye.co.uk

Clicky impresses me: constantly improving their service, nice features - but the best is live spy, the dashboard and the feeds. Also like the simplicity.
-- Frank Rosendahl, bluegarden.no

We use Clicky for all our sites and our clients sites as it allows us to quickly and effectively see where traffic is coming from, what is working and what should be tweaked. The interface is slick and intuitive and Clicky is crammed full of useful features (hello heatmaps!) which make it stand out from other analytics packages. Bottom line, if you're serious about your stats and using them to make informed decisions quickly, choose Clicky.
-- Robert, wpdeveloper.ie

I just started using Clicky and find the IP information far more useful than Google Analytics. Its interface is user friendly, and you cannot beat the price. I also use another counter that is free up to a certain level, just to see if there were a difference, and there is little difference. However, as I said, the interface is more user-friendly, so I paid for the Clicky I use. The price is unbeatable at this point. I highly recommend it.
-- Glenn Franco Simmons, glennfrancosimmons.blogspot.com

Wanted to just drop you guys a line and say how awesome we think Clicky is! The amount of data Clicky provides over GA is incredible. My homepage opens up to the Spy tool every morning!
-- Ben, outdoorrated.com

We love Clicky and plan to expand our usage of it for ourselves and our clients soon. We have learnt so much more about website visitor behaviour using Clicky - the data is clear and accessible as well as being incredibly addictive. On a fun note, the choice of having a sound play when a website goal has been triggered is a sign of genius :)
-- Matt

It's great to have something with such flexibility and control by comparison to Google Analytics. The real-time data is just so amazing. I've been so tired of waiting several hours for data. It's hard to overstate how exciting and powerful this is. It's about time! Knowledge is power, and you guys provide a lot of it. A real tool in our SEO toolbelt. Just wanted to share the love.
-- Jonathan, verticalthinking.ca

Having used Google Analytics in the past, I am completely amazed at the differences compared to Clicky. Clicky hands down has more customization which allows me to easily track the stats that are most important for my business. I highly recommend for anyone to give Clicky a try and see the differences for yourself.
-- Ken, productphotographers.net

Clicky's approach to presenting the data is what separates it from others. It's not just mind numbing stats and charts, but rather a clear picture of what's happening on your site right now. For the first time, we are able to easily understand and take action on the information to improve our site. Fantastic, thank you!
-- Mark, allstatesign.com

Who, How and What. If you run an online business, those 3 are the most important things you need to pay attention to on your website. Clicky lets you see in real time Who came to your site, How they landed up on your site and What they did while they were at your site. Did I mention its all Real Time!
-- Sunny, CoolThings.com