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Difference Between Unique & New Visitors

I have been baffled by this for some time now and I have to find out what the difference is between the two. I have always thought that Unique Visitors ARE New Visitors. lol So please clarify the difference between the two. Thanks!

Posted Thu Sep 8 2011 10:10p by gobigmarke***

+1 on this

Posted Fri Sep 9 2011 7:50a by dsulim***

+1 on this ... also i see the same visitor as 4 visitors in the same day ...

Posted Fri Sep 9 2011 8:55a by SendGen***

Another reason why clicky stats isn't accurate.

Posted Fri Sep 9 2011 6:43p by Yawpi***

Posted Tue Sep 20 2011 12:02p by ronab***

New visitor is someone who has visited your site for the first time.

Unique visitors are determined on a daily basis - how many unique people visited your site on a given day, no matter if they've been there before or not.

Posted Wed Sep 21 2011 11:55a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thanks! It would be nice if you could've answered my question quicker than nearly 2 weeks. Especially since I am paying for your service. So far I am not impressed with your forum support.

Posted Wed Sep 21 2011 12p by gobigmarke***

Well it's hard to keep up with the forums sometimes. If you need a quick answer, send an email and in almost all cases you'll have an answer in less than 24 hours.

Posted Wed Sep 21 2011 12:41p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thanks for your response. I'll be sure to do that next time. Thanks!

Posted Fri Sep 23 2011 6:19p by gobigmarke***

I have a follow up question to this one -- the Unique visitors -- if they are a group of uniques that visit daily, what does that number mean when I'm pulling reports that span a week's time?

Posted Thu Jun 11 2015 9:41a by JeanieWal***

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