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Can I use clicky.log() on a free account?


The documentation is not so clear: can I use clicky.log() to log JS actions with a free account? My website is a single HTML with JS pulling things around - would be great to log JS events, but I'm on a free account. Currently I have it set up, there are no errors, but the actions I would like to track do not show up in my dashboard.


"Note that goals and internal script logging are Pro-only features. The clicky.log() function, used to capture javascript events, will work with any premium account."

This is not "internal script logging" nor the "goals" feature - will regular JS events logging work with a free account?


Posted Tue Feb 23 2021 10:22a by digitsdes***

It should work if you set the action type to "pageview". The downside to that is they won't be segmented out into a separate report like they would otherwise, but it should work. You just can't log other action types of actions with a free account.

Posted Tue Feb 23 2021 10:31a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

It does work.

I have found the following to be reliable:

if (typeof clicky != 'undefined') clicky.log( '/this/page', 'clicked Search button' );

The "if" statement keeps the page from hanging in case there is a DNS hiccup or something causing the browser not to be able to reach Clicky.

Posted Thu Feb 25 2021 4:27p by gladiu***

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