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Use clicky for tracking email opens


I want to test a very simple tracking on emails. I know I can't embed any script into an email and images aren't a perfect count, but if I appended site_id (and anything else necessary) - is it possible to embed a 1 pixel image or similar into the message?


Posted Fri May 5 2023 11:21a by dan7***

Seed the image in the email using [img src=“/path/to/scripts/log-pixel.php”].

For the PHP script show above, put that on your sever. Use the code given under the “Logging an action” at Notice that the site_id goes into the logging script. PHP must be enabled on the web server.

Works only when person reading email has images enabled, as you inferred in OP.

You can get fancy and add your own GET parameters and log them as custom data: [img src=“/path/to/scripts/log-pixel.php?src=coupon1234”]. Those will show up in the same fashion as the other $_SERVER vars (see example).

Posted Fri May 5 2023 2:28p by gladiu***

p.s. of course src=“” needs to be a fully-qualified URL with https prefix.

Posted Fri May 5 2023 2:30p by gladiu***

We don't have a feature designed for this but gladiu***'s method is definitely an option if you're comfortable with light programming.

Posted Sat May 6 2023 11:21a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thank you - I think I can follow all this. I can post back how I got on later

Posted Wed May 10 2023 1:19a by dan7***


You could start by adding the pixel, but use a blank PHP script that logs “Hello” and the date.

Once that works it is pretty easy to build on it.

Posted Wed May 10 2023 12:52p by gladiu***

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