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A flat line for a week?

Hello, since a week I'm having a flat line in my stats, which is not possible because I have many visitors.
I haven't changed anything.
What can be the problem?

Posted Sun Feb 20 2022 1:20a by yolanda***

P.s. My site is

Posted Sun Feb 20 2022 1:21a by yolanda***

There is no Clicky tracking code snippet on your home page.

Posted Mon Feb 21 2022 3:28p by gladiu***

There's no code but also the site was disabled, if you hadn't logged in for 60 days that happens when you're on the free plan. I re-enabled it for you. So get the code installed and it should start working again.

Posted Wed Feb 23 2022 1:42a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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