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Bounce rate list

Is it possible to see a list of all the page bounce rates so we can identify tho...
3 replies
Latest: Nov 29 2015 3:43pm

Campaigns not working on 1 site

Hi, I am running several ppc campaigns and on most of my websites t...
0 replies
Latest: Nov 27 2015 12:43am

Uptime monitor not accurate

Hi, I notice the uptime monitor regularly reports downtime when my site ...
5 replies
Latest: Nov 26 2015 12pm

Check if Someone Copies Page Including Tracking Co...

Every so often, some copies an entire page from our website and posts in on th...
2 replies
Latest: Nov 24 2015 6:47am

tracking ad impressions, no javascript allowed ...

I use clicky for doing all tracking of our sites, and was thinking it would be...
1 replies
Latest: Nov 22 2015 2:42pm

Images broken on Click Dashboard

For about a month, all the images on click have been broken/not loaded for m...
0 replies
Latest: Nov 21 2015 6:11am

Split testing numbers don't seem right

I've been using the split testing feature quite a bit lately with Clicky and t...
1 replies
Latest: Nov 19 2015 8:18am

PPC click protection

I bought Clicky to protect our PPC ads from competitors eating our budgets. We...
3 replies
Latest: Nov 17 2015 4:53pm

Add CPC / Traffic cost to Campaign

Hi, Is it possible to add a cost per visitor to a certain campaign...
1 replies
Latest: Nov 16 2015 2:59pm

Script error in IE

I am seeing a lot of script errors in IE caused by Clicky Analytics....
2 replies
Latest: Nov 16 2015 10:31am

How to Determine How Many Users Have Ad Blockers...

Does Clicky track how many users to a given site have ad blockers enabled? Jus...
2 replies
Latest: Nov 14 2015 6:43pm

Advertising visits appearing other categories

Hi I run ads on Google and Facebook. Clicky is picking these up as pa...
3 replies
Latest: Nov 6 2015 3:08pm

Hash-based utm campaign tags is not registered cor...

For a long time we've used hash-based dynamic campaign tags, eg. /path/t...
7 replies
Latest: Nov 5 2015 11:09am

Reporting time is off?

Today I noticed 2 hours difference in time reporting for my visitors. I'm on G...
1 replies
Latest: Nov 1 2015 1:40am

Custom Campaigns with ? not working

I used to track all of my traffic from Instagram by using /?ig for example w...
6 replies
Latest: Oct 28 2015 6:48pm

Show IP address in list of visitors

Hi, Is there a way to show the ip addresses in the list of visitors...
2 replies
Latest: Oct 26 2015 4:57pm

Age of visitors

I have been searching - but can not find an option to see the age of the visitor...
3 replies
Latest: Oct 23 2015 4:37pm

What happened to Goal stats on the frontpage?

Looking over my sites I on the frontpage under today and under each site, I ca...
12 replies
Latest: Oct 22 2015 8:45pm

How are Traffic sources categorized?

When looking at the Traffic sources section, I understand that Clicky looks at...
1 replies
Latest: Oct 22 2015 10:23am

only Middle East and UAE click my site

I see clicks on my site comes only from Middle East, ...
1 replies
Latest: Oct 15 2015 11:55am

Adwords repeat click from same ip

I want to ha have a list of visitors that have revisited my page thru google adw...
5 replies
Latest: Oct 14 2015 5:16am

Tons of Referer Spam Lately (Brazil Especially...

Has anyone else noticed tons of referer spam lately? The one I've noticed th...
21 replies
Latest: Oct 12 2015 7:53am

500 - Internal Server Error

Hi I've installed Clicky for WordPress okay but when I go to Settings > Clic...
7 replies
Latest: Oct 10 2015 6:32pm

the heat map is not seen

I'm paying the pro plan and not showing me the heat map, what should I do?
3 replies
Latest: Oct 5 2015 7:03pm

Adding Clicky Analytics to Square Space.

I followed this exactly, but when testing, I get the error in the clicky das...
1 replies
Latest: Oct 4 2015 11:37pm

PayPal in context iframe

Anybody know how to create a payment goal when using PayPal iframe incontext met...
0 replies
Latest: Oct 1 2015 4:17pm

Can’t log in

I can’t log in! I used a username and password combination ...
0 replies
Latest: Sep 29 2015 6:25am

Hugh increase in single visits

One of my sites has a fairly consistent traffic rate of around 12 uniques per da...
8 replies
Latest: Sep 28 2015 11:02am

Stats Are Wrong

For The Last 15 minutes the number of people on my site is completely off by abo...
21 replies
Latest: Sep 28 2015 9:55am

Tagging Question with AdWords and other Ad Platfor...

Hi all, I have a few general questions but let's start with AdWords....
4 replies
Latest: Sep 24 2015 1:43pm

Getting Clicky to work on Wix.

I've put the tracking code into a HTML box in the footer of my site. I am gett...
0 replies
Latest: Sep 23 2015 5:30pm

DIV tags

I have a single page design - but would like to track the specific portfolio cas...
1 replies
Latest: Sep 22 2015 1:02am

password protectet site (htacess, htpasswd)

hi there, is it possible to track from a password protected website...
1 replies
Latest: Sep 22 2015 12:38am

Dynamic campaigns - UTM - not working

Hi there, please, could you have a look into dynamic campaigns - ...
2 replies
Latest: Sep 21 2015 8:52am

Spam sites

I there a way to block all these referrer sites from China and Indonesia etc?
10 replies
Latest: Sep 20 2015 12:31pm

Track dynamically loaded youTube videos (loaded ...

Hi, I have a wordpress site and I am using the "Clicky Analytics...
0 replies
Latest: Sep 18 2015 6:33pm

Tracking Wordpress Registrations

Hey, I'm trying to get Clicky to track registrations on my wordpr...
5 replies
Latest: Sep 15 2015 12:37pm


Everything has been working fine for months and two days ago I sent a message to...
1 replies
Latest: Sep 14 2015 1:35pm

Events CSV: more than 1000 rows?

We're trying to download all the events from a 90 day period and it seems that...
2 replies
Latest: Sep 12 2015 3:16pm

No Tracking of Clicky At All After Installing Code

I have copied and pasted the tracking code into my Keller Williams site and have...
3 replies
Latest: Sep 11 2015 4:48pm

Users with account

Hello; I want to share one of my website whith someone. But I ...
1 replies
Latest: Sep 8 2015 5:40pm


How can I change my username? Who can I email?
2 replies
Latest: Sep 8 2015 5:38am

Tracking IMage delaying page loading by 4-5 second...

I'm using tracking image method of getting stats on some pages. It...
2 replies
Latest: Sep 7 2015 10:29pm

view activity by user name

hello, is there an option to view activities by a user name? for exampl...
1 replies
Latest: Sep 3 2015 5:40am

Implications of using Google Analytics and Clicky ...

Are there any known issues with running both Google Analytics and clicky on the ...
5 replies
Latest: Sep 2 2015 11:46pm

Clicky Widget not working for Safari on Mac

The logged in widget does not appear on website when on Mac and on Safari
3 replies
Latest: Aug 28 2015 9:38am

Traffic Lower than Google Anytalics

I noticed since the August issue with the server, that my site numbers have be...
8 replies
Latest: Aug 25 2015 10:43am

Is this normal?

I can get a lot more information from awstats than from clicky. For instance...
0 replies
Latest: Aug 23 2015 2:43pm

display resolution is displayed incorrectly by cli...

2560x1440 resolution is displayed as 2048x1152 by clicky.
2 replies
Latest: Aug 23 2015 5:44am

People Come, They Buy, They Go, And Sometime...

It happens only rarely, but we'll get people come to the site, go to our o...
3 replies
Latest: Aug 21 2015 4:30am

feedburner all feeds shown in clicky, with feedb...

feedburner counts very nice, so i want to integrate the stats in clicky. is th...
2 replies
Latest: Aug 19 2015 3:17pm

Tracking Internal Website

Is it possible to use Clicky to track an internal website with no hostname...
1 replies
Latest: Aug 19 2015 8:46am

Visitors vs Unique visitors

Hello, I am trying to visualize the total visitors but it seems that clic...
1 replies
Latest: Aug 17 2015 12:16pm


Tracking organisations is SO cool. However, in my organisations rep...
27 replies
Latest: Aug 17 2015 9:39am

Spy shows detail but nothing in Overview

Hi all, I have my tracking code verified to be working. I am seeing...
0 replies
Latest: Aug 14 2015 1:14pm

Spy Map always showing

Since Spy went XL, every time I refer to the spy page, the map is showing. I...
6 replies
Latest: Aug 11 2015 7:50pm


Can anyone enlighten me on the significance of ?ckattempt=1 (and occasiona...
5 replies
Latest: Aug 11 2015 5:02pm

meteor js

Hi, I made the same post to developers forum but this seems more ac...
1 replies
Latest: Aug 9 2015 6:49pm

Zero Visitors, 100 Online Visitors

I got online visitor counted, but visitors shows zero. As the time goes by, ...
1 replies
Latest: Aug 2 2015 4:05am

Getting Alerts for the Removed Emails

Hi, I have removed one email from the alerts, but still am gettin...
0 replies
Latest: Jul 31 2015 5:54am

Clicky Dashboard Blank

All has been well with Clicky for months. Today both PC's stopped displa...
13 replies
Latest: Jul 16 2015 10:12am

Can I exclude my browser's usage of my website i...

Hi, Is there some method of excluding my own clicking round checkin...
2 replies
Latest: Jul 14 2015 1:45pm

Click count disparity vs. AdWords

Ever since Google began to automatically convert my landing page URLs, Clicky ...
6 replies
Latest: Jul 14 2015 7:35am

How to track outbound links?

Hi, I already add to all outbound links the class clicky_log_outbo...
2 replies
Latest: Jul 11 2015 5:38am

Installed Clicky. No visits.

The site says that my code is installed ( I used Yoast's clicky plugin in Wo...
6 replies
Latest: Jul 7 2015 11:30am

Google Analytics spam referrers not in Clicky!

I have a lot of spam referrers showing up in my GA reports, it drives me crazy...
3 replies
Latest: Jul 5 2015 11:01pm

Campaigns, Goals and Visitors not all being trac...

Since I added SSL to my site it seems the tracking is a little off. Not all visi...
3 replies
Latest: Jul 1 2015 6:29pm

Custom Alerts

Hi there, Love Clicky btw. I have a small question....
8 replies
Latest: Jun 27 2015 6:10pm

Lost all formatting

My graphs on the main page were looking funny so I cleared the cache and now the...
3 replies
Latest: Jun 27 2015 12:39pm

Help Tracking Accross Multiple Domains - iphone Br...

Hey we are trying to track across multiple domains and have it maintain a sessio...
0 replies
Latest: Jun 24 2015 2:33pm

Heatmaps for responsive sites

Hi- I would like to be able to use heatmaps, but all of my sites are responsiv...
4 replies
Latest: Jun 22 2015 7:11am

Heatmap not appearing in my Proplus account

I got a proplus account and cant find the heatmap options in my panel...
11 replies
Latest: Jun 22 2015 3:42am

Filter out referring domain

Hi, Yesterday and today something awkward happened to my stats. It ...
6 replies
Latest: Jun 21 2015 1:23pm

How do I delete the Clicky bar from my website?

It's showing on I noticed it on my phone while it ...
4 replies
Latest: Jun 19 2015 7:51am

Push Notifications for Alert now working

Hi, I am trying to set up a new alert for new visitor with push not...
3 replies
Latest: Jun 16 2015 3:40pm

Is this normal?

With respect to traffic I get from google adwords display ads, Clicky does not...
1 replies
Latest: Jun 15 2015 1:44pm

facebook referrals showing as direct links and not...

People coming to my blog from a link in Facebook are getting counted as "direc...
0 replies
Latest: Jun 13 2015 9:29pm

Difference Between Unique & New Visitors

I have been baffled by this for some time now and I have to find out what the di...
9 replies
Latest: Jun 11 2015 9:41am

Any way to know if hits from "BeiJing" are ben...

Don't get a whole lot of traffic on my site, but over the last year or so I...
2 replies
Latest: Jun 10 2015 8:17am

external script tracking

I am using an external site called pricewaiter on my site. I have placed their s...
2 replies
Latest: Jun 10 2015 7:25am

Is there a way of obtaining the contact details wh...

Hello Is there a way of obtaining the contact details who/what com...
2 replies
Latest: Jun 8 2015 8:49am

support please email me

i have sent a few emails to but haven't received a rep...
2 replies
Latest: Jun 4 2015 10:14am

Search Engines as Incoming Links

Hi, in my incoming Links report I have many regular referers from s...
2 replies
Latest: May 29 2015 3:03am

Statcounter import

Over the past few years I have been using Statcounter and I am wondering if I ca...
0 replies
Latest: May 29 2015 3am

Revenue attribution

Hi, I have dynamic goals with revenue being passed into Clicky. If I look...
0 replies
Latest: May 28 2015 3:53am

Any way to break down mobile and desktop users?

I assume there's a way to see how many visitors were on mobile devices and how...
2 replies
Latest: May 27 2015 6:43am

zenfolio integration?

I have a photography website hosted by and currently am using statc...
1 replies
Latest: May 25 2015 3:47pm

db1 / 2 / 3 / 11 / 23 / 24 offline for s...

These 6 database servers are moving to new hardware today (Saturday May 23)....
6 replies
Latest: May 24 2015 4:08am

Where to see custom tracking variables?

We are using custom tracking to record a few extra pieces of info. In the past ...
0 replies
Latest: May 22 2015 4:13pm

Cloudflare + GetClicky = Tracking not working

Hi, Probably I'm using GetClicky from 5 years but this time I can...
5 replies
Latest: May 20 2015 7:28pm

Email alert on goals not working, but goal being...

Hi, I setup a goal , to flag when people visit a specific page. ...
2 replies
Latest: May 19 2015 10:16pm

Site id, key and db

Please remove the site id and other stuff in the dashboard. It is pr...
3 replies
Latest: May 14 2015 6:37am

track a goal on a page, without changing the url...

Hi Gents, I want to track an action on a page, but the url doesn...
0 replies
Latest: May 7 2015 11:17am

Goals with a varying URL

Hi, sorry this may be a silly Q. I'me trying to make a goal that ...
1 replies
Latest: May 6 2015 3:19pm

Should Top Next/Previous Pages show other websit...

When I click on the Top Next/Previous Pages icon next to one of my pages on Co...
4 replies
Latest: May 5 2015 7:09pm

Heatmap Not Logging On Custom Website Width

Hey there i noticed clicky is not showing heat map. I have custom wid...
4 replies
Latest: May 4 2015 11:26am

The spam scam site Semalt.

Semalt seems to be run by Ukrainian spammers and it spams their website on count...
23 replies
Latest: Apr 27 2015 10:50am

Clicky Stopped Working, Completely

This is my first month on Clicky (I have a Pro account), which I started v...
4 replies
Latest: Apr 24 2015 2:55am

Urgent: Our tracking img is broken...

One of the images used to track non JS visitors is reported as broken and our si...
13 replies
Latest: Apr 22 2015 6:33am

Mobile visitors

Hi! I'm trying to see how many visitors using mobile land on a sp...
1 replies
Latest: Apr 21 2015 5:42am