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Adding Clicky Analytics to Square Space.

I followed this exactly, but when testing, I get the error in the clicky das...
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Latest: May 22 2016 9:11pm

Bounce rate

Hey, I'm new to clicky. Last 24h I'm following the stats a...
3 replies
Latest: May 22 2016 6:32am

Clicky login page cookie not setting

As of a couple days ago, every time I come back to Clicky, it's making me ...
8 replies
Latest: May 18 2016 1:26pm

Make alert for this 404

We have just chenged platfor and are getting some 404´s. We have not ...
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Latest: May 13 2016 4:57am

Large traffic drops

I track 8 sites via clicky, 2 were affected by the ongoing db issues and I cur...
18 replies
Latest: May 12 2016 7:09am

Filter out range of i addresses?

My stats are routinely messed up by a botpr crawler from a range of ip addresses...
1 replies
Latest: May 10 2016 8:23am

Can I use Clicky for non google index sites

Hi, We are developing a new site on wordpress which is hidden/sto...
3 replies
Latest: May 7 2016 2:06am

Database maintenance Fri/Sat/Sun

We've been hard at work the last 4 months on an entirely new infrastructure th...
20 replies
Latest: May 6 2016 11:12am

Can't Delete Websites in My Account

I don't know why I can't delete the websites in my account, pl...
2 replies
Latest: May 4 2016 5:10am

Stop uptime check on old website

Hi, there is a website i used to track with clicky, now I moved the domain t...
4 replies
Latest: Apr 30 2016 2:08am

Heatmap not appearing in my Proplus account

I got a proplus account and cant find the heatmap options in my panel...
12 replies
Latest: Apr 28 2016 7:59am

Need more than 30 active goals

How can I accomplish that?
4 replies
Latest: Apr 26 2016 12:38pm

Shopify + Clicky

Hi there -- May be a silly question, but when putting this on our ...
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Latest: Apr 17 2016 10:56pm

General quality of Clicky support?

Hi, I just upgraded to a the pro account then suddenly my Clicky website stopp...
11 replies
Latest: Apr 16 2016 10:56am

Spy shows incorrect URL's

I am tracking https based site . Everything gets tracked just fine except the Sp...
5 replies
Latest: Apr 13 2016 10:58pm

Browser detections

Seems last browser aren't detected ... New stable Vivaldi : Chrom...
4 replies
Latest: Apr 8 2016 10:27am

Creating Custom Reports

I'm struggling to figure out how to send an automated report of the view I wan...
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Latest: Apr 4 2016 7:50am

Split Testing Numbers Seem Off

So we are running a sitewide test on every page. So every visitor is seeing the ...
4 replies
Latest: Mar 31 2016 4:26pm

IPv6 support for clicky

Is there any update on IPv6 support? We are gearing up to turn on IPv6 on our ...
2 replies
Latest: Mar 19 2016 8:49am

Wordpress Clicky Plugin No Stats

I configured the Clicky plugin but it still shows no stats. I've visted my sit...
6 replies
Latest: Mar 18 2016 9:33pm

How do I...

How can I get what peak and low times are for day, week, month etc? i...
3 replies
Latest: Mar 16 2016 7pm

Exclude city(country)

Is there anyway to exclude city/ies (country) using filter in >>Visito...
1 replies
Latest: Mar 16 2016 9:25am

meteor js

Hi, I made the same post to developers forum but this seems more ac...
2 replies
Latest: Mar 14 2016 1:23pm

Search Engines as Incoming Links

Hi, in my incoming Links report I have many regular referers from s...
3 replies
Latest: Mar 14 2016 8:10am

Why is social media traffic categorized all over t...

I cannot see any logic how the incoming traffic is categorized for source social...
0 replies
Latest: Mar 10 2016 3:18pm

Bounce Rate

Hi, Does anyone know why my bounce rate in clicky is lets say 31...
2 replies
Latest: Mar 10 2016 8:29am

Outbound Clicks

Hello, I've been using Clicky for a little while, and assumed t...
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Latest: Mar 8 2016 3:23am


Tracking organisations is SO cool. However, in my organisations rep...
28 replies
Latest: Mar 7 2016 9:31am

I can't export our Data

I used to be bale to export the dashboard data. That's not the case anymore....
0 replies
Latest: Mar 4 2016 11:41am

Loe pwgeviews

I have been getting very low count on pageview on clicky. As of now...
2 replies
Latest: Mar 1 2016 12:23pm

Will my tracking code work on other domains?

I have tracking code for If I place the tracking code on ano...
1 replies
Latest: Mar 1 2016 9:19am

Has anyone gotten Clicky to work with Zendesk?

I've been trying to add my tracking code to Zendesk. I can add it i...
6 replies
Latest: Mar 1 2016 9:10am

Adwords repeat click from same ip

I want to ha have a list of visitors that have revisited my page thru google adw...
6 replies
Latest: Feb 26 2016 3:37am

SE Spiders

I have been getting various hits from these ip's:
4 replies
Latest: Feb 25 2016 9:28am

0 reports

I am on db63 and am getting nothing from clicky whatsoever even the heatmap tool...
4 replies
Latest: Feb 25 2016 7:18am

Page filter isn't working, or I'm not doing ...

Hello, I recently added a video overlay ad to my site. Suddenly my ...
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Latest: Feb 16 2016 9:53pm

Question about tabulating site visits

I have a general question about how Clicky tabulates stat results compared to St...
0 replies
Latest: Feb 14 2016 4:06pm Integration

I want to track visitors on my NON-embedded (standalone) forms built with Fo...
1 replies
Latest: Feb 14 2016 3:19pm

Clicky Email Styling

How can we style our emails so they don't look so stretched out? We want to ...
1 replies
Latest: Feb 14 2016 3:19pm

db46/49/52 backups being restored

Today (Feb 8) we had a complete RAID failure on the hardware that hosts data...
43 replies
Latest: Feb 12 2016 8:26am

Dashy Widget not showing

Hi, Noticed the dashy widget not showing, and for that same site ...
6 replies
Latest: Feb 10 2016 1:15pm

Still on Basic after upgrade

Our account was set to Basic because the card associated with was expired, but...
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Latest: Feb 10 2016 11:54am

Tracking code

Hey I installed the tracking code on my website. But when I visit my ...
3 replies
Latest: Feb 10 2016 8:39am

No traffic / no stats

I recently installed Clicky and so far (2 days) jetpack records 9 visitors...
3 replies
Latest: Feb 8 2016 3:28am

Referreral Spam Filvers? Everr???

I'm being plagued by referral spam and it seems Clicky has still not enabled u...
3 replies
Latest: Jan 29 2016 10:40am

Importing another account on my premium account

Hi I had two Clicky accounts for two separate websites for several ye...
1 replies
Latest: Jan 25 2016 6:41am

Discrepancy between visits reported in Clicky and ...

If I get a number of page impressions in adsense but only a couple of visitors i...
1 replies
Latest: Jan 17 2016 5:36pm

Tracking Revenue by Referrer Type?

Hello, Is there any way that the following can be done...
0 replies
Latest: Jan 14 2016 12:17pm

Why is there a P tag within the NOSCRIPT tag in th...

It naturally renders the said block element in the page when javascript is disab...
5 replies
Latest: Jan 11 2016 10:48pm

Switching Google Analytics Views

Hi Community, I am hoping this is an easy question, "How do I c...
2 replies
Latest: Jan 11 2016 2:28pm

goal tracking with meta redirects

Hi, on my sites, I use html redirects to mask affiliate links...
2 replies
Latest: Jan 11 2016 6:42am

Clicky for Opencart?

Hello, Could someone please explain if I can use clicky on my...
5 replies
Latest: Jan 8 2016 1:20am

Cannot monitor page access (except root page ...

Cannot monitor page access. I am sure embedded code in every page. But unde...
2 replies
Latest: Jan 6 2016 10:11am

Getting Local Search Through POST

Hi I'm using a page made on CodeIgniter I would love to know if th...
4 replies
Latest: Jan 5 2016 11:41pm

Import Data From Google Analytics?

Hi, is there a way to import my data of 3 years from Google Analyti...
8 replies
Latest: Jan 4 2016 3:05am

Some visitors download index.html BUT No GRAPHICS....

My home page index.html file is often downloaded, but with no graphics. Index....
2 replies
Latest: Dec 29 2015 9:31pm

How To Track 404 Not Found Errors With Clicky?

I want to track / know when a user gets a 404 error using Clicky. H...
2 replies
Latest: Dec 18 2015 8:04am

Tons of Referer Spam Lately (Brazil Especially...

Has anyone else noticed tons of referer spam lately? The one I've noticed th...
22 replies
Latest: Dec 18 2015 2:12am

GetClicky and Mailchimp - Tracking clicks from ema...

Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble understanding how to setup GetCli...
6 replies
Latest: Dec 15 2015 5:46am

Search words not showing

I now see strings of characters in the Search words eg 0_135199ec50-a...
0 replies
Latest: Dec 12 2015 1:20pm

Search words not showing

I now see strings of characters in the Search words eg 0_135199ec50-a...
0 replies
Latest: Dec 12 2015 1:20pm

Split Testing Traffic Doesn't Add Up

Hello Clicky Family We use VWO for split testing. I'm ju...
0 replies
Latest: Dec 11 2015 7:49am

Can't find actual tracking code

I need to find the actual code to remove the badge.gif that appears on the site....
0 replies
Latest: Dec 9 2015 1:17pm

Add goals to widget

anyone know how to add "goals" to a clicky widget?
1 replies
Latest: Dec 7 2015 5:24pm

Large discrepancy between Google Adwords and getcl...

Hi, I've noticed that adwords reports on average 15 to 20% more...
3 replies
Latest: Dec 7 2015 9:29am

Track Incoming Links from a Subdomain

We launched "" a few months ago, and I wanted to know ho...
5 replies
Latest: Dec 7 2015 7:40am

Campaigns not working on 1 site

Hi, I am running several ppc campaigns and on most of my websites t...
3 replies
Latest: Dec 2 2015 6:22am

Bounce rate list

Is it possible to see a list of all the page bounce rates so we can identify tho...
3 replies
Latest: Nov 29 2015 3:43pm

Uptime monitor not accurate

Hi, I notice the uptime monitor regularly reports downtime when my site ...
5 replies
Latest: Nov 26 2015 12pm

Check if Someone Copies Page Including Tracking Co...

Every so often, some copies an entire page from our website and posts in on th...
2 replies
Latest: Nov 24 2015 6:47am

tracking ad impressions, no javascript allowed ...

I use clicky for doing all tracking of our sites, and was thinking it would be...
1 replies
Latest: Nov 22 2015 2:42pm

Images broken on Click Dashboard

For about a month, all the images on click have been broken/not loaded for m...
0 replies
Latest: Nov 21 2015 6:11am

Split testing numbers don't seem right

I've been using the split testing feature quite a bit lately with Clicky and t...
1 replies
Latest: Nov 19 2015 8:18am

PPC click protection

I bought Clicky to protect our PPC ads from competitors eating our budgets. We...
3 replies
Latest: Nov 17 2015 4:53pm

Add CPC / Traffic cost to Campaign

Hi, Is it possible to add a cost per visitor to a certain campaign...
1 replies
Latest: Nov 16 2015 2:59pm

Script error in IE

I am seeing a lot of script errors in IE caused by Clicky Analytics....
2 replies
Latest: Nov 16 2015 10:31am

How to Determine How Many Users Have Ad Blockers...

Does Clicky track how many users to a given site have ad blockers enabled? Jus...
2 replies
Latest: Nov 14 2015 6:43pm

Advertising visits appearing other categories

Hi I run ads on Google and Facebook. Clicky is picking these up as pa...
3 replies
Latest: Nov 6 2015 3:08pm

Hash-based utm campaign tags is not registered cor...

For a long time we've used hash-based dynamic campaign tags, eg. /path/t...
7 replies
Latest: Nov 5 2015 11:09am

Reporting time is off?

Today I noticed 2 hours difference in time reporting for my visitors. I'm on G...
1 replies
Latest: Nov 1 2015 1:40am

Custom Campaigns with ? not working

I used to track all of my traffic from Instagram by using /?ig for example w...
6 replies
Latest: Oct 28 2015 6:48pm

Show IP address in list of visitors

Hi, Is there a way to show the ip addresses in the list of visitors...
2 replies
Latest: Oct 26 2015 4:57pm

Age of visitors

I have been searching - but can not find an option to see the age of the visitor...
3 replies
Latest: Oct 23 2015 4:37pm

What happened to Goal stats on the frontpage?

Looking over my sites I on the frontpage under today and under each site, I ca...
12 replies
Latest: Oct 22 2015 8:45pm

How are Traffic sources categorized?

When looking at the Traffic sources section, I understand that Clicky looks at...
1 replies
Latest: Oct 22 2015 10:23am

only Middle East and UAE click my site

I see clicks on my site comes only from Middle East, ...
1 replies
Latest: Oct 15 2015 11:55am

500 - Internal Server Error

Hi I've installed Clicky for WordPress okay but when I go to Settings > Clic...
7 replies
Latest: Oct 10 2015 6:32pm

the heat map is not seen

I'm paying the pro plan and not showing me the heat map, what should I do?
3 replies
Latest: Oct 5 2015 7:03pm

PayPal in context iframe

Anybody know how to create a payment goal when using PayPal iframe incontext met...
0 replies
Latest: Oct 1 2015 4:17pm

Can’t log in

I can’t log in! I used a username and password combination ...
0 replies
Latest: Sep 29 2015 6:25am

Hugh increase in single visits

One of my sites has a fairly consistent traffic rate of around 12 uniques per da...
8 replies
Latest: Sep 28 2015 11:02am

Stats Are Wrong

For The Last 15 minutes the number of people on my site is completely off by abo...
21 replies
Latest: Sep 28 2015 9:55am

Tagging Question with AdWords and other Ad Platfor...

Hi all, I have a few general questions but let's start with AdWords....
4 replies
Latest: Sep 24 2015 1:43pm

Getting Clicky to work on Wix.

I've put the tracking code into a HTML box in the footer of my site. I am gett...
0 replies
Latest: Sep 23 2015 5:30pm

DIV tags

I have a single page design - but would like to track the specific portfolio cas...
1 replies
Latest: Sep 22 2015 1:02am

password protectet site (htacess, htpasswd)

hi there, is it possible to track from a password protected website...
1 replies
Latest: Sep 22 2015 12:38am

Dynamic campaigns - UTM - not working

Hi there, please, could you have a look into dynamic campaigns - ...
2 replies
Latest: Sep 21 2015 8:52am

Spam sites

I there a way to block all these referrer sites from China and Indonesia etc?
10 replies
Latest: Sep 20 2015 12:31pm

Track dynamically loaded youTube videos (loaded ...

Hi, I have a wordpress site and I am using the "Clicky Analytics...
0 replies
Latest: Sep 18 2015 6:33pm

Tracking Wordpress Registrations

Hey, I'm trying to get Clicky to track registrations on my wordpr...
5 replies
Latest: Sep 15 2015 12:37pm