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How does Clicky track clients who are blocking third-party cookies?

I had a Safari visitor and I know Safari blocks 3d-party, yet Clicky tracked them. How?

Posted Sun Jun 13 2021 9:28a by chupa32***

Cookies aren't required for tracking to work. We are in fact planning to phase out long term tracking cookies (UID, etc) since that seems to be the popular thing now. We'll still use a few temporary session ones for convenience/optimization though.

Posted Mon Jun 14 2021 6:37a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

then how are people getting tracked?

Posted Mon Jun 14 2021 12:03p by chupa32***

Javascript, on which Clicky's tracking code is based.

Posted Mon Jun 14 2021 4:36p by gladiu***

Yeah cookies don't do anything beyond storing a small bit of information in plain text in your browser. The part that actually sends data to our tracking servers is Javsacript. Cookies aren't required for Javascript to run.

Posted Tue Jun 15 2021 12:49p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

why are big tech obsessed with cookies? doesn't seem like a privacy big deal to me.

Posted Wed Jun 16 2021 11:28a by chupa32***

As usual the media has blown things way out of proportion and made people scared of cookies, when in fact there is nothing inherently evil about them. They are extremely useful. *shrug*

Posted Thu Jun 17 2021 2:52p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I agree. The thing that bothers me is the "internal" tracking, such as the fact that Amazon is referring books to me 10 years after I lost interest in the topic.

Posted Tue Jun 22 2021 5:37a by gladiu***

Honestly the worst tracking is on apps on phones, which you can't do anything about without jailbreaking. I'll show the mildest interest in something in an app and BAM all I see is ads everywhere for that thing in every app I use for a week. But even THEN... I can't deny the ads I'm seeing in these cases are extremely relevant. If I have to see ads, I'd rather they be relevant than just something random. So whatever!

Posted Thu Jun 24 2021 10:13a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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