Real time goal tracking

Clicky is the first web analytics service in the world to offer live, real time goal tracking for your web site. As soon as you create a goal, you'll be able monitor its performance live, and react as necessary. With a service like Google Analytics, you'll be twiddling your thumbs for up to 24 hours, wondering what's actually happening. With Clicky, you'll know immediately.

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Long term metrics

When visitors convert, we log certain data (referrers, campaigns, etc) both for the current visit, as well as their first visit to your site. This lets you easily see the long term impact that your marketing efforts are having.

Real time goals

Monitor your goals, conversion rates, and costs/revenue from the goal dashboard in real time. The list of individual visitors who completed or did not complete any goal is just one click away, giving you the ability to further analyze each one and figure out how to increase your conversion rates.

Powerful funnels unlike any other service

We've made setting up your goals as easy as possible, including very powerful and flexible funnels. While most services only allow another page on your site to be a funnel, Clicky also lets you use campaigns, external searches, and external domain referrals as funnels, bringing goals to an entirely new level. Wildcards are also supported.

Great visual cues to find your visitors involved with goals

Your visitors list shows you each visitor who has been involved with a goal, by the flag icons you see to the right. A blue flag means they have passed a goal, and a red one means they went through the funnel but did not or have not yet completed the goal. Hover your mouse over to see which goal it was, or click to filter down your visitors to just that goal.


When you view the list of visitors who either completed or did not complete a goal, you'll also get some additional information about that group of visitors, such as the average number of actions and the bounce rate.

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