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Combining results from same name content

New here everyone and thanks in advance for any help.

I have website links set up with name.html and other links from elsewhere could just be name.

I now see /sb-name.html 1
and /sb-name has 1

I somehow need these combined to read /sb-name.html 2

Any help appreciated.

Posted Thu Nov 2 2023 3:23a by Garfield***

I think you have to make an entry in your .htaccess file to make the .html pages look like a directory. Something like this.

RewriteRule ^([^.] )/?$ $1.html [NC,L]

Posted Thu Nov 2 2023 4:38p by gladiu***

Thanks for your suggestion, but my predecessor already wrote the following code into the .htaccess file to allow file access without having to enter the .html -

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}.html -f
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ $1.html

Hence whis has now created a lot of links everywhere with people just using their business name ie jones-shop instead of jones-shop.html - mainly a lot of Facebook links.

I'm not too familiar with html code so will your code interfere with the Rule previously written?
If so we will need another solution if possible. I thought that maybe this would have been doable within Clicky??

Thanks again.

Posted Thu Nov 2 2023 4:53p by Garfield***

1. Short answer --> yes, leave as is so as not to break anything. Please note: It is probably this .htaccess code that is encouraging people not to put the .html extension.

2. No, in the Clicky UI, you can't combine like that.

If I see doubles like that, it's usually something I can change on my end programmatically, as you mentioned.

Posted Thu Nov 2 2023 6:36p by gladiu***

p.s. what would happen if you reversed the situation? i.e., becomes

Posted Thu Nov 2 2023 6:39p by gladiu***

Thanks again for your help, however this is already what the .htaccess rule is doing now I believe.

Visitor types into address bar or gets redirected using goes directly to on my website. This is what the Rule does.

I believe that Clicky picks the visitor up when directed to my website from say google and registers it as .html

When visitor uses a link (without .html) they still go to the .html file on my website but get registered with Clicky as

I have added the Clicky Tracking Code into the footer. Might it help placing this elsewhere. I don't know.

Don't worry too much, I can always dump the report into Excel and get it to combine. It just looks nice to see the results when I do a quick peek.

Thanks & Cheers

Posted Thu Nov 2 2023 6:55p by Garfield***

Sure thing, and yes either way there will be a double entry in the UI here.

You seem quite astute and so you might get some value out of the API calls, which just require knowledge about how to construct URLs.

Their example call -- just sub your API key ('sitekey'):

Posted Thu Nov 2 2023 8:04p by gladiu***

Love it, you probably won't believe this but I turn 73 soon.

I'm enjoying all the challenges. I run a community website for our township on a non for profit basis. Keeps me on my toes, and the brain young. :-)

Thanks again for your suggestions and I will definitely have a look at the API bit.


Posted Thu Nov 2 2023 9:23p by Garfield***

LMAO, I am about to publish my "25 year anniversary" with the website I built in 1999.

I can't imagine retiring.

Rock on

Posted Fri Nov 3 2023 9:14p by gladiu***

Ok, now that this is embedded so far in the thread that no one will read it, I will indulge.

As a 'side project' in '09, I rebranded Clicky and put it in the eBay directory. It got really popular really fast and I told them, geez, I have to keep telling myself I didn't invent the thing.

My own personal contribution is I figured out a way to get around eBay restrictions and get some minimal JS going.

Working together, Sean and I were the absolute, definite first to introduce 'analytics' to eBay. So says Waybackmachine. Look on their app store now and see how many people copied the idea.

Clicky's ethics made a huge impression on me during that time.

Posted Fri Nov 3 2023 9:34p by gladiu***

'Sellebrity Analytics'

Posted Fri Nov 3 2023 9:35p by gladiu***

Wow, a very interesting life you're leading my friend.

Posted Sat Nov 4 2023 12:41a by Garfield***

There isn't a way to combine them in our reporting after the fact, but you could use our custom tracking to customize the URL that gets logged - either remove the ".html" so they're both the shorter URL, or add the ".html" to the short one so they're both longer. The logic behind that, you would have to come up with, but it would just be a regex one liner. Again this is not retroactive but will fix future reports.

Posted Mon Nov 6 2023 10:18a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Wait - I got one right? :)

Posted Mon Nov 13 2023 8:36p by gladiu***

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