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Current/Online visitors difference between Clicky and GA

Hi, I've been using Clicky for a week or so and so far liking it (trying to switch from GA). I have a question regarding current/online visitors on my site - sometimes I find quite a big difference in current visitors in Clicky and GA - for example at the time of writing this post, GA says 53 visitors are on my site currently and Clicky says 67.

What is more accurate or how does Clicky measure current visits differently than GA? I've looked at the forum and knowledge base but couldn't find any explanation. Thank you.

Posted Wed Mar 8 2023 11:45p by davidf1***

Here are some pages that might be helpful.

Google Analytics spam referrers not in Clicky!

How Clicky is different from other trackers?

Discrepancy B/W google analytics and Clicky

Posted Thu Mar 9 2023 7:19a by gladiu***

Thanks gladiu for sharing the links... I've seen them and read them before, unfortunately they don't really address the issue of current/online visitors in my mind.

Posted Thu Mar 9 2023 2p by davidf1***

I think if you tried to manually correlate some of the outliers (53 vs 67), you would find that some are robots, or the user could be using ad blocker, etc. There are many factors that come into play.

Look at _relative_ data. If I experience a growth burst of 20%, my services all report it the same.

I hope that helps some?

Posted Thu Mar 9 2023 3:49p by gladiu***

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