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Clicky script flagged as malicious

Our ESET just tagged Clicky code as malicious, we have removed it from our websi…
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Latest: May 5 2021 12:26pm

Is it possible to create a "negative" filter?

Show visitors who use Firefox and are NOT from New York?
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Latest: Apr 10 2021 3:45pm

Filter IPv6?

We can't filter IPv6 IPs?
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Latest: Apr 10 2021 3:39pm


I noticed there is an huge difference between the Click of the SEARC…
3 replies
Latest: Apr 9 2021 2:20pm

How can I make Clicky show full Referral URL inste…

6 replies
Latest: Apr 7 2021 11:29am

Goals Stopped Working

After removing the clicky plugin, and switching to just using the tracking code …
2 replies
Latest: Mar 25 2021 10:03am

Page Insights: Reduce the Impact of Third Party Co…

Hello! I'm digging into performance and trying to speed my sites up. Page speed…
10 replies
Latest: Mar 14 2021 10:21am

Page Name vs. URL

I recently shut down my old Wordpress website and opened a new one on WIX. On th…
1 replies
Latest: Mar 13 2021 6:30am

image access not being tracked

Hi I've linked to an image on my site in an excel spreadsheet. When the user …
3 replies
Latest: Mar 6 2021 12:35am

Cargo Collective

Hi I recently set up a cargo website at As…
3 replies
Latest: Mar 3 2021 7:52am

Upgraded to Pro Platinum - Pre-approved payments q…

My previous was clicky pro but since i am constantly having traffic overload tha…
4 replies
Latest: Mar 2 2021 5:18am

Can I use clicky.log() on a free account?

Hi, The documentation is not so clear: can I use clicky.log() to log JS actio…
2 replies
Latest: Feb 25 2021 4:27pm

Possible to disable pinging for one page?

I would like to selectively disable pinging for one page of my site. It heavily…
4 replies
Latest: May 4 2017 6:27am

Goal cost column on reports and dashboard

I set up a goal and can see my revenue, but I don't see the cost figure anyw…
2 replies
Latest: Apr 24 2017 12:27pm

Bing ads.

Hey guys. If somebody knows what should be a BING ads equivalent to …
6 replies
Latest: Apr 23 2017 5:18am

Grouping Page Visits for Reporting

Hi all, My name is Mike and I have a white label account that I use…
1 replies
Latest: Apr 20 2017 2:54pm

Error online now witgets Tally

Hello, I use the Tally witgets and on online now I still have only one vi…
1 replies
Latest: Apr 15 2017 8:30am

No longer Tracking

My 2 WordPress sites stopped tracking 3 days ago for no apparent reason. The cod…
6 replies
Latest: Apr 14 2017 7:50pm

Identify 404 pages

I'm trying to work out a way to identify pages that are getting a 404 error wh…
5 replies
Latest: Apr 14 2017 7:31pm

Get visitors-list filtered by 1 uid shows no info

Hello I was unable to find answer on my question. I want t…
0 replies
Latest: Apr 14 2017 6:42am

1 action 10 seconds visits

Hi! I know that there has been posts about that topic before but they ar…
11 replies
Latest: Apr 4 2017 11:33am

Leverage Browser Caching clicks script

We are looking at ways to optimize the performance/loading of our site. One of…
3 replies
Latest: Apr 1 2017 5:15am


Ive been tracking a individual who's been clicking my google ads for the past …
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Latest: Mar 26 2017 8:16am

Wrong sub domain reporing

Weird live/Staging cross links problem Hi maybe someone can help. W…
0 replies
Latest: Mar 25 2017 3:49pm

Is it just me or everyone else?

I can't figure out whats wrong. if its my server or clickys. See screenshot ht…
11 replies
Latest: Mar 24 2017 11:20pm

Bounce Rates and Premium/Free Plans

Hi there, I downgraded from Premium to Free a few days ago.…
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Latest: Mar 24 2017 11:57am

Clicky script flagged as malicious

Hello, I’ve been trying to add a clicky ( script into a…
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Latest: Mar 23 2017 8:45pm

Custom Alerts

Hi there, Love Clicky btw. I have a small question.…
9 replies
Latest: Mar 22 2017 4:51pm

Clicky being blocked by Firefox v52 by default.

I just noticed that Firefox v52 is now blocking tracking by default. …
1 replies
Latest: Mar 17 2017 1:10pm

Not tracking all visitors

I have added the tracking code on but less tha…
7 replies
Latest: Mar 17 2017 8:23am

How to NOT track my own IP?

Hi there, Whenever I visitor my own site, clicky track me. What s…
3 replies
Latest: Mar 14 2017 12:35am

jQuery Mobile plugin not loaded with HTTPS!

Hello, i have a simple jQuery Mobile app using latest stable version 1.4.5 and…
1 replies
Latest: Mar 9 2017 11:44am

Tag limits based on plans?

2 Questions: Is it possible to increase 2000 tag limit? Is there p…
1 replies
Latest: Mar 4 2017 1:45pm

Is it possible to see the companies name?

Hi! I've just upgraded my clicky account to the premium formula b…
7 replies
Latest: Feb 28 2017 6:41am

SE Spiders

I have been getting various hits from these ip's:…
5 replies
Latest: Feb 27 2017 2:45am

Clicky on every page?

I installed Clicky on my home page and is getting some traffic. So is…
8 replies
Latest: Feb 26 2017 2:24am

multiple split tests

Is it possible to have multiple split tests in a same page to test different cha…
0 replies
Latest: Feb 22 2017 9:10pm

How can I stop logging my visits?

How can I keep my visits from showing up? Is there a way to block my IP…
8 replies
Latest: Feb 21 2017 6:10am

Bounce Rate shot through roof

Hi, firstly, Love this plugin. Thanks for it! Had begun with Cl…
4 replies
Latest: Feb 16 2017 1:17am

Yandex issues

Hi, I'm experiencing many Yandex referrers on almost all of my si…
4 replies
Latest: Feb 14 2017 2:08am

Expand button for Actions

Hi, the Expand button for Actions has disappeared from my dashboard. Is it bec…
0 replies
Latest: Feb 9 2017 11:49am

amp analytics didn't work well

amp analytics didn't work well. Please check.
0 replies
Latest: Feb 8 2017 5:23pm

Duplicate actions when using clicky.log()

I'm using clicky.log() to capture clicks on a few different iframes on the…
2 replies
Latest: Feb 7 2017 2:05pm

Goal tracking on Squarespace Forms

I built my site using Squarespace, and I'm using Clicky for analytics.…
0 replies
Latest: Feb 7 2017 1:30pm

Drill down into goals data

Is there a way to learn more about Completed Goals? Let's say I h…
0 replies
Latest: Jan 31 2017 9:49am

Tracking the Page Before the Goal

Is there a way to easily view the single page that was before the goal (not th…
3 replies
Latest: Jan 30 2017 2:11pm

Is it critical to keep Admin Site Key SECRET??

I'm integrating a call to the clicky-supplied API called clicky_log. I have a…
2 replies
Latest: Jan 29 2017 2:24pm

Clicky stopped tracking

We've been using Clicky for years. We hit the traffic limit and tracking shut …
1 replies
Latest: Jan 22 2017 4:10am

Traffic From Google Local 3 Pack

Is there a way to see traffic from Google Local 3 Pack on Clicky? T…
3 replies
Latest: Jan 20 2017 3:22am

How to track multiple pages as 1 goal?

Im attempting to tracking multiple pages under a single goal. In Google Analytic…
4 replies
Latest: Jan 16 2017 12:32pm

Blocking IP still shows in list of visitors

Hi, I've set this IP to be blocked from being logged, but their…
9 replies
Latest: Jan 12 2017 10am

Stats not updating

Statistics are not updating...New visitors are not being logged. Any …
12 replies
Latest: Jan 10 2017 5:02am

How to get Page Views by Country in dashboard

Hi, I want to be able to get page views by country in the dashboard. Is t…
1 replies
Latest: Jan 8 2017 4:35am

Manually install Code on each page

Do I need to put clicky code on every page of my web site or is there some autom…
3 replies
Latest: Jan 8 2017 3:55am

UID filters deleted

Hi I have a problem I added two UID number under one name in the…
0 replies
Latest: Dec 31 2016 3:47pm


Clicky is up and running, but when I click in the dashboard e.g. "last 7 day…
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Latest: Dec 30 2016 3:04pm

Tracking code won't register

I have a WIX website and they have the option of pasting in code. But it is not …
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Latest: Dec 28 2016 11:17am

Possible way to track users running ad blockers?

What do you guys think of the approach suggested at the bottom of this article a…
2 replies
Latest: Dec 27 2016 8:11am

Large traffic drops

I track 8 sites via clicky, 2 were affected by the ongoing db issues and I cur…
19 replies
Latest: Dec 24 2016 9:50am

Google AMP?

Is Clicky Google AMP compatible now? I saw a thread about it from J…
5 replies
Latest: Dec 23 2016 6:01am

Facing Diffiiculty to run my Campaign

Hi I am New to Clicky and i am facing difficulty to run my campaign .…
2 replies
Latest: Dec 22 2016 5:52am

free webs

I started my web site with free webs, and used clicky stats there, but latte…
3 replies
Latest: Dec 19 2016 5:31am

How to track outbound links

Hi I want to be able to track clicks on outbound links on my site for each …
7 replies
Latest: Dec 15 2016 7:06pm

WP 4.6.1 compatible?

Is clicky WP 4.6.1 compatible? Regards,
1 replies
Latest: Dec 14 2016 4:02pm

Visitors with no action

Hello; I have a website with more and more visitors with no action.…
0 replies
Latest: Dec 12 2016 1:29pm

Filtering IPv6 addresses

Is it possible to filter IPv6 addresses from the analytics? When I try to add …
0 replies
Latest: Dec 11 2016 12:29pm

Single Page Apps...

I'm developing a single page app, and want to use clicky (in addition to G…
1 replies
Latest: Dec 8 2016 12:03am

clicky does not show visitors from US

HI, Since a couple of days Clicky is not showing visitors from US. I hav…
3 replies
Latest: Dec 3 2016 10:11am

all goals on one split test for mobile users only

cant find a way to filter all the goal on different split tests for mobile users…
0 replies
Latest: Dec 1 2016 12:43am

clicky Stop workng on my WP sites

clicky Stop workng on my WP sites any refreshing don t work on my bo…
1 replies
Latest: Nov 30 2016 2:07pm

Duplicate visitors (no response via email)

Hello, On one of my sites I am getting lots of duplicate visitors - often…
2 replies
Latest: Nov 28 2016 12:26am

Multiple Manual Goals and Establishing Conversion …

Hi, Before I redesigned my site I had one manual goal that I used f…
0 replies
Latest: Nov 25 2016 7:36pm

Simple visitors per month stats

Hi, I need a simple statistic shwing the visitors per every month of the …
1 replies
Latest: Nov 22 2016 9:44am

Uptime monitor not accurate

Hi, I notice the uptime monitor regularly reports downtime when my site …
7 replies
Latest: Nov 19 2016 3:03am

Tagging Question with AdWords and other Ad Platfor…

Hi all, I have a few general questions but let's start with AdWords.…
5 replies
Latest: Nov 11 2016 9:09am


1 replies
Latest: Nov 9 2016 10:08am

How to track goals (outbound link clicks) per …

I have an affiliate site that has outbound affiliate links sprinkled throughout …
1 replies
Latest: Nov 4 2016 2:03am

clicky on my localhost

Hello ,we re not sharing our site yet, just i put the plugin of yors in my w…
4 replies
Latest: Oct 23 2016 8:01am

PDF files

I have redirects from html file to a pdf as a meta tag and refresh. How do I get…
2 replies
Latest: Oct 18 2016 3:23am

Heat map not avail on landing page, though click…

I just learned my clicky code was being automatically stripped out of my landing…
0 replies
Latest: Oct 15 2016 8:50pm

Disabled website not reactivated

Hello, I had been tracking two websites with the premium trial, so the …
2 replies
Latest: Oct 11 2016 9:12am

How to ignore subdomains?

Hi, I have a staging subdomain called Because I only use…
2 replies
Latest: Oct 6 2016 10:59pm

How to track the adwords keyword?

Guys hi, I am using clicky to track the visitors on my site…
5 replies
Latest: Oct 6 2016 10:16pm

Force local ip address

Is it possible to force Clicky to show local ip. I am trying to run statist…
2 replies
Latest: Oct 5 2016 11:32pm

Undetected visitors

Hi, I have Clicky installed and it's working fine. But recently m…
2 replies
Latest: Oct 5 2016 4:32am


Hello here we upgraded to a pro pleus plan yesterday, I cannot s…
1 replies
Latest: Sep 30 2016 5:04am

block ivvali ip

Dear Sir I am getting the visitors report daily but dont know how to block ip ad…
0 replies
Latest: Sep 29 2016 4:26am

Clicky Work On Facebook Instant Articles?

Will the script work on Facebook Instant articles? Anyone know? h…
1 replies
Latest: Sep 28 2016 5:14am

Share experience on Google Adwords

Dear all, I run Google Adwords advertising but I got many invalid c…
3 replies
Latest: Sep 25 2016 7:14am

GMT Time Zone Still Not Accurate?

I've read many forum posts about this issue but I do not see any announcement …
1 replies
Latest: Sep 20 2016 4:09pm

What does reseting admin site key do?

I'm planning to reset my admin site key because a web developer that I no long…
1 replies
Latest: Sep 15 2016 3:41am

Weird search keyword

For some time now, clicky reports that my top search string / keyword is …
3 replies
Latest: Sep 10 2016 7:24am

Adding goal to form submission javascript

Hi Guys Here ia my email (form) javascript code…
0 replies
Latest: Sep 6 2016 6:46pm

no show visitor statistic

Hi, I got confirmation code has been successfully registered on my site b…
0 replies
Latest: Sep 5 2016 9:02am

Number of new visitors per url in a specific range…

Hi, I want to get the number of new visitors per url in a specific …
3 replies
Latest: Sep 5 2016 5:38am

About Add My Youtube Channel at Clicky

Dear, I am new user of CLICKY . I wanted to add my youtube channel at cli…
2 replies
Latest: Aug 18 2016 3:18am

Clicky not working anymore

Hello, It did work but stopped. Tried clear cache. Stop and start t…
0 replies
Latest: Aug 14 2016 2:22pm

normal goals are not working

i have given a link in the url and saved it It does not show goals wh…
1 replies
Latest: Aug 10 2016 7:58pm

Tracking code

Hey I installed the tracking code on my website. But when I visit my …
4 replies
Latest: Jul 31 2016 10:42pm

Problem with multiple site mirrors/alias

(sorry for the duplicate post, i forgot to add a title to my first post…
0 replies
Latest: Jul 26 2016 3:38am