Real time campaign tracking

Clicky is the first web analytics service in the world to offer live, real time campaign tracking for your web site. As soon as you create a campaign, you'll be able monitor its performance live, and react as necessary. With a service like Google Analytics, you'll be twiddling your thumbs for up to 24 hours, wondering what's actually happening. With Clicky, you'll know immediately.

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Real time campaigns

Monitor your campaigns in real time. See how many visitors have come in through each campaign from your dashboard, or the dedicated campaigns page. A campaign can also be setup as a goal funnel, allowing you to keep track of conversion rates and more.

Easy to setup

We've made setting up your campaigns as easy as possible. Simply type in a landing page or referring domain that you want to match (wildcards are supported), and all future visitors matching your parameters will be attached to this campaign.

Quickly spot visitors from campaigns

Your visitors list shows you each visitor who arrived via a campaign, using the "money" icon you see to the right. Hover your mouse over to see which campaign it was, or click to filter down your visitors to just that campaign.


When you view the list of visitors who arrived via a campaign, you'll also get some additional information about that group of visitors, such as the average number of actions and the bounce rate.

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